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Littleroot Town

Littleroot Town

You awaken in the back of a moving truck in Littleroot Town, since your family has just moved here from Johto. Hop out of the truck, and enter your house. Once inside, go upstairs to your room and set your clock. Turn on your PC, and withdraw the single Potion for later. Go back downstairs, and after just missing your dad on the TV, Mom tells you that you should visit your new neighbor, Professor Birch. Birch isn't home, but visit his daughter May ( players) / son Brendan ( players) upstairs. Birch isn't in his lab either, so head north to Route 101.

Route 101

Choose your starter wisely!

Setting foot on Route 101, you'll see the professor being attacked by a wild Poochyena. He tells you to select one of the Pokémon in the bag on the ground. Choose wisely, because this creature will become your starter Pokémon!
These Pokémon include:

Spr 3r 252.png
Spr 3r 255.png
Spr 3r 258.png
Grass Fire Water
253 Grovyle 256 Combusken 259 Marshtomp
Grass Fire Fighting Water Ground
254 Sceptile 257 Blaziken 260 Swampert
Grass Fire Fighting Water Ground
  • Successor to Charmander and Cyndaquil, Torchic has an advantage against Grass-, Bug-, and Ice-types, but falters when battling Water-, Ground-, and Rock-types. Torchic also gains a secondary Fighting-type by its final form. As a Fire-type, it will have a disadvantage against the first Gym.

Once you choose a Pokémon, the Poochyena will attack you. After defeating it, Birch will take you to his lab, and ask you to visit his child on Route 103, north of Oldale Town.

Head north to Route 103.

Oldale Town

Oldale Town

The way to Route 102 is blocked by a researcher so you would have to move north to Route 103.

Speak to the Poké Mart employee in front of the mart in order to get a free Potion, and continue north to Route 103.

Route 103

Route 103

Rival battle

252 If the player chose Treecko: 255 If the player chose Torchic: 258 If the player chose Mudkip:

For now, your rival will only have one Pokémon; what species it is depends on which Pokémon you chose from Birch's bag. Like past games, your rival will have the Pokémon with a type advantage against yours. Since both Pokémon are still low-leveled, neither knows an attack of their own type yet, so your rival doesn't have much of an advantage just yet. After defeating them, your rival will head back south to Littleroot.

Littleroot Town

After following Birch's kid back to the lab, Birch will give you the Pokédex, and his kid will give you 5 Poké Balls. On your way out of town, your mom will give you a pair of Running Shoes. By holding down the B-Button, you can run twice as fast as the normal walking speed.

Get back to Oldale Town, and head west to Route 102.

Route 102

Battle past the handful of Pokémon Trainers to earn vital experience and money, and don't miss the Potion to the south of Lass Tiana.
Continue west to Petalburg City.

Petalburg City

Petalburg City

After visiting the city's Gym, you'll learn that your father will not accept your challenge until you have earned four other Gym badges. Instead, he asks you to help Wally, a resident of Petalburg, catch his first Pokémon. After Norman lends him his Zigzagoon and a Poké Ball, you follow Wally to Route 102, where he successfully catches a Ralts.

After Wally leaves, you're free to head west to Route 104.

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