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=== 1F ===
=== 1F ===
Follow the tunnel around to the northwest part of the cave, and smack around the last two Trainers along the way. Don't miss the {{evostone|Moon}} sitting in the corner.
Follow the tunnel around to the northwest part of the cave, and smack around the last two Trainers along the way. Don't miss the {{DL|Evolutionary stone|Moon Stone}} sitting in the corner.
=== B2F (outer area) ===
=== B2F (outer area) ===

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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. This walkthrough follows the original Game Boy version, not Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 3

Route 3

There are a total of eight Trainers between Pewter City and Mt. Moon, and each one is looking to battle. That may seem daunting, but battling the whole group will leave you a stronger (and wealthier) Trainer.

Beyond those Trainers, you finally have an opportunity to find some new Pokémon. The next point of interest is the Poké Center; the shady guy inside near the PC will offer to sell you a Magikarp for PokémonDollar.png500. The fish itself isn't a great Template:Type2 choice, since it can only splash around until level 15, but with enough training it will evolve into Gyarados at level 20 (with way better stats and moves). It's up to you if you want to fork over the money for the fish here, since they are found almost everywhere with the Old Rod later on. Rest your team before venturing into Mt. Moon.

Mt Moon, 1F

Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon isn't a very tough cave to get through, especially if your team members are around level 15. As this is the first cave you'll explore, there are a handful of new Pokémon here that you would never find out in the sunlight.


When you first enter the cave, turn to the left and grab the TM12 (Water Gun) and Potion, and defeat the nearby Trainer. Follow the tunnel around and take the first ladder you see to the basement floor.

B2F (south)

Mt Moon, B2F

The presence of a Team Rocket grunt here means that the criminal gang is up to no good somewhere nearby. Grab the HP Up from the ledge and take the stairs back to the first floor.


Head south for two more Trainer battles, as well as a Potion, Rare Candy, and Escape Rope. These are all handy items to have; the Escape Rope will warp you back to the entrance if you need to heal your team, and the Rare Candy can raise a Pokémon's level by 1. Head north and follow the tunnel around to the west, and climb down the next ladder.

B2F (northeast)

A second Team Rocket grunt is loitering here, so get ready to battle! Grab the TM01 (Mega Punch) from the ledge, and check the nearby boulder for a hidden Ether before returning to the main floor.


Follow the tunnel around to the northwest part of the cave, and smack around the last two Trainers along the way. Don't miss the Moon Stone sitting in the corner.

B2F (outer area)

There are two more Rocket grunts standing between you and the exit. Be careful about the next Rocket you find, since his Raticate's Hyper Fang can be a problem. Follow the winding tunnel to the next Rocket grunt, who mutters about the team stealing fossils for profit. Only one Trainer left, a Super Nerd that claims both nearby fossils as his own. After beating him, he offers you the choice of either fossil. Like the Old Amber in Pewter City, the scientists on Cinnabar Island can revive a prehistoric Pokémon from either fossil. The Dome Fossil will become a Kabuto, while the Helix Fossil will become an Omanyte; both become Rock/Water-types. Since you can only get one, you'll have to trade if you want the second. Pick your prize, and follow the tunnel to the exit.

Route 4

Route 4

After the trek through Mt. Moon, Route 4 will seem like a walk in the park. There are no Trainers here, and only a small patch of grass to the south. Pick up TM04 (Whirlwind) from the north side of the route, then jump south over the ledge. If you need to train before battling Misty, this is the best place to do it. Once your team is around level 20-25, they should be in good shape.

Next stop, Cerulean City!

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