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Sootopolis City cont.

Sootopolis City

Once you have defeated GroudonR/KyogreS the city will have clear skies and you can now enter peoples houses. After exiting the cave, head to nearest house from the cave entrance and talk to the man there to receive TM31 (Brick Break). The woman living in the house next to the Pokémon Center will give you a Wailmer Doll. The house above it has two brothers where they wish to compare the size of Shroomish and Barboach that will give you prizes if you bring them in. Once you are ready head to the Gym in the middle of the lake. Steven Stone will be there and thanks you for restoring the skies and gives the message that Wallace will challenge you now just before leaving.

Sootopolis Gym

Sootopolis Gym 1F

"Artist and lover of WATER"

Sootopolis Gym B1F

Once in the final gym you will find a giant ice block puzzle. To solve this puzzle you must step on every ice tile once to open a staircase, and you can only proceed by making sure the last tile you stand on is right next to the staircase. If you step on a ice tile twice it causes it to crumble and sent you to the basement where the Gym's Trainers are located. There are three puzzles in all, with the next puzzle being more difficult and with more Trainers located below that section. It is possible to beat the Gym leader without facing the Trainers, though you could still challenge them if you wish.

The first puzzle is easy with starting from the staircase (↑1, →1, ←2, ↑1, →1).

The second puzzle requires a little more skill (↑1, ←3, ↑2, →2, ↓1, →3, ↓1, →1, ↑2, ←3).

The last puzzle is really hard and requires a lot of work to do (↑1, →2, ↑1, →2, ↓1, →1, ↑3, ←2, ↓1, ←1, ↑1, ←1, ↓2, ←2, ↓1, ←1, ↑1, ←1, ↓1, ←1, ↑1, ←1, ↑2, →1, ↓1, →1, ↑1, →1, ↓1, →1, ↑1, →1).

After going through the third tedious ice tile puzzle you should be right at Wallace, his most powerful Pokémon is Milotic. The only danger to watch out for is that Milotic knows how to use Ice Beam, so avoid using a Grass-type against it and instead use an Electric-type.

Sootopolis Gym
The Rain Badge

After the battle Wallace will give you the Rain Badge that will allow for Pokémon of any level to obey you without question and allow for Waterfall to now be used outside of battle. He will also give you TM03 (Water Pulse).

Now that all the badges have been collected, you can enter Ever Grande City east of Route 128 and compete against the Elite Four, but first we'll look at some sidequests. First you should explore the remaining sea routes to unlock the legendary golems. The next destination is Ever Grande City where the Elite Four are located. It is located east of Route 128. You also can also go on a sidequest to locate the legendary golems if you wish, by heading south of Route 128 to Route 129.

Meteor Falls

Now that you succeeded in collecting all 8 badges, it should be possible to explore the rest of Meteor Falls at any time.

Once you enter use Surf to head over to the waterfall, then use the move Waterfall to get to the 2F of Meteor Falls. You will quickly see the ladder that will take you to the inner cave of the 1F.

Follow the path and then head south to the lower ladder to find yourself back in the main area of the 1F on a special ledge that has TM23 (Iron Tail).

After heading back, follow the path to the back to other part of the 2F which has an incredible amount of ledges along with the only two Trainers in Meteor Falls. At the top of the ledges carefully head down them and aim towards the left side of the rocks seen in the path and without triggering the ledge near it, head to the ladder to return to inner cave of the 1F.

Use surf to travel to the hidden back room of the 1F to find TM02 (Dragon Claw). This room is also the only place to find a wild Bagon. If you also follow the water down the right side of this area, you can find a PP Up.


If you continue to challenge Dragon Tamer Nicholas in battles then during the fifth battle you can steal a Dragon Fang which enhances Dragon-type moves from his Shelgon. It is possible to move back and forth from the ladder right by Old Couple John and Jay who are directly below him to improve the chances of challenging Nicholas again, though the amount of time before each rematch depends on chance so bring some Max Repels to avoid unnecessary battles.

Ever Grande City

Ever Grande City

Once you enter the city area from Route 128 you can use Waterfall to head up the giant waterfall and right to the Pokémon Center. Right here you can enter Victory Road, but you will need to ensure that you have Pokémon on your team that know how to use Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, and Waterfall, as these HM moves are necessary to make it through Victory Road. Once ready head in there to be able to reach the north end of Ever Grande City where the Elite Four are.

Victory Road

Upon entering Victory Road head far north from the entrance and past the first staircase you see to find another staircase behind it. Climb it and cross the bridge just east of the staircase to find a ledge in the east side with a Max Elixir next to it. Once that is done head back towards entrance and use the first staircase that was north of it and cross the bridge to the west and find a ladder leading to B1F.

Once at B1F, use Flash to light up the dark room. You'll then see two boulders to use Strength on. First move the one on the upper left ←1, then the one on the lower right →1. You'll then find two rocks to use Rock Smash on with one near the staircase you encounter and one above it. If you use the one near the staircase there is a Full Restore behind some rocks and boulders. Move the first boulder ↑1, ←1 and the second boulder ←1 before destroying the rock.

If you wish to get an item from 1F and quickly make to the ladder to B2F it is recommended to smash the one above the staircase you just used and follow the trail there, but first you will have to move two more boulders. Smash the rock between them then push each rock to the holes in the walls carefully which are ↓1, from the one on the left and ↑1 for the one on the right. You can the ladder at the end of the trail to find a PP Up in a hidden part of 1F, then use the ladder to the left to find B2F.

Once on B2F follow the main path to the water and use Surf and either go to the large waterfall and use the move Waterfall or follow the trail to face some extra Trainers along with finding a ladder to a small area of B1F and find TM29 (Psychic). At the end of either path use the waterfall on the left side to travel down and use the nearby ladder to return to B1F. Then without jumping off the ledge (which is a dead end with an extra Trainer and a ladder which leads you to an area in B2F that is south of the ladder you just used), you see some more boulders and rocks. Carefully smash to upper rock, move the boulder below it ↓1, and smash the other rock without moving the other boulder to make it to the ladder to 1F, or head back to the ladder and try again.

You can now take a straight path to the exit that takes you to the other end of Ever Grande City but before you can use it Wally appears to challenge you.

Be careful when facing Wally as his Ralts has evolved into its final form Gardevoir and he has a team of five Pokémon so make sure to have different types in your party to counter his team. Afterwards Wally mentions that while he couldn't beat Brendan/May today he hopes to catch up to them. Leave and head for the north side of Ever Grande City.

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