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Talk with Mr. Briney back at his cottage, and he'll be happy to sail you to Dewford Town. The voyage is a quick one, so you won't have any time to fully explore these few ocean routes.

Route 105


Come back to this route after completing the puzzle at the Sealed Chamber on Route 134 to be able to enter the Island Cave. Read the Braille inscription:





What you have to do is stand in place without touching the game for two minutes and the door will open. Go inside to face Regice.

Spr 3r 378.png
Ice Unknown
Clear Body
Held item:
Regice Lv.40
Icy Wind

Route 106

The Granite Cave is located here on the Dewford island, but you'll need to sail into port with Mr. Briney before you'll be able to get here.

Dewford Town

Dewford Town

Dewford Town is a small town in the south sea, isolated on its own island.
Visit the house closest to the pier, and the guy inside will give you a Silk Scarf, which strengthens Normal-type attacks.
Talk to the fisherman near the Gym, and answer his question to get the Old Rod. You can only hope to hook Magikarp and a few Tentacool with this, but at least now you can fish!

Dewford Hall

Known as "Everyone's Information Exchange", Dewford Hall is located north of the Poké Center. Despite being a tiny island community, when someone coins a "trendy" phrase here, it quickly spreads throughout the entire region. There is a boy just outside the building that lets you change the "trendy" phrase and people inside Dewford Hall will adopt the new trend. This mechanic mainly affects the few locations where Feebas can be found on Route 119.


Return here after earning the Balance Badge from the Petalburg Gym. A dark-haired man with glasses will be standing near the entrance; talk to him to get TM36 (Sludge Bomb).

Dewford Gym

Dewford Gym

"A big wave in fighting!"

Dewford Gym is the second Gym you'll encounter, and specializes in the Fighting-type. Flying- and Psychic-types will have the easiest time here, so try out your Taillow, Wingull, or Ralts. When you first walk inside, the building will be dimly lit; as you defeat Brawly's recruits, your range of vision will increase.

Dewford Gym
The Knuckle Badge

After defeating him, Brawly awards you the Knuckle Badge, which makes all Pokémon up to Lv 30 obey without question. He also gives you TM08 (Bulk Up). Possessing this badge also allows you to use Flash outside of battle.

You've beaten the Gym, but you still haven't delivered the letter to Steven. Rest your team if needed, then walk north towards Granite Cave.

Route 106

Granite Cave


File:Granite Cave 1F entrance RSE.png
Granite Cave, 1F (entrance)

Speak to the Hiker standing just inside the entrance to get HM05 (Flash). Go west and take the stairs to B1F.


File:Granite Cave 1F RSE.png
Granite Cave, 1F (Steven's room)

Start by walking north, then turning to the southeast to find the stairs.


Follow the lower level to the west, and walk up onto the rock ledge when you see the brittle rocks. After defeating the next Gym, you'll be able to smash these boulders to find Rock-types hiding underneath; specifically, this is the only location to find a wild Nosepass. Pick up the Everstone hidden on the boulder on the higher rock ledge, and head east for the stairs.


Follow the tunnel, and you'll find the back chamber where Steven is looking for rare stones. He accepts the letter, and gives you TM47 (Steel Wing) for your troubles. He leaves, so head back to Dewford. Now that you've delivered the letter, you can return to Devon Corp back in Rustboro anytime, and the president will reward you with the Exp. Share.

Talk to Mr. Briney at the pier, and set sail for Slateport City.

Route 107 & Route 108

Route 108

Like with Route 105 and 106, you won't have the opportunity to explore these areas at your own pace just yet. Route 107 is pure, simple ocean, but Route 108 is the final resting place of the SS Cactus. You'll be back here to track down the Scanner for Captain Stern.

When Mr. Briney makes landfall, you'll be on Route 109, the beach south of Slateport City.

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