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Solaceon Town

Solaceon Town

When you first arrive here, you'll have a quick encounter with Barry who will mention Seals and the Solaceon Ruins. A man on the left side of the path north to Route 210 will give you the Pokétch app Pokémon History.

If you travel east along the northern border of Solaceon Town, you will see three ledges to jump down. Take the middle one, then jump down the next two and you will arrive at the house of the seal boy, who will give you an alphabet Seal for each corresponding Unown you show him, including the exclamation point and question mark.

Pokémon Day Care

The most useful thing in Solaceon Town is the Pokémon Day Care at the northwest corner of the town. You can deposit up to two Pokémon that you want to be trained by talking to the Day-Care Lady. It will cost PokémonDollar.png100 as a starting fee and PokémonDollar.png100 more for each level the Pokémon gains. The Pokémon deposited gain one exp. point per step you walk. When you deposit a Pokémon into the Day Care for the first time, a man will appear at the table inside. When spoken to, he will give you the Pokétch app Day Care Checker. Also, this is where you can breed Pokémon by depositing two of the same Egg Group.

Solaceon Ruins

Solaceon Ruins exterior

East of the town are the Solaceon Ruins. You will be able to catch all 28 forms of Unown here, and this is also the location of the HM for Defog. Right now, you will only be able to find 26 of these forms and by catching them, the Maniac Tunnel on Route 214 will expand. When you have collected all 26, you can travel through the Maniac Tunnel to access the hidden second floor where the last two Unown forms (? and !) are. Make sure to encounter at least one wild Unown since no Trainer uses an Unown and you need it to complete your Sinnoh Dex.

Twenty of the Unown can be found in the dead-end rooms, and since not all of them can be randomly found in the same room, you will have to do some exploring. The remaining six forms are located in all the main hallways, excluding the entrance, and only one form can be found in each hallway.

If you have trouble reading the inscription at the north end of the entrance hallway, it says:
Top right
Lower left
Top right
Top left
Top left
Lower left

Follow the corresponding stairways to find a room with HM05 (Defog), the Mind Plate, and the Odd Incense (for producing a Mime Jr. egg when breeding a Mr. Mime). Once Defog is in your possession, your mission here should be complete. The Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Thunderstone are hidden in the boulders in three of the dead end rooms. This will make it easier to obtain Eevee's Generation I evolutions without having to mine the stones in the Sinnoh Underground.

Once you're done there, head south from Solaceon Town to Route 209. The Lost Tower is right at the northern end.

Lost Tower

Lost Tower exterior

While the first two floors are easy to navigate, on the last three you will need Defog to remove the thick fog. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, there is no direct reason to explore the Lost Tower as HM04 (Strength) has been moved to a new location, but there are still some valuable items to be found. Also, if you come here during the night, you can find wild Duskull. Once you reach 5F, talk to both of the elderly ladies to receive the Cleanse Tag and Spell Tag.

Once you've exited the Lost Tower, return north to Solaceon Town and heal up for the journey ahead. Then, go north to Route 210.

Route 210 (South Side)

Route 210

After completing your business in Solaceon Town, it's time to start heading east towards Veilstone City. Right now, you can only explore a small section of this route since a group of Psyduck are blocking the northern exit.

Café Cabin

When traveling along Route 210, you will find the Café Cabin. In there, you can have battles and buy one bottle of Moomoo Milk (which restores a Pokémon's HP by 100 points) for PokémonDollar.png500 or PokémonDollar.png6000 for a case of 12.

Once you're done here, go east to Route 215.

Route 215

Route 215

On this route, there are many Trainers to battle and Pokémon for you to catch. After defeating all of the Trainers and successfully traversing Route 215, you'll finally arrive in Veilstone City. To make your trip easier, it's recommended that you bring a Pokémon that knows how to use Cut. The constant rainfall boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50% (and decreases the power of Fire-type moves by 50%), so this is a good place to train Water-type Pokémon.

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