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Mauville City

Mauville City

Coin Case

Go to the house left of the Poké Mart and talk to the woman, she will exchange her Coin Case for the Harbor Mail. The Harbor Mail can be found at the Slateport City Poké Mart for a small price. An alternate method is to find it for free by locating it as one of the visible items on the floor at the Trick House during the Trick Master's second challenge after defeating Wattson.

Game Corner

"The play spot for all!"

After receiving the coin case you will be be able to play in the Game Corner which is the building south western building below Mauville Gym

Rock Smash

HM06 (Rock Smash) is given to you by the man in the Southeast house of Mauville City

Rydel's Cycle

"Ride in gravel and shake up your soul!"

Rydel's Cycle is the house with lots of bikes to the left of it. Here, Rydel will give you the Mach Bike or the Acro Bike.

Mauville Gym

Inside of Mauville Gym

"The cheerfully electrifying man!"

Before you can enter Mauville Gym, Wally must be defeated.

After you defeat Wally he agrees to return to Verdanturf Town with his uncle. Wally's uncle recognizes that you were the one to help him catch his Pokémon and invites you to visit sometime.

Once ready head into the Mauville Gym. This gym challenge should be a breeze with a strong Ground-type and an attack like Mud Shot or Magnitude. This gym is set up where electrical barriers can limit travel and by touching the lightning bolt themed floor tiles will change the barriers' positions. An easy shortcut is to use only either of the tiles in the uppermost part of the gym to get to Wattson quicker.

Mauville Gym
The Dynamo Badge

After defeating him, Wattson will award you with a Dynamo Badge that will allow you to use Rock Smash outside of battle and give your team a slight boost in Speed. He will also give you TM34 (Shock Wave).

Now that the Gym battle is over it's time to move on. You can head east for a quick trip to Route 118 to face three Trainers to build up your team but there is nothing else you can do to cross the water until you can use Surf by defeating the Petalburg Gym. Before heading to Route 111 in the north, lets head west to Route 117 and make a trip to Verdanturf Town for some important items.

Route 117

Route 117

Once you enter Route 117, head west to Verdanturf Town where you can battle Trainers along the way or to catch new Pokémon.

This is also a good chance to catch a Marill and its evolution Azumarill will come in handy for the next gym which is a Fire-type gym especially if you hadn't chosen Mudkip as your starter Pokémon.

Pokémon Day Care

The Day Care center for Hoenn is located at the beginning of this route which you can put any Pokémon in daycare for either raising levels or breeding.

Verdanturf Town

Verdanturf Town

Welcome to Verdanturf Town the only town to purchase a Nest Ball from a Poké Mart, there are a few things to do here at the moment.

Contest Hall

The contest hall in this town is for the Normal Rank contests where you can pick up a Contest Pass and start competing in contests. Also if you talk to a girl in the upper right corner she will give you TM45 (Attract).

Happiness Rater

A woman living in the southwestern house will rate the happiness of the Pokémon placed first in your party.

Wanda's House

The house is located next to the Happiness Rater's house. Wanda is Wally's cousin and the same girl that is trying to get to her boyfriend who is on the other side of the rocks in Rusturf Tunnel. If you go talk to Wally he tells you he plans to train and defeat you, and his aunt will mention Wanda's predicament where now you can help her out.

Rusturf Tunnel

Return here briefly and use Rock Smash to destroy the small rock and Wanda's boyfriend will reward you with HM04 (Strength) but you can't use it outside of battle until you get the Heat Badge at the Lavaridge Gym. Anyway you can now easily pass between Verdanturf Town and Rustboro City and you won't have to rely on Mr. Briney to sail between these areas as often.

Also if you go southwest of the entrance you just used it leads to a hidden section of Route 116. There talk to a man who says he lost his glasses and use the Itemfinder to locate the BlackGlasses, which enhances Dark-type attacks between the third and fourth trees from the entrance. Talk to the man again and he says they are not his missing glasses and leaves to look somewhere else. Now return to Mauville and head north to Route 111.

Route 111

Upon your arrival the only house you'll encounter on you way north up this route belongs to the Winstrate family where you can challenge them to a series of four battles. Make sure to have different types when facing this challenge, but it shouldn't be too difficult to beat all four of them. After the battle enter their house and Victoria will give you a Macho Brace for your accomplishment, while the others mention the son of the family Vito who you will meet later on Victory Road.

Following this go further up north and use Rock Smash to destroy the rocks in your way to find three more Trainers. You'll find a desert area but since you can't travel through it yet head west to Route 112.

Interviewers Gabby and Ty

On this route is the Interviewer Gabby and her cameraman Ty who will always challenge you to a Double Battle whenever you talk to them and after winning Gabby will interview you if you wish and the phrase you used can be observed whenever you go to a Television. They will always rotate between routes in the order of first the east side of Route 118, then to Route 120, and then back to this route. You'll need to beat the Petalburg Gym first and use Surf to rechallenge them. They are not listed in the PokéNav.

Route 112

There is a cable car that takes you up to upper levels of Mt. Chimney. However, due to the presence of two Team MagmaR/Team AquaS grunts guarding the entrance there is nothing you can can do for now except go after their comrades in Fallarbor Town first. The only route to take is by going through Mt. Chimmey's lower side through the cave entrance to the Fiery Path.

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