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Mt. Coronet South Side (second visit)

File:Mt Coronet south.png
Mt. Coronet South Area 1F


From the entrance go to the water area you saw before in the northern area and Surf across it to head for the upper right corner of the room and then use Rock Climb to reach the stairs to reach 2F.


File:Mt Coronet 2F.png
Mt. Coronet 2F

Here it is like a maze so if you want to avoid wild Pokémon battles throughout this and other areas in Mt. Coronet use Repel items. It would be a good idea to primarily focus on using your Dowsing Machine on your Pokétch throughout Mt. Coronet as there will be a lot of hidden items. Anyway as you go through the door on the left takes you outside of Mt. Coronet back to Route 207 that you can get some items that were previously inaccessible to you. Don't forget to pick up TM80 (Rock Slide) as Rock Slide is a very useful move to have. Once you reach the exit to the 1st area of 2F which is in the north, Looker will show up and knowing that both Cyrus and the Galactic Commanders are out of his league, will let you go on ahead knowing only you can stop them, though he will give you the Black Flute before you go. Afterwards climb the stairs in the next room and head to the 3F.


File:Mt Coronet 3F.png
Mt. Coronet 3F

When you arrive head to the other stairs on the right to briefly return to 2F to find a hidden Star Piece. You'll also deal with your first two Galactic grunts who shouldn't be that much of a challenge if you use the right Pokémon. Afterwards follow the path that leads to the outdoor snowy area of Mt. Coronet


File:Mt Coronet snowing.png
Mt. Coronet summit

You are now in the southern area of the summit. As it is constantly Hailing, the move Hail is always in effect, causing minor damage to non-Ice-type Pokémon or those without the Snow Cloak or Magic Guard abilities. Anyway make sure to have your Dowsing Machine ready as there are lots of hidden items nearby. There are two entrances to the 4F from here which are found on the east and west sides that are right above the entrance you used to get here. Going to the nearby east entrance first you can use Rock Climb to scale the wall and find a grass area that has some hidden items. The 4F area around here is the lower area of the 4F which has little use at this point aside from collecting hidden items. Back outside in the summit, follow the path from and with help from Strength and Rock Smash you can find some hidden items as you make your way to the upper-west entrance to 4F which is the correct area to go.


File:Mt Coronet 4F.png
Mt. Coronet 4F

Once inside from the west entrance use Rock Climb to ascend to the upper area of 4F and head for the exit to the east that will take you to the upper half of the summit defeating two more Galactic grunts in your way.


From here follow the path and take the stairs down and you will find two more Rock Climb points and another cave entrance that will take you to a special tunnel.


You don't have to explore this part of the cave yet if you don't want to since it is out of your way. You can still battle three Galactic Grunts and find some hidden items if you want to. Also a fourth grunt is guarding the entrance to a secret passage that leads to the Mt. Coronet North Side's 1F which you won't be able to access until after your battle against Giratina.


This time ascend using the Rock Climb area facing west and follow the path that will lead you to the 5F, collecting more hidden items if you wish.


File:Mt Coronet 5F.png
Mt. Coronet 5F

Not much here and pretty straight forward with only one hidden item and wild Pokémon found here. Take the nearby stairs to 6F.


File:Mt Coronet 6F.png
Mt. Coronet 6F

You can find two more hidden items here as well as two more Galactic Grunts and then take the stairs to 7F.


File:Mt Coronet 7F.png
Mt. Coronet 7F

All you need to do is defeat one last Galactic Grunts and head for the exit where at last you have reached Spear Pillar.

Spear Pillar

Spear Pillar

When you first arrive you will have to deal with two Galactic Grunts in a Double Battle, where you will have to use two of your Pokémon to defeat theirs. Afterwards and you'll find that both Mars and Jupiter wish to challenge you. Luckily Barry shows and this quickly turns into another Double Battle, this time with Barry as your tag battle partner. Half of his team that will fight alongside you are determined by which starter he picked at the beginning of the game, but naturally all of them excluding Munchlax have evolved all the way to their final forms.

Both of the Commanders use Bronzor, Golbat, and their signature Pokémon, Purugly in Mar's case, or Skuntank in Jupiter's place. Quickly take down both Bronzor, before they can use Reflect or Light Screen to halve out the damages caused by your moves, and also making sure to use a Fighting or Ground-type type with a powerful move for taking out their signature Pokémon, while an Electric or Rock-type can take out their Golbat. In addition, the assistance that Barry's Pokémon provide can help make it easier based on how the battle progresses.

After the battle, Barry heals your Pokémon before leaving. You'll watch as Cyrus uses the Red Chain to summon both Dialga and Palkia to destroy then recreate the world in his image. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf then show up and while Cyrus thinks it is pointless for the Lake Guardians since they cannot stand against both Dialga and Palkia's combined power, suddenly the ground opens up and another mysterious Pokémon has appeared. Cyrus finds this amusing and then all of a sudden the mysterious Pokémon makes a move and Cyrus disappears and a mysterious portal is left behind.

Cynthia then appears and you'll both watch as the three Lake Guardians enter the portal. Cynthia then reveals that the mysterious Pokémon is Giratina and according to legends lives in a mysterious Distortion World which is the world the portal is connected to and unless if it is closed then it will spread and endanger the whole world. Once you accept Cynthia's offer, the both of you will head to the Distortion World. Also at this point both Dialga and Palkia are counted as seen in your Pokédex, which should help with completing the listing on the Sinnoh region Pokémon and getting the National Pokédex.

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