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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. This walkthrough follows the original Game Boy version, not Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 22

Route 22

After traveling throughout the Kanto region and defeating the eight Gym Leaders, the end of the story is fast approaching. The last great challenge for aspiring Trainers is to defeat the Elite Four far to the northwest, at Indigo Plateau. But before you reach the summit, you must travel through Victory Road, a grueling cave that serves to weed out the weaker Trainers. Rest your team and stock up on items while you can; the third legendary bird roosts deep inside the cave, so plan accordingly.

As you travel west on Route 22, your rival shows up to challenge you one last time. His Pokémon are no pushovers, but play to their weaknesses and they won't last very long.

If the player chose Bulbasaur: If the player chose Charmander: If the player chose Squirtle:

Continue west and enter the League's front gate.

Route 23

Route 23

Front Gate

Route 23 is a long route, and Victory Road awaits at the northern end. Be sure to have access to Surf, or you won't get very far.

The guard in the front gate checks all Trainers for the Boulder Badge. Scattered to the north are seven more guards, who each check for one of the other seven badges. Once the eighth guard sees your Earth Badge, you are free to enter Victory Road.

Victory Road

Victory Road is similar to the Seafoam Islands, but instead of dropping boulders through holes in the floor, you need to move them onto pressure switches to open new areas.

Victory Road, 1F


Inside the entrance is a boulder to the left and a switch to the right. To press the switch, move the rock ↓1, →4, ↑2, →7, ↑2, →1, and ↓1. This removes the semi-invisible barrier on the rock ledge. Head up to the northeast area to find two items near the north wall. The cave's layout forces you to use the boulder here to block off one item in order to reach the other. A Rare Candy lies to the west, while TM47 (Sky Attack) lies to the north. In order to reach the other item, exit and re-enter the cave to reset the puzzle. Go west past the two Cooltrainers and climb up the ladder to the northwest.

Victory Road, 2F


To the south is another boulder, move this one ←1, ↓2, ←2 onto the switch to clear the rock ledge. Walk across the ledge, and go down the first stairway. To the west is TM05 (Mega Kick) and a pressure switch with no boulder. Head east then north to find a Full Heal and TM17 (Submission), and climb the ladder near the Full Heal to the third floor.

Spr 1b 146.png
Fire Flying
Moltres Lv.50
Fire Spin

Victory Road, 3F


To the north is another boulder, but ignore it for now. Go to the right to fight a Cooltrainer♂ and get a Max Revive. Follow the north wall to reach the northwest area, where you'll find TM47 (Explosion) and another switch. Climb down the ladder to reach a new part of the second floor.


Moltres, the legendary bird of fire

Fight the PokéManiac and grab the Guard Spec., then save the game. Roosting nearby is Moltres, the third and final legendary bird. Follow the same methods used against Articuno and Zapdos to complete the trio, then climb back up the ladder to 3F.


Go back east to the first boulder and move it ↑2, ←16, ↓1, ←4, ↓3, →1 to reach the switch. This clears barrier on the rock ledge so you can reach the southern area. Walk across the rock ledge and head south to battle two more Cooltrainers. Go east to drop the boulder down the hole, then jump down behind it.


Shove the boulder all the way west to the switch. This removes the barrier near where it fell through from 3F. Climb up onto the rock ledge and take the ladder to the third floor.


Climb down the next ladder back to 2F.


Check the rock to the left of the ladder to find a hidden Full Restore, and leave through the cave exit to return to Route 23.

Route 23

Follow the tiled path to the north, and wander through the maze of Pokémon statues at the foot of the Indigo Plateau. This is it!

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