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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. This walkthrough follows the original Game Boy version, not Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
The guide for those can be found here.

Saffron City

Saffron City is home to Silph Co., which developed the Silph Scope. Gather a strong team to track Giovanni down, and reclaim the prototype.

City Under Siege

Team Rocket's operation has led them to Saffron City, and the headquarters of Silph Co. With those criminals around, the residents have been confined to their homes while they hold the Silph employees hostage.

Mr. Psychic

For how large it is, Saffron City is pretty dull. Besides the Poké Center and Poké Mart, there are only two other places to visit before driving the Rockets out of town. Stop by Mr. Psychic's house in the southeast to get TM29 (Psychic).

Fighting Dojo

One of Saffron's major attractions is that there are two Gyms here, not just one. Located right next to the official Saffron Gym, the Fighting Dojo is an optional challenge, and while the Trainers inside don't offer a badge upon defeat, they offer something just as good: a rare Pokémon. After defeating the Karate Master, he will offer victorious Trainers a choice of two Template:Type2s - the hard-kicking Hitmonlee, or the piston-punching Hitmonchan.

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
106 Hitmonlee
Premier Ball Only one
30 Only one
107 Hitmonchan
Premier Ball Only one
30 Only one
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Liberate Silph Co!

File:SnoozingRocket rby.png
Rockets are such great security...

With Pokémon Tower cleared, the guard outside Silph Co. is taking a nap, leaving a perfect opportunity to sneak inside. The company uses warp tiles to allow their employees to quickly move around the huge building, which create a giant maze leading to Giovanni.

The objective is to reach the top floor and rescue the Silph president from Giovanni's clutches. Taking the direct route to the top floor avoids most of the 31 Trainer battles here (and the money and experience that goes with it) and gets right to the boss, after which Trainers can collect the items without opposition. When medical attention becomes an issue, either leave for the Poké Center or look for the woman in the southwest corner of the 9th floor.


The lobby is totally deserted. Take the stairs in the back to 2F.


There's no way to bypass the electronic doors yet, so step on either warp to teleport to 8F.


Clear out the Rockets here, then take the elevator to 3F.


Selfdestruct, the second-strongest move

After stepping out of the elevator, take the warp near the stairs back to the 2nd floor, and talk to the woman to get TM36 (Selfdestruct). Warp right back to 3F.

Back on the 3rd floor, fight the lone Rocket and take the warp in the southwest to a locked room on the 5th floor. Grab the TM09 (Take Down) and warp back. Climb the stairs to the 4th floor.


Beat the Rockets here, and climb to the 5th floor.


Beat the Rocket and Scientist near the stairs, and follow the hallway to the south to find a Rocket next to a warp tile. Defeat the Rocket, jump on the warp, and warp right back. Walk down and follow the narrow path to the right to find the Card Key, which opens any of the building's electronic doors. Go back towards the Rocket, and open the farthest door for a Protein. Get upstairs to 6F.


Open the door past the Scientist to find an HP Up and an X Accuracy. Climb to 7F.


Use the Card Key to open the closest door and grab the TM03 (Swords Dance). Battling the grunt on the other side of the door near the TM is optional, but the nearby warp only leads back to 5F. After battling the Rocket along the north wall (standing next to the counter), walk to the left to see a familiar face in the next room — your rival. Follow the narrow hallway to the room with a Scientist, grab the Calcium, and take the stairs up to 9F (since you've already cleared out 8F).


By now, all of those battles may be taking a toll on your team. After beating the grunt here, open the door nearby and talk to the woman near the beds. As thanks for fighting against Team Rocket, she'll restore your team to full health. If you need to heal up again, you can speak with her as many times as needed. Beat the second Rocket (ignore the warp), and take the stairs to 10F.


There are only two battles here, but make sure to grab the Carbos, Rare Candy, and TM26 (Earthquake) from the southwest room. Take the stairs to 11F for a quick grunt battle.

11F (east)

Beat the lone grunt here, and take the elevator all the way down to the 3rd floor.


Use the Card Key to unlock the door in the center of the floor. Unlock the next door beyond that, beat the Scientist, grab the Hyper Potion behind him, and take the warp near the first door. This sends you up to the 7th floor again.


Take a step past the table to fight another battle with your rival.

If the player chose Bulbasaur: If the player chose Charmander: If the player chose Squirtle:

After the fight, talk to the Silph employee nearby to get a Lapras, a one-of-a-kind Water/Ice-type. Step on the lower warp to reach the 11th floor.

11F (west)

One last grunt stands before Giovanni.

You'll need your team at full strength to take on the mob boss, so take a trip to the Poké Center or the woman on 9F to heal up.

Open the door with the Card Key to confront Giovanni.

Giovanni disappears, and Team Rocket's hold on Silph Co. is broken. The president is so thrilled that his company was saved that he rewards you with the Master Ball prototype, a version of Poké Ball that catches any Pokémon without fail. It's a good idea to save this until after the Elite Four is defeated, when you can track down the master of Cerulean Cave.

With the Rockets gone, Trainers are free to collect any leftover items scattered around the building. Stop by the 4th floor, and check the western room for a Full Heal, Max Revive, and Escape Rope. The Rocket grunt outside the Saffron Gym is also gone, meaning that you are free to challenge Sabrina for your next badge.

Saffron Gym

Saffron Gym

The Master of
Psychic Pokémon!

The Saffron Gym is a haven for Template:Type2s, and Template:Type2s are their worst nightmare. There aren't many strong Bug-type attacks available, but bring a strong insect like Parasect or Butterfree, and they will only take 1/2-damage from Sabrina's psychic attacks. Her team's defenses are weak, so try attacking with physical moves like Dugtrio's Earthquake or Raticate's Super Fang, and the battle should be over soon.

Saffron Gym
The Marsh Badge

Defeating Sabrina earns you the Marsh Badge, which commands all Pokémon at level 70 or less. She also gives out TM46 (Psywave) as a prize.

With 5 badges, your next stop is Fuchsia City to the south, where you will finally obtain HM03 (Surf) and HM04 (Strength). There are two ways to reach the city - either head south from Lavender Town, or west from Celadon City. A third HM, HM02 (Fly), is found on the western path, and the Super Rod is found on the eastern path. For now, go west through Celadon City to Route 16.

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