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Floaroma Town

Floaroma Town

Once you arrive at Floaroma Town, you may want to go to the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop. In the shop, they give you the Sprayduck, and you can receive a rare berry for free every day. If you have the Event Shaymin in your party, you can show it to the young woman near the entrance to receive the Gracidea flower. Since this is the first area that you can find some wild berries you can collect and then replant the Sprayduck can help you collect more berries if you water it correctly within it's growth cycle depending on which berry it is.

After this, leave Floaroma Town to the right and continue walking to Route 205. Near the bridge, a young girl comes up to you and asks you to rescue her papa from the Valley Windworks.

Valley Windworks

Valley Windworks (with Drifloon)

If you want to, you can face the Galactic Grunt here that is guarding the door After defeating him, he will run inside the Valley Windworks and lock the door. However, he will tell you that his comrades in Floaroma Meadow have a spare key. So, go back to Floaroma Town and enter the Meadow. As you enter the meadow, you notice that two Galactic Grunts appear to be fighting with an old man. You do have the option of facing these two first before facing the grunt at the entrance of Valley Windworks.

The two grunts will disappear, leaving behind their Valley Windworks key. The man they were trying to rob thanks you, then gives you ten Sweet Honeys as a gift. Now that you have the Windworks key, you can access the Windworks. Head back to the Windworks and open the door.

Also later on in the game after acquiring the ability to use Surf you can use the hidden entrance around Fuego Ironworks to find some more items.

Inside the Valley Windworks

File:Valley Windworks interior.png
Interior of the Valley Windworks

When you enter the Windworks, you will startle the grunt who had previously blocked the door. He quickly turns and runs away to warn the Commander. Follow him, battling the two grunts along the way. The Commander notices you and talks to you about Team Galactic, providing some information. She promptly challenges you to a battle.

The only danger to be aware of is that Mar's Purugly is tough unless if your team was well prepared beforehand. If you started with Chimchar then having it evolve into Monferno at Lv 14 to learn Mach Punch to easily take it out. Machop and it's Karate Chop will also work as an alternative. Other good Pokémon to use would be Geodude, Staravia or Luxio. Upon defeat, Mars will gather her grunts and leave the Windworks after one of its other commanders Charon reminds her that they've already collected enough energy from the Windworks for their plans.

The little girl's father thanks you for rescuing him, and his daughter runs in happily, thanking you as she passes. You now may continue on the rest of the south side of Route 205, which was previously blocked by Galactic Grunts. After leaving the Windworks Looker shows up and mentions he heard of the attack on the Windworks and at first is in disbelief that you drove them away until he heards in there and confirms it. He then mentions that Team Galactic is rumored to have a hideout in Eterna City

Route 205 (Part 1)

File:Route 205 1.png
The first section of Route 205

The Galactic Grunts blocking you from going to the rest of the south end of Route 205 are now gone with Commander Mars. You can go down the small bridge and then continue heading north until you get to Eterna Forest. There are many Trainers, items, and wild Pokémon on this route.

Once you get to the end of the route, you will be at Eterna Forest.

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