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Route 124

Route 124 underwater area

On this route you will be surfing east to reach Mossdeep City where your seventh Gym battle will take place. Due to the size of the route it will be difficult to find enemy Trainers or you bearings so if necessary use the Hoenn map in the PokéNav on this or any of the other sea routes you will be exploring. The only house on this route belongs to the Diving Treasure Hunter who will trade you Evolutionary stone (which doesn't include the Moon Stone or Sun Stone) in exchange for a shard that matches the color of the stone it is traded for.

The dark patches of water seen on this route are places that you can use Dive on to go underwater, but you will need to beat the next gym before you can do that. Once that's done you can find exclusive Pokémon as well as underwater routes to find shards and invisible items that you can use the Itemfinder with such as Heart Scales. From the house just head east and you'll quickly be in Mossdeep City.

Mossdeep City

Mossdeep City

Before you head to gym you can collect some items first. Mossdeep City is the only city in the Hoenn where its Poké Mart sells a Net Ball or Dive Ball. The house in the upper-left corner belongs to Steven Stone. When you enter he will give you HM08 (Dive) which can be used outside of battle once you beat the Mossdeep Gym. Outside of Steven's house is a boy who will give a King's Rock if you agree to keep this a secret from Steven. Next climb the first part of the hill and head northwest to find the lone house there belonging to a fisherman who will give you the Super Rod.

Mossdeep Space Center

Mossdeep Space Center in Ruby and Sapphire

The Space Center is the largest building in Mossdeep City that monitors the weather and launches rockets. Talk to the Sailor next to the rocket schematics and he will give you the Sun Stone.

Mossdeep Gym

Mossdeep Gym

"The mystic combination!"

Before entering this Gym you should make sure your team is well prepared to face the Gym Leader duo which will challenge you to a Double Battle. Make sure your entire team is at least Level 38 and that you have a good stack of Hyper Potions and Revives in your bag since they would greatly help. The trick to solving the puzzle for this Gym is to use the Spinners to move around and fix the different colored spinners that need to be redirected by flipping a nearby switch.

By starting from the spinners that are to the left the entrance, it would be possible to continue to use this pattern to get to all the switches, which once done will take you to the Gym Leaders. These gym leaders' Double Battle team style is too risky to be careless with, so this battle will require some strategy. As long as you remember that Solrock is weaker against special attacks and Lunatone against physical attacks then an adequate strategy will work. Also be aware that their Solrock has some moves that can counter a few types it is weak to.

Mossdeep Gym
The Mind Badge

After the battle Tate & Liza will give you the Mind Badge that will give your team a slight boost in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense and allow you to use Dive outside of battle. They will also give you TM04 (Calm Mind). Afterwards use the Warp tile to return to the entrance and leave the Gym. Now that Dive can be used you can chase now chase after Team MagmaR / Team AquaS at Route 128, but first you should head north to Route 125 to locate some things first.


Return to Steven's house after defeating him during the Hoenn Elite Four challenge to find an item which is a Beldum and a note from him. This is the only way to get ahold of a Beldum.

Route 125

Route 125

Route 125 is a short route so all that needs to be done is to head to the cave in the northwest area to reach the Shoal Cave. You can stick around to face any Trainers if you wish.

Shoal Cave

File:Shoal Cave Entrance Low.png
Shoal Cave entrance {top doors only accessible in high tide)
File:Shoal Cave Inner Low.png
Shoal Cave main chamber (Shoal Shell is accessible in high tide)
12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Tide High tide Low tide High tide Low tide High tide

This is a good place to find a Ice-type Pokémon that can help you with the upcoming match against the Hoenn Elite Four. When you enter the cave you will quickly see what tide it is. In high tide, the water is up so there isn't much you can do, while in low tide the water is lower so we can explore further. Based on you games' clock, from 9-3am/pm the water is in high tide, while 3-9am/pm is for low tide. At the entrance you'll see an old man who asks for some Shoal Shell and Shoal Salt. There are four of each, but it requires each tide to get each set. The Salt are the dirt mounds, and the Shells are the blue colored gems.

File:Shoal Cave Stairs Room.png
Lower chamber (low tide only)

In low tide from the entrance head north to the main chamber and climb up to reach the ladder higher up to reach the lower chamber to find the first Shoal Salt. Next use the ladder above you to return to the main chamber and follow the bridge to reach the ladder to the second lower chamber to find the another Shoal Salt. There is also a man here that will give you the Focus Band. Use the door on the west end to return to the main chamber to locate the third Shoal Salt. Then follow the path to the north to find the final Shoal Salt.

File:Shoal Cave Lower Room.png
Second lower chamber (low tide only)

Before leaving, head back to the where you found the second lower chamber and while avoiding the ledge, use Strength to locate the Ice Floor, an Ice Chamber only accessible in low tide. Other than finding a wild Snorunt only in this chamber, you can also find the NeverMeltIce which enhances the power of Ice-type attacks, and TM07 (Hail). Both of these items however, require that you solve different puzzles of sliding on the ice to reach them.

File:Shoal Cave Ice Room.png
Ice Floor (low tide only)

High tide is easier since all you have to do is surf in the main chamber and collect all four Shoal Shells with little difficulty. Once you have four of each set, talk to the old man and he will give you the Shell Bell. Once this is done you can come back any day you want to recollect the ingredients to make as many shell bells as you want. Once ready head south from Mossdeep City to reach Route 127.

Route 127

Route 127
Route 127 (Underwater Area)

This route mainly serves as an intersection as the north end leads to Mossdeep City, the west end leads to Route 126, and the south end leads to Route 128. There is not much to do other than, challenging Trainers, locating hidden items underwater through rocks, and finding a special intersection to a closed off area in the southeast corner. Travel south above or below the middle area of deep seawater to reach Route 128.

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