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This is a walkthrough for Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Turn your Game Boy on. After a brief intro, Press any button on the title screen to reach the main menu.

To begin you should click on New Game. Be careful, because if there is already a save file, this will delete the original file.

First, they will ask you your name. You have a 6-character limit, so if your name is longer, you should come up with a nickname to use. Once you are done typing your name in, press the END button in the corner.

They will give you an intro about how you love to collect Pokémon cards and that you heard a rumor about the rare Legendary Pokémon Cards. You also heard the Grand Masters want someone who is worthy to inherit them. In hope to inherit them, you visit the Card Researcher, Dr. Mason.

After reading, you are taken to Mason Laboratory and ask him to teach you how to play the Trading Card Game. After he talks, he will give you a practice deck to take on Sam, Dr. Mason's assistant, in a practice round where you will learn how to play. You may find the Glossary handy.

Your First Duel

Even though this is considered a duel, your opponent will be guiding you through, so you're guaranteed to win.

Each player will get 7 cards to start out with. Dr. Mason tells you to choose Goldeen as your first Pokémon in the arena and to put Staryu on the Bench. Once you've done that, press the B button.

Then, you will go to a screen showing how many cards you and your opponent have on the bench. There, you will each place two prizes. Immediately after this, you will have a coin toss to decide who goes first. If it's heads (and it will be), you will go first.

After this, you will draw a Water Energy card. You will have to attach this card to your Goldeen, as Dr. Mason instructs you. This will allow you to attack Sam's Machop with Horn Attack. This will inflict 10 Damage to his Machop, leaving 40 left.

Sam will then attach a Fighting Energy card to his Machop and will attack you with Low Kick, which will inflict 20 damage to your Goldeen.

Dr. Mason then tells you to attach an Evolution, Seaking, to your Goldeen. This will give it new attacks and more HP. You will then have to attach a Psychic Energy card to Seaking. This will allow you to attack the Machop with Waterfall. This attack will inflict 30 damage.

Sam will then place Rattata on his bench, and attach a Fighting Energy card to it. He will then use the attack Low Kick on you again.

You will now need to attach a Water Energy card to your Staryu. After doing this, you will attack Machop with a Horn Attack or Waterfall, knocking it out. Once doing this, you receive one of Sam's prizes. They're both Water Energy cards, so you won't need to worry about which one you pick.

Sam will then place his Rattata into the arena. He will evolve it into a Raticate and attach a Lightning Energy card to Raticate. He will use Bite and that will inflict 20 damage to your Seaking.

You will get a Drowzee from the deck. You guessed it, you're going to put it on your bench. You are then going to attach a Water Energy card to it. You will then attack Raticate with Waterfall.

Don't worry, this fight is almost over. Sam will attach another Lightning Energy to Raticate and attack you with Bite. Your Seaking will faint and Sam will draw a prize.

You now need to choose Staryu as the next Pokémon in the arena. You will then draw a Potion. You need to then attach a Water Energy card to Staryu. Attack your opponent with Slap.

This'll bug you. Sam puts Raticate on the bench, and now you have to defeat the Machop. This will occur a lot later on, so you should get used to it. Machop will then use Low Kick on you, inflicting 20 damage.

This is when you will use that Potion you drew. Use it on Staryu and then attach a Water Energy card to it. Then attack with Slap. This is the end if your turn.

This is really close, just bear with us! Sam will attach a Fighting Energy to Machop and attack you with Low Kick.

You are going to attach the Starmie you just drew onto the Staryu to evolve it. Now, all you need to do is use Star Freeze. It will be Paralyzed, so it cannot attack for its turn.

Sam will be cured of paralysis, and it's your turn just like that. You are going to attack with Starmie's Star Freeze. After this, grab the last prize. You've won!

Now you understand how to battle.

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