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Description: "This is the secret course found in the clouds. Check out the sky and you'll see the constellations of other Pokémon. There's only one Pokémon here, and it's the rarest of them all...Mew!"

This is the final course of the game. The only Pokémon encountered here is Mew, the legendary Pokémon. Since there is no other Pokémon, the whole course is just a long encounter with Mew. This doesn't make it easy, as Mew has a shield that protects it from pictures. If you take a picture with the shield on it, you will end up with nothing but a sharp flare. The way to break this shield is to hit a Pester Ball or Apple at it. All ways to get Mew out of the shield are split up in three parts. If it is still not understood clearly, look down in the Pokémon Available section for more information.

Part 1

As this is the first part, it is the easiest of them all. Mew is known to be a playful Pokémon, so, it continually taunts Todd Snap right in front of the Zero-One. This makes it very vulnerable to a Pester Ball, so hit it when you get the chance. When you hit it, Mew will fly away with the shield obviously damaged. You need to do this two more times in order to break the outer shield completely. Since it still has the inner part, photos won't do good.

Part 2

The second part is a bit harder than the other one, presumably because Mew is now taunting in a more defensive way. Also, it is harder since Mew is now a moving target; it will only be seen for a moment before disappearing and reappearing behind Snap. All the same, keep trying to hit it with a Pester Ball or Apples--same drill, three times with the Pester Balls or Apples. It may be a bit slower due to Mew moving away; you may throw a Pester Ball or Apple and think yourself victorious when Mew dodges by using Teleport. Eventually, the inner part will fall, leaving Mew defenseless.

Part 3

This part is crucial. Now that Mew is defenseless, it no longer taunts you--instead, it is seen chasing its shield, which is getting further away. This is the only part where Mew does not have its shield, so you need to definitely be quick and take pictures--although Mew is pretty fast, so it might get away. If you hit it with an item, it will spin and look around, making it easier to get a good photo of, however you need to be quick as Mew will just teleport away again.

If Mew is successfully hit, it will make good for some more pictures--if these steps are not done, however, Mew will get its shield back. Don't worry; you don't have to go through the trouble you did earlier, as now it only requires one hit for Mew's shield to get destroyed.

Pokémon Available

This is a list of Pokémon you can take pictures of.

Pokémon Description
Mew Mew The whole course is a long encounter with Mew, and it is not unlikely that the whole course will be necessary to capture a good photograph of this Pokémon. Photos are distorted by Mew's bubble shield, resulting in nothing more than a big lens flare. So, it becomes necessary to knock this shield away, which is done in three parts.
  • The first part is the easiest. Mew taunts Snap by floating back and forth in front of the ZERO-ONE, making it wide open to be hit with a Pester Ball. When it is, it will fly away with its shield crackling with energy and evidently damaged. Doing this three times will cause the outer layer of the shield to fall off.
  • Despite having lowered defenses, Mew is playful and keeps taunting Snap, though this time in a more defensive manner. Mew will fly past in a different shield, presumably the inner layer. The idea is the same as the first part: to hit it with a Pester Ball. It is more difficult, however, since Mew is now a moving target and only seen for a few seconds before disappearing behind Snap. After this is done three times, Mew's shield falls off again.
  • The final part is the most crucial. Mew will appear from behind, chasing its shield. Hitting it with an item will cause Mew to spin in place and then look up, briefly giving a perfect picture pose before teleporting away, leaving behind only a few sparkles. If Snap doesn't hit it quickly, he can still use the Dash Engine to get close to Mew for a large picture. If Mew is successfully hit, the step will be repeated to give Snap an opportunity for more pictures. If Snap doesn't hit Mew, it will reclaim its shield, though requiring only one hit to knock the shield away instead of three.
Mew is such a rare Pokémon that any picture of it is a special shot with a large bonus. Taking a big enough picture of it can be worth nearly 10,000 points.


You completed the game Pokémon Snap! Congratulations!

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