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Route 229

Route 229

This should be a simple straightforward route. In the high grass area there is a man that is not easy to see due to the trees that will give you two nuggets if you talk with him twice. Also one of the trainers is also hidden and will require some observation to find because of the trees. You will need Cut for finding two of the items. In the southern most area where two of the trainers are, there are two paths. Going west will take you to Route 230, while going east takes you to Resort Area. Let's go to Resort Area first.

Resort Area

Resort Area

There isn't much to do here aside from a few different things and notably this is the only place in the game besides Twinleaf Town not to have a Poké Mart or similar establishment so you can't buy items here.

Ribbon Syndicate

Located in the large building in the northeastern part of town. This is a very hard building to get into as you must have 10 different kinds of Ribbons on your current party just to be permitted entry and accepted as a member so you need to focus on winning different kinds of Contests just to have a chance of being permitted entry.

Much like with the massage therapist in Veilstone City their spa treatment to which you may be able to use once a day can also be used to increase a Pokémon's happiness factor. One difference is that it can also be used on Pokémon eggs, enabling the Pokémon that hatches from that egg to already possess that increased happiness factor. Also you can purchase rare ribbons not found elsewhere at very high prices.


Located in the southeastern area of town. Once you arrive the previous owner will turn over the house to you and help you get a table. You can purchase other furniture with the booklet found on the table at high prices, allowing you to decorate similar to the Secret Base found in the Underground. One major difference is visited by other characters like the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, Professor Rowan, Lucas/Dawn, Barry, and the your character's mother. See this list for more details.

Route 230

For the last numbered route in the game this is pretty much an easy route to go through since all you have to do is Surf to the other side to reach the Fight Area. As long as you have both a Grass and Electric-type type with you then you should have no problems. You will need Rock Smash for the small island found on this route to reach all the items (2 of them are hidden) found on it. Now lets go after the remaining legendary Pokémon, so we'll go to Snowpoint Temple first.

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