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Head to the exact center of the room and use {{m|Fly}} to open the door and find Registeel.
Head to the exact center of the room and use {{m|Fly}} to open the door and find Registeel.
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! Registeel
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Also by re-challenging Bug Maniac Brandon, on the fourth rematch you can steal from his {{p|Masquerain}} a {{DL|Type-enhancing item|SilverPowder}} which enhances {{type|Bug}} attacks.
Also by re-challenging Bug Maniac Brandon, on the fourth rematch you can steal from his {{p|Masquerain}} a {{DL|Type-enhancing item|SilverPowder}} which enhances {{type|Bug}} attacks.

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Route 120 cont.

  • Note: For available Pokémon check here.

Once you are back on this route again backtrack to where you encountered Steven Stone earlier and after crossing the bridge head south to reach the next part of this route. Travel east, then travel south but before you do you'll notice a small tree that can be Cut which leads to a Berry grove.

As you head south if you use your Bike you can move around the areas of tall grass and make it through with no wild encounters except an invisible Kecleon. Once at the south end you'll see some more Berry patches west of you and on the ledge above. Near the Berry patch is a girl who you can get rare Berries from once a day. Once you are ready head east to Route 121.


Return to this route after solving the mystery of the Sealed Chamber on Route 134 and head through the tall grass north of the Berry grove of the southern part of the route to find the Ancient Tomb that holds Registeel. To solve the puzzle, read the Braille inscription:





Head to the exact center of the room and use Fly to open the door and find Registeel.

Spr 3r 379.png
Steel Unknown
Clear Body
Held item:
Registeel Lv.40
Metal Claw

Also by re-challenging Bug Maniac Brandon, on the fourth rematch you can steal from his Masquerain a SilverPowder which enhances Bug-type attacks.

Route 121

Route 121

Head east upon entering this route, where you quickly see three Team MagmaR / Team AquaS grunts heading south to Mt. Pyre. Right next to where they stood is a building which is the Safari Zone. First continue east to reach Lilycove City facing Trainers along the way. We'll use the Pokémon Center in Lilycove as a relay point for Fly so you can backtrack here quicker after your upcoming battle at Mt. Pyre.

Lilycove City

Lilycove City

Once at Lilycove city you'll notice that Team MagmaR / Team AquaS grunts are around the city. Their hideout is actually at the coast area at the far right of the city with some Wailmer cutting off the entrance to Route 124. The route remains inaccessible for now until you complete the mission at the Team MagmaR / Team AquaS hideout which you won't be able to do until later. The house nearest the entrance to the shoreline has a man that will give you TM44 (Rest).


At the entrance to Lilycove Department Store you will see May/Brendan who challenges you to battle to determine if you've raised your team correctly.

252 If the player chose Treecko: 255 If the player chose Torchic: 258 If the player chose Mudkip:

After you defeat your rival, May/Brendan reveal that they are planning to return to Littleroot Town now that they caught a decent amount of Pokémon for the Pokédex. This is the last time you will battle them, as they have retired from training and you'll find them at their house from this point on whenever you visit Littleroot.

Lilycove Department Store

"Overflowing with great merchandise
and excitement!
"A great place to find that something
you need!"

The Lilycove Department Store is the largest store in the Hoenn region with six floors

1st Floor

The girl on the right side of the counter gives out a lottery ticket once a day. If any numbers from your Pokémon's OT ID numbers' from your collection matches the winning numbers which are at random, then you will win Master Ball.

2nd Floor

On this floor the items sold are based around the items found in a Poké Mart with most items for general healing, catching wild Pokémon, or other minor items.

3rd Floor

The items sold here are related to upgrading stats. The girl on the left sells the items meant for permanently upgrading a particular stat, while the girl on the right sells the items meant for temporarily upgrading or preventing stat lowering during battle.

4th Floor

The items sold here are for different TM's. The girl on the left sells TM that have moves used for offense, while the girl on the right sells ones meant for defense.

5th Floor

The items sold here are accessories related to your Secret Base. The two girl salesman at the top sell dolls and cushions, while the two at the bottom sells posters and mats.


Up here is a Vending machine.

Move Deleter's house

"Unwanted POKéMON moves deleted."

The house next to the Lilycove Department Store belongs to the Move deleter who will help you forget any unwanted moves including HM's.

Contest Hall

"Enter CONTESTS with your friends!"

In Lilycove is the Master Rank Contests for the Pokémon Contests. The building is located south of the Pokémon Center.

Lilycove City Harbor

"Enjoy a delightful cruise on
the ferry S.S. TIDAL."

The building in the lower-left corner of the city is the Harbor. Later in the game after you defeat the Elite Four, you can use the S.S. Tidal to travel between here, Slateport City, and the Battle Tower.

Also this city is notable for being the only place to find a wild Staryu. When you come back later after you get the Super Rod at Mossdeep City you should catch it. Since Staryu is a good HM slave, it is able to learn Surf, Flash, Dive, and Waterfall all together and it will come in handy for the last lengths of the game.

Anyway once your business is done here head back to Route 121, we're going to head to the Safari Zone next.

Safari Zone

Hoenn Safari Zone area numbers


Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Once you reach the entrance pay the PokémonDollar.png500 at the registration counter to enter. You will also need the Pokéblock Case as a requirement before you're allowed to enter. If you forgot to pick one up earlier then head to the Contest Hall in Slateport City to pick one up. Also bring a Pokémon that knows Sweet Scent to avoid moving around too much to make the Safari game last longer, as well as Surf since there are a few items across the pond such as TM22 (SolarBeam).

In the Safari Zone there are four areas with different Pokémon, where most of them found in more than one area. While Areas 1 and 2 are simple, the other areas require a Bike to get into. Area 3 the Northwest corner requires the Mach Bike, while Area 4 requires the Acro Bike. Area 3 and 4 also contain rare Pokémon that are only found in this particular location, notably a Pinsir in Area 3 and a Heracross in Area 4. The Safari Zone is the only place to catch Pokémon that hold the items, Sharp Beak which enhances Flying-type moves and the Light Ball that enhances Pikachu's Sp. Attack.

When you are ready head south from the Safari Zone and use Surf to reach Route 122.

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