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After completing the Tutorial, you'll be able to challenge the Grand Prix. The first cup you are allowed to enter is the Green Cup. As with all of the cups you enter, always try to get third or better--this way, you get a better score.

Green Cup Courses

As the first cup, this isn't too hard.

1. Green Fields
2. Running Through
3. Beach Path
4. Footprint of Mankey
5. Pikachu Island

The following sections will have information on each course.

Green Fields

"The smell and color of the greens. This is the start!"

Checkpoints: 9

As this is the first course of the first cup, the easiest by far. There is no crossing swamps, or oceans--you don't even have to go on an air balloon. Slide your stylus on the touch screen as instructed on the tutorial (or how you chose for it to in the Options menu) and win the race easily.

When you finish the course, (or all courses) you'll get points depending on your rank.

Running Through

"Run through! From the coastline to the start!"

Checkpoints: 10

Like the previous course, there is nothing to cross, as well as no air balloons. However, it is slightly harder than the previous course--the arrows can be misleading, as you might accidentally head into the ocean. All the same, go as fast as you can and win the race.

Beach Path

"Dash along the blue ocean! Be careful not to stumble in sand."

Checkpoints: 8

This course features pads, as you are going across the grass, forest, and sand landscapes. The description should say be careful not to stumble in water as, like the previous one, the arrows can confuse you, and you might just be "swimming" around. However, it is still quite easy--just, on the first or second one, make sure you get it in the correct order.

Footprint of Mankey

"Fly with a hot-air balloon! Check the radar, and then DIVE!"

Checkpoints: 8

Like it says in the description, you'll be going on a hot air balloon. This may be a bit confusing, as you're in a hot-air balloon for the first time in a real race, so if you need help, just follow the Pokémon you're currently behind. Just remember that the last checkpoint is the Pikachu shaped island.

Pikachu Island

"Head to the races on this vast Pikachu island. Aim for the top!"

Checkpoints: 9

Like it says in the description, you really should aim for the top, as this is the last race. This features everything you have learned--dashing, landscapes, Lapras, the hot-air balloon, and the dive alert. The ocean here is very large--make sure you when you're landing near the ocean, you're landing on land.

Upon getting third or better, you'll unlock another cup, called the White Cup!

Continue to White Cup.

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