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Route 128

Route 128

Once in Route 128 all you need to do is head underwater and navigate until you find a cave entrance, which holds the Submarine Explorer 1 which Team MagmaR / Team AquaS stole from Captain Stern in Slateport City. Surface from here to reach the Seafloor Cavern.

Also this is the only place to find wild Luvdisc. Luvdisc are always holding Heart Scales, so if you need to use the Move relearner in Fallarbor Town, you might want to catch one. If you wish, head to the east exit to reach Ever Grande City, the place where the Elite Four are.

Seafloor Cavern

Before entering, make sure that other than having Dive and Surf, you also have Strength and Rock Smash since there are rocks and boulders here. After heading through the entrance, carefully move the boulders to head through and deal with the two grunts. Regardless of which door you use, they will lead you to a four door maze filled with rocks and stones. By carefully moving them out of the way, you should reach the correct (upper left) door.

The next part contains a jet water stream and the trick is to reach for the upper left door without going into the island door (which takes you back to the entrance). Followed by that is a room filled with boulders. Use Strength and you will face the same Team Magma/Aqua Administrator from the Weather Institute, CourtneyR/ShellyS.

After defeating the Administrator, head up and solve another boulder puzzle to head through the door there.

How to Solve the boulder puzzle

To solve the boulder puzzle follow these steps:

1.Push boulders 1 and 3 up.
2.Push boulder 2 to the left.
3.Push boulder 7 forward.
4.Push boulder 6 left.
5.Push boulder 10 up.
6.Push boulder 8 to the right.
7.Push boulder 11 forward.
8.Push boulder 7 left.

Remember: if you do it wrong, just leave the room and everything will have reset.

You have now made it to the final room so head on down and collect TM26 (Earthquake) along the way. Once you see the remains of GroudonR/KyogreS, MaxieR/ArchieS decides to eliminate you and see his dream come true.

After the battle, MaxieR/ArchieS is surprised by your skill but knows it is pointless as he uses his stolen orb to awaken GroudonR/KyogreS. However, the awakened Pokémon flees. Just as MaxieR/ArchieS is surprised to learn that the weather change is more serious than he expected, ArchieR/MaxieS arrives with his team and criticizes him for his foolish actions.

You will then be taken outside to see the changed weather of extreme heatR/downpourS, just as MaxieR/ArchieS admits his mistake. Once the two team leaders leave, Steven Stone arrives and connects the source of this severe weather condition to Sootopolis City before leaving. Head either from south on Route 124, or west on Route 127 to reach Route 126 where Sootopolis is located. Note that if you wish to train for your coming battle against the legendary Pokémon, the severe weather only extends as far as Lilycove City.

Route 126

Route 126

Once on Route 126, all that needs to be done is to head underwater and use the entrance to Sootopolis City which is located in the southern area. Also this is one of the few places to engage in underwater wild Pokémon battles, so if you wish, catch a wild Relicanth since it is the only Pokémon other than Wailord that can be used to unlock the Sealed Chamber. It should also be noted that one of the items can only be found through a underwater passage on the south end of Route 124. Also a secret underwater passage in the northwest area is the only way to battle one of the Trainers on this route.

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City is the location of the final Gym, however you will have to deal with GroudonR/KyogreS in the Cave of Origin first. The buildings other than the Pokémon Center and Poké Mart will also be inaccessible until the severe weather problem has been dealt with. Once you are ready, starting from the Poké Mart head north and follow the path to eventually find Steven Stone with Wallace, the city's Gym Leader. Wallace, who is also in charge of the Cave, will let you in after seeing the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS you have.

Cave of Origin

Once you are in the cave head from the entrance and once in the inner cave use Flash to light up the darkened room. The tremors will tell you if you are headed in the right direction. Once you enter the misty part of the cave you'll find HM07 (Waterfall). After leaving the room where you found the HM you'll now be in the Deep Cave where GroudonR/KyogreS is so save and approach the Pokémon. If you accidentally defeat it, you can simply turn off the power, making the Legendary Pokémon reappear. This battle is your only chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon!

Cave of Origin B2F
Cave of Origin B3F

Once the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS shines, the Legendary will be awakened and the battle will begin. Make sure to bring plenty of Ultra Balls or Timer Balls if you do not wish to use your Master Ball. Also remember to keep in mind that if you defeat the Legendary you will not be able to battle it again. Be careful not to bring its HP down to low. Remember, if the challenge is too great you can always run away, but that will forfeit your only chance of catching it.

File:Cave of Origin B4F R.png
Groudon/Kyogre's Room

Once the battle is over, leave the cave and return to Sootopolis City.

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