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Route 221

You might need to consider flying back to Sandgem Town after completing Route 219 and Route 220 since you are going to need a more well-balanced team to do deal with the trainers here. Route 221 is the location of Pal Park, but it remains inaccessible until after you defeat the Elite Four. Now that all the new locations have been identified, it is time to Fly back to Jubilife City and head west to Route 218 to reach Canalave City.

Level Item house

The only regular house located on this route belongs to a collector that will each ask for a Pokémon at a certain level that is randomly from Level 1-100 each day. The items he'll give you are the Black Belt, Expert Belt, or Focus Sash. Only one item is given to you out of that particular order when you complete his request and after he gives you the Focus Sash, the process will start over, you'll receive each item again and the process will keep repeating like that.

For days where the requirement is an extremely high level Pokémon there is not much you can do unless you were to have one available that is around or at that level even if it means by trading. On some days you might get lucky and be able to use your own regular Pokémon for the job even if you have to raise it a bit. For days where low level Pokémon are needed, unless if you have something on your team that can meet the requirement, then you will have to breed whatever Pokémon and then raise the Pokémon that hatches from the Egg as far as necessary.

Also don't forget to pick up the Pure Incense near the house which can allow you to produce a Chingling egg when breeding Chimecho.

Route 218

Now that you have Surf you are able to explore the rest of Route 218 and be able to go to Canalave City which is your next destination. Besides that there isn't much to do on this route besides catching new Pokémon, challenging the trainers or collect new items.

When you enter the guard post separating Route 218 from Canalave City, you meet up with Professor Rowan's assistant that will give you an upgrade to your Pokédex. This will allow you to check the differences in appearance between the same Pokémon in their Pokédex entry, such as Gender differences or Form differences.

Canalave City

Canalave City

When you first enter Canalave City make sure to head to the Pokémon Center and heal as well as prepare your team. Then head to the bridge that separates both parts of town and your rival Barry will show up and challenge you to test your skills for the upcoming Gym Match.

387 If the player chose Turtwig: 390 If the player chose Chimchar: 393 If the player chose Piplup:

Barry now has a Heracross on his team, but a powerful Flying-type move can easily beat it. Unless if you have a fast Psychic-type, avoid using one due to Heracross knowing how to use the Dark-type move Night Slash. When compared to when you fought him at this point in Diamond and Pearl, though his team's moveset is roughly the same, his team is at much higher levels compared to those versions and the other four members of his team have evolved to their highest forms. Despite the change these four shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as your group is at least at Level 30 or above and is able to exploit their weaknesses as long as they don't have a second type that is weak against the Pokémon they would normally have an advantage to (i.e. the Houndour family would be weak against Heracross due to being a Dark type despite Fire-type traits)

After the battle Barry will rant a bit before heading off towards the library. Let's explore town for a bit.

Move Deleter

In the house about the Poké Mart is where the Move Deleter resides. He will be able to remove any unwanted moves in your Pokémon's present moveset including HM moves and is the only person that can remove HM moves.

Canalave Library

Located in the northwest building is the Canalave Library but right now there is nothing of importance here

Sailor Eldritch's house

The last house as you are traveling south on the west side of town belongs to a Sailor named Eldritch who handles the ferry in town. Nothing important will happen here until the post-game after obtaining the National Pokédex.

You also have the option of challenging the gym if you want but lets go to Iron Island first. Head to the wharf where Eldritch is and before talking to him, use Surf to travel south from the wharf to find a hidden area that will give you TM89 (U-turn). Now use the ferry to travel to Iron Island.

Iron Island

Iron Island


Make sure your team only has five Pokémon since you'll receive a Pokémon egg around the end of the maze and it will make it easier so you won't have to backtrack for it. Make sure your team is well-balanced and includes a Fire, Flying, Ground, Water, and Fighting-type since it will be helpful in the long run and having dual-type Pokémon with other types can also help. Use the Dowsing Machine on your Pokétch to find a hidden Star Piece that you can exchange to Mr. Fuego at Fuego Ironworks for colored shards. At the Entrance to the mine you'll meet a man named Riley who will give you HM04 (Strength) and mentions he is training inside and offers for you to come join him. While this is the only required part of your mission for advancing through the game, let's look at the treasures inside.


Since Riley will serve as your tag battle partner it is a good idea to clear out all the rooms of their items as well as face enemy trainers in them since Riley as your partner will heal your team and therefore saves you a trip of having to return to Canalave City to heal your team once you find him later in the cave. First head for the stairs leading left.


In the west side of B1F there is only one trainer and two items found here. One of these items is the Protector which can evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior when it is traded while holding onto this item. Afterwards return to 1F and this time use the right stairs to reach the east side of B1F. Here you will face two trainers and find some more items and also use the Dowsing Machine again to find another Star Piece. Make sure to keep an eye on your bearings here since it is easy to get lost in this maze and you need to stay on the correct path to find the items and get to the small elevator that will take you to B2F. Once again there at two pathways again. Since Riley can be found by taking the left stairs, lets go right first so afterwards Riley can heal your team.


Here on B2F you will find Onix's evolved form Steelix in the wild which you can catch if you do not have the resources to trade an Onix that is holding onto the Metal Coat. In the east side of B2F is where you will face two trainers and also find TM23 (Iron Tail). If you follow the path that leads to the other side of where the TM was found and use your Dowsing Machine, you will find yet another hidden Star Piece. Once you reach the west side of BF1, Riley will team up with to investigate the mystery of the disturbance here in the mine.

Just remember like all tag battle situations two wild Pokémon will appear at once and you can't catch a wild Pokémon unless if you knock one out, combined with the luck that Riley's Lucario doesn't accidentally knock out the one you were trying to catch, nor can you use your bike as long as Riley is tagging along with you. Since each of the trainers in this room are positioned to where you could face them in a Double Battle do not waste the opportunity to do so if you wish.

Just like B1F's east room, B2F's west room is also a maze so make sure to get your bearings for collecting items or facing trainers. Your real target are the two Galactic Grunts in the south area of the room and Riley will remain with you as long as that so make sure to keep him around to face the other trainers if possible. After defeating Workers Brendon and Quentin head southwest and follow the path to reach a ledge above them and then use the Dowsing Machine to find a fourth hidden Star Piece. Also in the southeastern area down some small stairs that lead into a ditch the Dowsing Machine will reveal a hidden item, the Iron Plate.

After getting past the somewhat tricky Ace Trainer Jonah and Brenda, you'll find the Galactic Grunts to whom Riley will identify as the source of the disturbance in the cave.

Final Area

After you defeat the grunts Riley will thank you for your help and will give you a Pokémon egg that will hatch into Riolu, Lucario's pre-evolved form if you want. As long as you remember to only bring five Pokémon with you there should be no problem, if not you'll have to return to Canalave City first to empty a slot in your team and then backtrack to get the egg.

All that's left is taking the elevator down and entering the final room and then use the elevator there to head back up and you'll find the Shiny Stone, for evolving Togetic into Togekiss or Roselia into Roserade. Since you can only get one of these the regular way, you'll have to raise a Pokémon that has Pickup as far as Level 41 to have a chance of getting another Shiny Stone.

Also you'll find the entrance to the Iron Ruins where if you have an event Regigigas in your party it will become a shrine to Registeel. If not it will be an empty room where you can find a Metal Coat here. Even if you do have the event Regigigas, you won't be able to face Registeel until you have the National Pokédex.

Anyway leave here and return to Canalave City so you can have your gym battle. If you have time it is recommended to hatch and raise Riolu's happiness factor to evolve it since Lucario can be of great use for the next two gym battles, especially since it learns a useful move Aura Sphere at Level 37. Just remember Riolu only evolves during the day once it's happiness factor has been raised high enough.

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