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Distortion World (first visit)

Distortion World layout

Be careful when going through the Distortion World as it is easy to get lost, not to mention there are plenty of confusing puzzles that can waste time.

Starting from the 1F, follow Cynthia to a small hovering square slab where Cynthia will mention on stepping on the gray marker. This willl allow it to descend to BF1 as these square slabs will serve like elevators here in the Distortion World. At BF1, follow Cynthia across the small floating platforms to find another area with a platform hanging sideways above you and Mesprit will appear before floating away. Stand on the gray marker to manipulate gravity so you can still on this floating platform. Travel across to the other side and use the gray marker there to jump off this floating platform and then follow the path that will take you to the elevator that will head to BF2.

On BF2 head to the first platform and stand on the gray marker located at the top to activate this platform to reach the next one but don’t use the one on the left for this platform as it takes you to a dead end. On the next platform, take the obvious marker on the left to reach another special floating platform that has you hanging sideways where you will find Cynthia. After talking with her, follow the path to that will take you to more moving platforms and touch each correct marker to progress, right, right, down, left (don't hop to the nearby platform in this area as the platforms that can be moved in this area leads to a dead end), then hop across the nearby platform in front of you and hit the upper marker, then right, and lastly hit the center to activate the Elevator that leads to BF3.

On BF3 head towards the lower gray marker on the elevator to expose some hidden platforms and travel down to meet Cyrus who reveals the shadowy Pokémon abandoned him and went further below, and talks about DNA and how one thing cannot exist without the other and that by defeating the shadowy Pokémon, this world should disappear and no longer interfere with his plans. For the puzzle on this floor you must touch the gray markers on the floor to expose hidden platforms and only the correct path will get you to BF5, though it can also make visible platforms invisible so it is easy to take a wrong path. First head for the marker on the upper right and it will expose a hidden platform.

Next travel to the marker you see below you by traveling right, then down to find another hidden platform. Next travel right and you will reach the elevator that descends to BF5. On BF5, from the elevator continue forward until you see Uxie, then use Strength to push a boulder to the platform below you on BF6. Then head downwards to the elevator that leads to BF6, but do not take it yet. Instead use the ledge that will take you to a platform to the left and Mesprit will appear and here you will have to push another boulder to BF6. Then take an elevator that will take you to BF4. Continue navigating forward and carefully go through the path of the trees and rocks that can turn visible or invisible to reach a new elevator that will take you to a new area of BF3. From here use the nearby gray marker then you can get to be traveling left then down to find an invisible platform, then travel right, then right again that will get you to an elevator that leads to another area of BF4.

On your way down you will see Cyrus again, but this time he mysteriously disappears. Surf across the water, then touch the gray markers to jump to a platform aimed sideways, then use another set that leads to another platform that is hanging upside down. Now use Surf again and travel down the Waterfall (to which you do not need to use the actual move HM move Waterfall). This should get you back to BF5, where you can find Azelf along with another boulder to push down to BF6. Now head to the nearby elevator and this time use it to descend to BF6. The secret to BF6's puzzle is to carefully push each of the boulders you pushed down from BF5 into the special holes where each of the Lake Guardians are, otherwise you would have to push them down from above again if you mess up by mistake. Now go back to the elevator and travel south from it to find Cynthia and talk to her. If you had completed the puzzle correctly, then a new elevator will appear that you can use to travel down to BF7 after you had talked to her.

Here you will both encounter Cyrus again, and Cynthia asks why he is so determined to create a new world, though Cyrus refuses to listen. Afterwards talk to Cyrus and he will challenge you to a battle. Make sure to save before you talk to him.

Make sure to bring a fast Electric-type type to the battle such as Raichu or Jolteon since half of his team are vulnerable to them, and also make sure they have Thunderbolt or Thunder since you are going to need them. His first Pokémon Houndoom is fast and possesses Thunder Fang to counter Water-types, but fortunately if you take it down quick, then it would not be that much of a problem, though Rock or Ground-types can also help. Be careful when Cyrus uses Gyarados as it possesses Quick Claw, which may make it faster than your Electric-type and with Earthquake, it can cause problems for your Electric-types. Gyarados also uses Ice Fang to counter Grass-types. With Crobat, its speed is a problem, especially with its ability to use status moves like Toxic or Confuse Ray. Either defeating it quickly with Electric or Ice-types or paralyzing it to cut down its speed would be effective. With Honchkrow it should be the same as before, just remember it uses Heat Wave to counter Steel-types. His main Pokémon Weavile is incredibly fast and can prevent your Pokémon from moving, not just from Fake Out on its first turn, but also Ice Punch which has a chance of freezing your Pokémon. A powerful Fighting-type move should easily defeat it, though Rock, Steel, or Fire-type moves can also help.

After the battle Cyrus will think it is hopeless since by defeating Giratina this world will disappear before leaving. However Cynthia points out the problems are due to the Distortion World being forcibly merged and by defeating Giratina it can sever this connection and save both worlds since even Giratina can understand that. Cynthia will then heal your team and by stepping forward on the platforms you can travel to where Giratina is. Remember SAVE YOUR GAME before going forward if you wish to catch it right now since this is a rare chance at catching Giratina. Once you move forward and see Giratina fly by, move forward again and then some invisible platforms will become visible allowing you to reach Giratina.

Spr 4p 487O.png
Ghost Dragon
Held item:
Giratina Lv.47
Ominous Wind
Ghost Special
Rock Special
Dragon Claw
Dragon Physical
Shadow Force
Ghost Physical

One thing which makes Origin Forme Giratina hard is that in this form it specializes more in offense over defense. Make sure to paralyze it right away, since the reduced speed can really be helpful. Avoid or minimize use of Ice, Ghost, Dragon or Dark-type moves as they carry the risk of knocking it out. After reducing his HP to the red zone, it would be useful to bring out a Steel type with good defenses to withstand his attacks since Steel-types can resist Rock, Ghost, and Dragon-type moves. The best example is Bastiodon. Alternatively you can use Probopass or Bronzong (even though Bronzong will take normal damage due to being part-Psychic-type). Recommended Poké Balls to use are the Ultra Ball, Timer Ball, or Dusk Ball.

Unlike the previous Pokémon games you do not have to catch Giratina right away, since legendaries that you failed to catch will reappear each time you defeat the Elite Four and Pokémon Champion during your Platinum game. If Giratina’s attacks are too much for you to deal with, then defeat it since you can face it later in Turnback Cave in its Altered Forme during the post-game, which in that form prioritizes defense over offense. Also if you run out of Poké Balls or take too long to where Giratina would be forced to use Struggle, then it would also be okay to let it be KO’ed for you to catch it later on.

After the battle, Cynthia is happy that Giratina understood your intentions and there is a nearby portal that will take you back to your world. Cyrus then appears and is surprised Giratina was defeated and that his perfect world would never be complete. Though he and Cynthia express their different views about the world, Cyrus leaves, convinced they will never understand each other. Now enter the portal leads to Sendoff Spring.

Sendoff Spring

After returning to the real world, Cynthia suggests that you head to Sandgem Town as Professor Rowan was worried about you. If you don’t have Fly with you follow that path that leads to the Spring Path, then to Route 214. Afterwards, head to Veilstone City to get the Pokémon you need before flying off to Sandgem Town.

Sandgem Town

Head back to Professor Rowan's lab and it turns out both he and Lucas/Dawn or happy that you are alive as they have been trying to gather information on your whereabouts. Anyway Professor Rowan will mention that the Lake Guardians have returned to their homes and seeing the number of Pokémon you have including seven badges, Professor Rowan suggests that you head to Sunyshore City where the final gym is and then challenge the Elite Four to broaden your horizons.

You can now use Valor Lakefront to head to Route 223 where Sunyshore City is right next to but, we'll visit the Lake Guardians first as they need to be encountered to be counted as seen or caught which is necessary to fill up your Sinnoh Pokédex listing.

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