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Fiery Path

Fiery Path

This path will take you to the other side of Route 112 and 111 that is north of Route 111's desert area. While this area is not that big it will primarily filled with Fire-type Pokémon which is an ideal place for training for the upcoming Gym match against the Lavaridge Gym.


Come back later after getting the Heat Badge from the Lavaridge Gym and use Strength to move the bolder on the west wall to access another area of Fiery Path to get locate both TM06 (Toxic) and a Fire Stone which will be useful for evolving Vulpix into Ninetales if you wish to.

Route 112/111

Now you are on the north end of both routes so heading from Route 112 you'll immediately are back on Route 111 On these parts of the routes are two new Trainers to face and the same wild Pokémon as on the south end of Route 112 and a Rest House to heal your team. There is also a boy on this route that if you talk to him he will give you TM43 (Secret Power) which you will need for making a Secret base. West of the Rest House is the entrance to Route 113.

Route 113

All that needs to be done on this route is to head west to Fallarbor Town. Instead of grass plains there is volcanic ash which can be fashioned into glass needed to create the special flute that is done by walking over it and then by leaving and returning to the route more can be collected some more.

Also it should be noted some items can be found in empty dirt mounds (including TM32 (Double Team)) and that others hold ninja-themed Trainers. If you wish, collect a Skarmory from this route since it will come in handy for your match at the Petalburg Gym.

Glass Workshop

"Turning Volcanic Ash into Glass Items"

The only house on this route belongs to a man that can turn the ash into a flute. Talk to him to gain the Soot Sack which allows you to collect the ash. Depending on how many steps you take to collect ash will determine on what colored flute he can make and he'll let you know if you are short on ash to make the specific flute you want.

Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town

Aside from a Contest Hall and the location of the Move relearner there isn't much to do here, however if you talk to the locals you'll learn that Team MagmaR / Team AquaS has been causing problems for a local scientist Professor Cozmo. One of them tells you they took him to Meteor Falls past Route 114 which is your next destination.

Also if you go to the Pokémon Center you'll meet the woman who handles the Pokémon Storage System for Hoenn, Lanette at the PC who invites you to her house on Route 114.

Contest Hall

The contests in Fallarbor Town are for the Super-Rank, other than participating in them and making Pokéblock there is nothing else going on here.

Move relearner

The northwest house has the Move relearner (incorrectly identified in the game as the Move Tutor) who will help your Pokémon remember a forgotten move from its level up moveset in exchange for a Heart Scale. After making it to Route 128 and having the Super Rod in your possession, it becomes easier by collecting them from wild Luvdisc.


Professor Cozmo's house is located in the lower left corner of town. After you defeat Team MagmaR / Team AquaS at Mt. Chimney and recover the Meteorite from their machine, take it to the Professor and he will give you TM27 (Return) in exchange for the Meteorite.

Route 114

On this route you need to head south to reach Meteor Falls. The only houses as you walk by. The first house is the Fossil Maniacs where other then revealing fossils are in the desert on Route 111 he has no other purpose in the game. The Fossil Maniac's little brother will give you TM28 (Dig) when you talk to him. The other house to the south belongs to Lanette who will give you a Seedot DollR / Lotad Doll<S and afterwards the Storage system will now be identified as her PC.

Other than just that, handle the Trainers and wild Pokémon and follow the path to enter Meteor Falls.

Meteor Falls

Meteor Falls

Upon arrival you will see two Team MagmaR / Team AquaS grunts with Professor Cozmo that are happy to have the Meteorite. Just as they notice you, the opposing team Team AquaR / Team MagmaS shows up consisting of ArchieR / MaxieS and two grunts, however the villain team doesn't care and retreats with the Meteorite to Mt. Chimney. After that ArchieR / MaxieS will introduce himself to you and explain their team is dedicated to thwart the villain team who poses a threat to everyone before leaving to Mr. Chimney.

Afterwards talk to the Professor and he apologizes for being mislead by the villain team. Before leaving climb the hill in the west area to find a Moon Stone. Head to the south exit to reach Route 115, but before you go try to catch a SolrockR / LunatoneS, (Since both Pokémon resemble the sun and moon respectfully if you need to you can find some Sun and Moon Stones on them) because it will come in handy for your next three Gym matches. We'll come back later after beating the Sootopolis Gym to explore more of this area.

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