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Carefully step →2 then ↓2 followed by using {{m|Strength}} to open the door and inside, you will find {{p|Regirock}}.
Carefully step →2 then ↓2 followed by using {{m|Strength}} to open the door and inside, you will find {{p|Regirock}}.
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! Regirock
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Route 115

Route 115

You are now on the north end of Route 115. Until you beat the Petalburg Gym and gain the ability of Surf you can only reach this area through Meteor Falls and cannot reach the north part of this route. Other than dealing with three Trainers, you can also access a small Berry grove by destroying a smashable rock. Head south to reach Rustboro City, then go east to trek through Rusturf Tunnel and make your way to Mauville City before going north. It is now time to return to Route 112 to use the Cable Car.

Mt. Chimney

Once at Route 112 you'll notice the two grunts you saw guarding the path to the Cable Car gone. Use it to climb up to the top of Mt. Chimney so you can go to stop Team MagmaR / Team AquaS. Before going make sure to have a strong team for dealing with different types prepared as you will be going up against the leader of the villain team, MaxieR / ArchieS, and their teams are mainly the same aside from one Pokémon depending on your version. A team of Lv. 20 or higher should work, and at least have a fighting, rock, water, or Electric-type with you to help your chances.

Anyway at the top you'll find the hero team, Team AquaR / Team MagmaS outnumbered and being held off by the villain team grunts so you'll have to stop the rest of the villain team by yourself and recover the meteorite before the villain team can use it to cause a volcanic eruptionR/seal the volcanoS. As you travel to the northwest corner, after facing a grunt, and an admin you'll face the team leader.

After your victory the team leader of the villain team decides to retreat, while the team leader of the opposing team congratulates you before running off to pursue the other team. After you take the Meteorite out of their machine and once you are ready, head south to Jagged Pass.


Come back after reaching Lavaridge Town to find an elderly woman selling Lava Cookies for PokémonDollar.png200 right outside the Cable Car building and a few extra Trainers to face.

Jagged Pass

Jagged Pass

The Acro Bike is useful to have here because it's bunny hop technique is the only thing to climb the jagged rocks on this trail if you need to head back up, but anyway travel south to head back to Route 112 so you can reach a special area on that route which takes you to Lavaridge Town.

Lavaridge Town

Lavaridge Town

There are a number of things of value here in Lavaridge town that are helpful. It has a hot spring which is possible to enter by going through a special exit in the Pokémon Center, but there's no purpose other than finding a hidden Ice Heal.

Pokémon Egg

There is an elderly woman in between the hot springs' hot sand bed, who will give you a Pokémon Egg containing a Wynaut which makes it easy to get one without having to catch it's evolution Wobbuffet in the Safari Zone later.

Herb Shop

"Bitter taste - better cure!"

There is a herb shop that sells herbs that can heal Pokémon, but taste bitter and will cause the Pokémon's friendship factor to drop by using them. The building is the lower left building closest to the Gym. Though less expensive than their regular Poké Mart counterparts (aside from Revival Herb), there is no need to buy them. The only thing to do here is talk to the elderly man with the white hair to gain the item Charcoal, which enhances Fire-type moves.

Lavaridge Gym

"One with a fiery passion that burns!"

For the Fire-type Pokémon Gym make sure to bring some Burn Heals, Rawst Berries, etc. Also bring some good Water and Rock-type, since the only real danger against Flannery is the move Overheat on its first strike, especially if your Pokémon has a weak Sp. Defense. Be sure to include Pokémon that have resistance to it, such as Graveler, Marshtomp, or Azumarill, especially if Azumarill has the Thick Fat Ability.

The puzzle for this Gym is to use the one of the hot springs on the upper floor, to move to the lower floor and then find another one to move back up while the other springs inside each part contains one Trainer that is hidden, or a path on that is incorrect which is a dead end and you would have to start over. The first correct path for instance is the lower-left hot spring at the entrance. Once you go from the entrance and go between the four corridors correctly and then from fifth room if done correctly you will reach Flannery.

Lavaridge Gym
The Heat Badge

After you win, Flannery will give you the Heat Badge that will allow all Pokémon Lv 50 or lower to obey you without question and also allows you to use the HM move Strength outside of battle. She will also give you TM50 (Overheat).

After the battle is over leave the Gym by using the first hot spring you used on the lower level. Once outside your rival Brendan/May comes out of the Herb shop and he/she will give you the Go-Goggles and suggests to challenge your father at the Petalburg Gym before leaving. With the Go-Goggles you can now enter the desert area on Route 111 to collect a Fossil, so lets go there first before returning to Petalburg City

Route 111 (Desert Area)

The only major thing to do here is to collect the Fossils which are just east of the entrance of the Desert from the northern end. Just remember that you can choose between the Root or Claw Fossils' and once you pick one, the other falls beneath the sand and there is no way to recover it. At any point talk to the man at the bottom computer on the second floor of the Devon Corporation to revive the Fossil and receive either Lileep or Anorith depending on what Fossil you received.

Other than that you can catch desert-exclusive Pokémon like Cacnea, or Trapinch and battle Trainers. Anyway now that you have 4 Badges your father Norman can now challenge you to an official Gym match, return to Mauville City and use either the Rusturf Tunnel or Mr. Briney to backtrack to Petalburg City.


Return to the stone structure located in the southern part of the desert after solving the Sealed Chamber's braille puzzle located on Route 134 to unlock the Desert Ruins. Once inside read the Braille inscription:





Carefully step →2 then ↓2 followed by using Strength to open the door and inside, you will find Regirock.

Spr 3e 377.png
Rock Unknown
Clear Body
Held item:
Regirock Lv.40
Rock Throw

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