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Mt. Coronet (north area)


File:Mt Coronet center.png
Mt. Coronet North Area 1F

Previously you could only go a limited distance regardless of which entrance you used from either side of Route 211. Now with Strength you can fully explore this side of Mt. Coronet. Besides Strength, you'll also need Rock Smash and Defog for traveling through. Since you won't be able to change your team until you reach Snowpoint City make sure that your team is well prepared to handle this. You'll at least need a Fighting, Fire, Electric, and Psychic-type to handle the trainers on Route 216 and Route 217. From the entrance that leads to Route 211's east side head north using Strength to move the boulder and don't forget to smash the rocks to find a Rare Candy. Also don't forget to use your Dowsing Machine on your Pokétch to find some hidden items while exploring this side of Mt. Coronet. Anyway if you follow the path downwards you'll be in B1F.


File:Mt Coronet B1F.png
Mt. Coronet North Area B1F

From the beginning you will need to use Defog to remove the intense fog to make it easier to fight wild Pokémon in here. Here you will find a very large pool of water. Besides needing Surf for it, if you fish in four random squares you will find a Feebas here. Any rod will do, although you might need False Swipe if you wish to catch it without making it faint. It would also be a good idea to fish 2-3 times in each spot before moving again to help with finding Feebas since it is not guaranteed you'll find one right away even if it is the right spot. You can also find some items here with the help of both Strength and Rock Smash. Anyway follow the western area north to find the exit to the other part of the 1F that leads to Route 216.

Mt. Coronet Route 216 entrance

File:Mt Coronet north.png
Mt. Coronet Route 216 entrance

One new change here in Platinum is the entrance to a new area the Iceburg Ruins. With a event Regigigas in your party it will become a shrine to Regice. If not, it is a regular chamber that holds the NeverMeltIce here. Once you have gotten the National Pokédex and have the event Regigigas with you, then you can challenge Regice to battle and have a chance to catch it. Anyway when ready head out through the west exit to reach Route 216.

Route 216

This is the first area of the game to where you can catch your own Ice-type Pokémon. While Diamond and Pearl only had two you could find in the wild, Platinum has four you could catch right now though you won't find Swinub until the next route. Just remember like walking through the mud, you can't use your bike or Running Shoes in the snow. Also the areas where you walk will determine how fast you can move. Hail will be in effect in all snow areas that will damage all non-Ice type Pokémon, though Magic Guard which Clefairy can use is one of the few options to avoid weather damage.

You won't be able to face all the trainers right away or find all the items until after you come back with Rock Climb following your upcoming Gym match. The lone cabin in this route will have a bed for you to rest so it can serve as a place to fully heal your Pokémon team. Head north to reach Route 217

Route 217

This area will be difficult to navigate due to both the slow movement and heavy blizzard besides having to deal with Hail conditions in battle. Also there are ninja themed trainers hiding in the snow so look for mounds in the snow to find and face them. Use your Dowsing Machine to find hidden items while you are at it. When you arrive you'll encounter the Gym Leader Maylene who is traveling to Snowpoint City not properly dressed as a form of exercise. Out of all the items you can find as you are exploring the route make sure to to go to the first house in the middle of the route to find HM08 (Rock Climb). You will still need the next badge to use it outside of battle.

If you enter the house after collecting the HM, the person inside who owned the HM lets you keep it and also gives you the Icicle Plate. Right by the house in the northeastern section of the Route is the Icy Rock where if you level up Eevee around it, it will evolve into a Glaceon.

Acuity Lakefront (first visit)

Acuity Lakefront

Follow the path to reach the entrance to Lake Acuity's entrance and you'll see your rival Barry there. He tells you to climb the peak that leads to Lake Acuity you will need to win the badge at the Snowpoint Gym. After he leaves head east to Snowpoint City.

Snowpoint City

Snowpoint City has a few attractions, the main ones of interest to you on your first visit will be the Gym and possibly the Move Tutor.

Move Tutor

Located in the upper right hand corner house is the move tutor where much like the one on Route 212 you can trade him shards in exchange for learning new moves if that Pokémon you want to teach it to is compatible.

Snowpoint City
Move Type Cat. Shards
Helping Hand  Normal  Status 2 2 0 4
Last Resort  Normal  Physical 0 8 0 0
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status 0 2 2 4
Snore  Normal  Special 2 2 0 4
Spite  Ghost  Status 0 0 0 8
Swift  Normal  Special 0 4 2 2
Synthesis  Grass  Status 0 6 0 2
Uproar  Normal  Special 0 2 0 6

In-game trade

In the upper left hand house is a girl who will trade a Haunter named Gasrap that will hold an Everstone in exchange for an Medicham.

There is also a ship harbor located in this city as well as a temple but you cannot use them until after you've defeated the Elite Four.

Snowpoint Gym

Snowpoint Gym

The secret to the puzzle of the gym is to smash the snowballs on the ground is to slide in from above at a fast enough speed to smash them. Your main goal is that from the entrance, head straight to reach the Gym Leader, but only after you've smashed the snowballs that were in the way. Just slide around the gym and predict which areas you need to slide down to smash those snowballs though of course it will take some time to experiment until all the necessary snowballs are gone. Fortunately if you are lucky you do not have to face all of the Gym Trainers in this Gym if you want.

For dealing with Candice her Piloswine and Sneasel are easily handled by Fighting-types and her Abomasnow is easily beaten by a Fire-type. Her Froslass can be a bit of a problem especially if her Piloswine was allowed to use Hail since it causes Blizzard to usually hit while in effect. A Rock-type or Steel-type would be an easy match against it such as Bastiodon if you got the Armor Fossil earlier for Shieldon. Also Fire or Dark-types can help against Froslass, which depends on which one you wish to use.

Snowpoint City Gym
The Icicle Badge

Once you've beaten Candice you will receive the Icicle Badge that will will allow you to use Rock Climb outside of battle as well as TM72 (Avalanche) that while it causes your Pokémon to usually move last, it's power will double if that Pokémon was struck by a damaging move first.

Now that this is over it is time to return to Acuity Lakefront.

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