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Eterna Forest

Eterna Forest

Eterna Forest has a reputation for being a mysterious place, from the abandoned Old Chateau to the strange Moss Rock. Eterna Forest is a long and complex structure of trees that make it a natural maze, where a lot of people get lost. Eterna Forest is home to many Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon, and is currently the only known place in the Pokémon world to find and catch Buneary.

There are several paths that can be taken to get to each entrance, however the most direct route from southern part of forest to the northern part of the forest can be taken by traveling east from the entry, through the tall grass, directly north to a small gap in the tree that travels east to the south eastern segment. If, however, the western road is taken, the route would lead to an Antidote, and the Moss Rock further north. If you bring an Eevee to the Moss Rock then it can evolve into Leafeon. You'll be able to get Eevee later in Hearthome City.

The next section of the forest is larger than the first, as by traveling south, through the large patch of tall grass, the road lead to four sections of trees that are placed in a two by two pattern that allows the path to travel through the tree, in a similar "+" shape. There are several items scattered around the area, as well a few Trainers that are eager for a battle. By traveling north east, the road will soon lead to a large gap, where the road travels north to the north eastern segment.

The third segment turns east where a large square with a dense layer of trees hang in the middle. Simply traveling north through another patch of tall grass will clear the section. To the north is Old Chateau where Cut is need to clear the trees, and to the east is the eastern entry to the forest which has access to eastern Route 205, and Eterna City after that.


When the player first enters the forest, Cheryl will be waiting, and ask the player if he or she will accompany her through the forest, fearing Team Galactic's possible interference. After this, all battles in Eterna Forest can be Double Battles (Except for the first Lass and Bug Catcher, which MUST be fought in a Double Battle), including encounters with wild Pokémon. Her company is very useful - after every battle, Cheryl will completely heal the player's party. However, during battles with wild Pokémon a little problem appears: the player can throw a Poké Ball only when there is one Pokémon left, and thus Chansey's Egg Bomb may accidentally knock out the Pokémon the player wants to catch. However if used correctly she can help you raise the levels in your party and is an effective means of raising your weak Pokémon. Once you use the exit in the northern side she'll leave for good. She gives the player a Soothe Bell as a parting gift.

Route 205 (Part 2)

File:Route 205 2.png
The last section of Route 205

When you come out of Eterna Forest, all you need to do is walk across the bridge. The Trainers won't battle you unless you talk to them, so just go straight ahead to Eterna City.

Later on after defeating the Eterna Gym and acquiring the ability to use Cut outside of battle you can cut the small trees that separate the northern and southern parts of Route 205 and in the small part between them you can find more items.

Eterna City

Eterna City

Once in Eterna City, you will see that Team Galactic has set up another Headquarters. As usual, you must stop them from their evil work. As you can see, the headquarters is blocked by some small trees, so you cannot access it yet. You must first go to the Gym, and battle the Gym Leader, Gardenia. Before that head towards the statue and Barry will join you and as you walk up to the statue you'll see Cyrus there who will once again make a reference to Sinnoh's legends.

After Barry and Cyrus leave first look carefully around the back of the statue for a hidden Draco Plate. Then as you head back the way you came you'll meet Cynthia who after mentioning the Sinnoh myths and how it is related to the statue that is in Eterna City, she'll give you a copy of HM01 (Cut). Also talk to the lady in the Pokémon Center for an upgrade to your Pokétch called Friendship Checker which can allow you to use your Pokétch to examine how the specific Pokémon you pick on the app cares about you and makes it easier for using Happiness Evolution or for strengthening the move Return.

If you need some extra training you can go east to Route 211's west area. See this section for more information.

Here are some other places you can check out in Eterna City.

Underground Man

Right next to the Pokémon Center is the house of the Underground Man that will give you the Explorer Kit. You can use this daily to travel to the Underground to collect items by digging in the walls, as well as collect other items designed to be used in a game against other players in the Underground. Here is a list of items found by digging in the walls.

While in Diamond and Pearl you could only get one of the new fossils in that version, the Skull Fossil in Diamond or the Armor Fossil in Pearl, for Platinum you could one find one of these fossils here just like before. One major difference is that it has to do with the last digit on your Trainer Card (which is accessed in the menu) for this game. If the last digit is odd then you'll be able to obtain the Skull Fossil (for getting Cranidos), but if it is even then you'll get the Armor Fossil (for getting Shieldon) which you can take to the Oreburgh Mining Museum at Oreburgh City to be revived. The fossils from Generation I and III can only be obtained after getting the National Pokédex.

Eterna Condominiums

Main article: Eterna Condominiums

In this building, Sinnoh's Name Rater can be found, as well as a person named Norton who will trade a Chatot for a Buizel, and yet another who will give away TM67 (Recycle).

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
441 Chatot
D P Pt
418 Trade
Same as the traded Pokémon One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Herb Shop

Main article: Herb Shop

The Herb Shop is a shop that sells effective, yet inexpensive herbs. A lady runs it. You can buy many things such as full revives.

The prices of the herbs, in the herb shop, are:

Herb Shop
Energy Root Energy Root
Pokémon Dollar800
EnergyPowder EnergyPowder
Pokémon Dollar500
Revival Herb Revival Herb
Pokémon Dollar2800
Heal Powder Heal Powder
Pokémon Dollar450

Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop

Main article: Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop

This Bicycle Shop is a store where Bicycles are sold. However, you can not purchase a bike from the store. Once you rescue the owner of the store from the Galactic Eterna Building, he will give you one as a gift for rescuing him. You can talk to him for him to read the manual for the bike to you.

Oak's House

After you completed the Sinnoh Dex and get the National Pokédex, you can go to Oak's house, or the house where he is staying for a while. When you talk to him, he will tell you that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are roaming Sinnoh. After that, the trio will appear around Sinnoh, but rarely.

Eterna City Gym

Once inside the Gym, you must battle three Trainers, until you can battle Gardenia. While this puzzle is similar to that in Diamond and Pearl the main difference is that is that there is a giant Floral clock within the gym that changes directions each time you beat a gym trainer that will take you to where the next one is as well as two fountains in case you need to leave the gym to heal so you could return to where the two leaves from the clock had stopped and be able to continue on.

Eterna Gym
The Forest Badge

First she will send out her Turtwig, which will use moves like Sunny Day and Reflect to help set up the rest of her Pokémon, but Sunny Day also powers up fire type moves, which you can use to your advantage. She will then send out her Cherrim. If Turtwig had a Chance to set up Sunny Day, it will be twice as powerful because of it's Flower Gift ability. It will also be in it's Sunshine Form. After that she will send out her highest levelled Pokémon, Roserade. Roserade has a lot of powerful moves, and it also has Stun Spore, a move that can Paralyse you, cutting down your speed by a quarter, and you will be unable to attack 25% of the time. Once you beat her you will get the Forest Badge, TM86 (Grass Knot), and the ability to use Cut outside of battle. Now, you may enter the Galactic Headquarters but first let's make a pitstop to the Old Chateau.

Old Chateau

File:Old Chateau1.png
Inside the Old Chateau

Now that you have Cut, you can head to the Old Chateau which is located in the northern part of the Eterna Forest. You will find Gardenia around the entrance who, when you talk to her, appears too scared to go in due to the ghosts before leaving. While the inside is a bit of the maze, you can explore it to find some items. The thing that needs to be done is to use the stairs to head to the second floor and use the door to the back to reach a room with multiple doors.

From here use the first door to your left to reach a room with a TV. During the Nighttime hours, 8:00 PM to 3:59 AM, a Pokémon named Rotom can be found here which is hidden in the TV. Unlike Diamond and Pearl where you could find it post-National Dex, here you can find right now due to it being part of the expanded Sinnoh Dex. Since there is no trainer that uses Rotom, you will need to face it here at some point for it to be count as seen and be able to complete your Sinnoh Dex to get the National Pokédex. It is at Lv. 20 and it is not that tough and unless if you want till wait to later to get some better Poké Balls to catch it then you'll need to buy some Nest Balls at the Eterna City Poké Mart to stand a chance of catching it once it has been weakened enough. Just remember to save before facing it as you only get one chance.

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