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Cavern Zone ケイブゾーン
Cave Zone
Cavern Zone
Zone Info
Zone Leader Blaziken
Drifblim Stop In front of the hot spring.
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Meeting Place
Lava Zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

At first, Cranidos, the gatekeeper, won't allow you to go inside the Cavern Zone until he hears that it's very important, and the leader of this zone, Blaziken, would like to see "Lightning Strike" anyway, whoever that is.

Like previous zones, the game gives an "explanation" of what this zone is like. As you can see, it's very dark in the caverns, so you might have trouble navigating here, unless you use the map. After the view is done, you'll run into a Mr. Mime who is very upset, since the mine cart, the cart used to take Pokémon into the Lava Zone, is not working. Apparently, the rail is broken and is not to be found. He wants you to look for it--you'll need to, anyway, if you want to get to Blaziken--and he says Zubat can also be a help to the search. Since Zubat gossip so much, and many secrets go around them, he's sure that you'll find it in no time if you talk to the Zubat!


Go forward on the tracks. Apparently, a Mawile will stop you, saying that they may not have fields or the sunshine, but this is their home. Follow what Mr. Mime said and go towards the Zubat, who tell you something about a Pokémon called Aron and how he looks at the rail and drools.

Look for Aron, which is very difficult as he blends in with the cavern walls. Once you ask Aron, he won't tell you anything until you give him some Iron Ore, his favorite food. Iron Ore can be found in destroyed boxes. Once you give him the Iron Ore, he'll tell you that "that cutie, Mawile" was biting the rail off.


Now look for Mawile, who has to explain why she did this. She refuses to admit why she did it, although if you beat her in a Skill Game, she would tell you where she hid it.

Her Skill Game is Chase. Don't get her from behind, as the jaw is going to send you flying backwards--instead, try getting her from the side (though, since the jaw is flying wildly around, it's still possible to get hit by it).

After defeating her, she says that she asked Dugtrio to hide it. Dugtrio is past one of the caves, so head over there.

Dugtrio says that, naturally, he'd hide it in the best place to hide it--underground. He said it ended up somewhere near the Berry Storage, so go past the other cave in order to get to the storage.

The Guardian of the Berry Storage

You'll see a Speech Bubble over a Marowak's head, so talk to him. You try to explain to him that you need to go and look for something in the Berry Storage, but Marowak refuses to let you in--the reason why he's guarding it is to make sure Snorlax doesn't steal any berries, and if the boxes open, he thinks Snorlax will smell it, although you can distinctly hear Snorlax snoring.

However, you're persistent, and say that someone had hid something in one of the boxes. Marowak, doubtful, says that you won't be allowed to go inside unless you fight for it--literally!


After defeating him, he'll understand that a Pokémon went underground, and you should have told him earlier. As such, you are now allowed to go and explore the Berry Storage.

While smashing boxes, you may find a Big Berry, which is essential for later. However, keep on smashing boxes until you find a Diglett, who'll tell you something about where the rail went. Apparently, he hid it in the safest place he could find--under the sleeping Snorlax! Oops, he shouldn't have told you that!

Snorlax in the Hot Spring

Naturally, Snorlax is sleeping, and no matter how hard you try, the most you'll be able to do is jump when you press 2 on him, so use your Thunderbolt on him. Snorlax, although awake, says he will move once he gets a Big Berry. Get the Big Berry you found from the Berry Storage--if you haven't found the Berry yet, continually smash boxes until you do. Pick up the Big Berry and hand it over to Snorlax, who keeps his promise and moves over.

At once, a shiny thing plops out from under, however it isn't the only thing--a fountain sprouts up, causing you to get carried away...

Meowth and some other Pokémon blab on how the Hot Spring has been revived. Because of the Hot Spring, many new Pokémon had come here, giving you a bigger chance of getting more friends.

The Rail

The shiny thing from earlier turns out to be the rail from the Mine Cart. Pick it up and walk over to Mr. Mime, who is extremely happy that you got the rail back. However, he explains that Gible have taken the Mine Cart and have been playing with it for the time being since the rail was gone, so you'll have to go and look for Gible, although it isn't too hard--simply turn left from the entrance track.

All the Gible are extremely disappointed that they have to give the Mine Cart back so soon. They continually argue until Gible finds a way to decide who gets the mine cart--a battle!


Gible is disappointed that he lost since he can't have the Mine Cart anymore, but gives it back to you (reluctantly) all the same. Upon getting the Mine Cart back, Mr. Mime is even happier and becomes your friend. ...And what about Mawile, who you recently defeated in a Skill Game? Well, she said she's going to become your friend if you continually remember the Cavern Zone...

Bastiodon's Block Barrage

Although you don't have to do the only Attraction in this zone now, it is strongly recommended that you do, as there is even a Speech Bubble over Bastiodon's head. Bastiodon is very happy to have a customer, and once you mention something about the Sky Prism, he says he has one of those pieces, but will only give it to you once you complete his Attraction.

This Attraction isn't too hard, but it isn't too easy either, as it really depends on the Pokémon you're using. Move around using the Control Pad, depending on where the ball is going. You don't have to press 2, though it is recommended to use it so you can get faster and better hits and go through Dugtrio, Diglett, and Bastiodon himself.

Pokémon who can Play

Pokémon Points for Bonus
Torchic Torchic 1,000
Meowth Meowth 1,500
Sableye Sableye 2,000
Pikachu Pikachu 2,500
Magby Magby 3,500
Chimchar Chimchar 4,000
Gible Gible 4,500
Charmander Charmander 5,500
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo 8,000
Raichu Raichu 9,000
Mr. Mime Mr. Mime 12,000
Ursaring Ursaring 15,000
Hitmonlee Hitmonlee 18,000
Magmortar Magmortar 20,000
Electivire Electivire 24,000
Metagross Metagross 99,000

After completing this Attraction, Bastiodon will gladly give you the Prism Piece. Head back to the Mine Cart and go to the Lava Zone!

Available Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon you can befriend in this zone.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
122 Mr. Mime Near the entrance to the zone Quiz Befriends automatically once the mine cart and rail are returned. 408 Cranidos Near the tunnels under the elevated rail. Battle
303 Mawile Along the rails Chase Will befriend the player during a mission for the Granite Zone. 231 Phanpy In the large open area near the hot spring. (Appears once the hot spring is restored) None Give Phanpy a Big Berry to befriend him.
304 Aron In front of the gate to the Lava Zone. None. Bring a piece of Iron Ore to befriend Aron. 026 Raichu In the large open area near the hot spring. (Appears once the hot spring is restored) Chase
443 Gible Along the elevated rail tunnels Battle Fix the rail to challenge Gible. 081 Magnemite Along the tunnels (Must be released from crates) None Automatically befriends the player for releasing them.
105 Marowak In front of the berry storage right in front of the hot spring. Battle Won't challenge you until Dugtrio instructs you to enter the berry storage. 462 Magnezone Around the entrance to the Lava Zone. (Appears once all Magnemite have been released from crates) Battle
041 Zubat Flying in groups through the tunnels. Chase 106 Hitmonlee In the large open area near the hot spring. (Appears once Hitmontop has been defeated in the Lava Zone.) Battle
042 Golbat In the tunnels near the gate to the Lava Zone. Chase 466 Electivire Near the gate to the Lava Zone. (Appears after battling in the Granite Zone) Battle
050 Diglett The berry storage. (Must be released from a crate) None Automatically befriends the player. 411 Bastiodon Next to Bastiodon's Block Barrage. None Automatically befriends the player after they complete his attraction.
051 Dugtrio In front of the gate to the Lava Zone. None Automatically befriends the player once the rail is fixed. 438 Bonsly Near the gate to the Lava Zone. Hide-and-Seek
143 Snorlax In the hot spring. None Automatically befriends the player during a mission for the Granite Zone. 185 Sudowoodo Near the gate to the Lava Zone. Hide-and-Seek
074 Geodude In the large open area near the hot spring. Hide-and-Seek 216 Teddiursa In the large open area near the hot spring. Quiz
068 Machamp In the large open area near the hot spring. Obstacle Hop Charges the player 40 berries. 255 Torchic Walking around the caverns Battle Moves to the Lava Zone once it's accessible.
052 Meowth In the large open area near the hot spring. Quiz 390 Chimchar Walking around the caverns Battle Moves to the Lava Zone once it's accessible.
212 Scizor Near the tunnels under the elevated rail. Battle Defeat a Pokémon 5 consecutive times to challenge him. 376 Metagross Bastiodon's Block Barrage None Metagross is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Bastiodon's Block Barrage.
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