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Pastoria City

Before you have your gym battle, why don't you visit the first house you see upon entering the city? If you Pokémon's condition is high enough, the man in the house will give you a scarf that will help it's appeal in Contests greatly. If you have a heart scale and you want your Pokémon to remember a move, you should visit the move tutor's house towards the middle of town.

File:Great Marsh.jpg
The Great Marsh

Great Marsh

If you want to catch a lot of rare Pokémon, you should visit the Great Marsh at the north end of town. For PokémonDollar.png500 you can catch up to 30 Pokémon! With the choice of mud or bait, it's up to you to choose which one you do! And remember not to let them flee! Some of its Pokémon will also be helpful in your upcoming gym battle!

Pastoria Gym

The puzzle of the Pastoria Gym is raising and lowering the water level with the buttons in the correct order. After traversing the gym, you finally will have your gym battle with Gym Leader Wake. He uses water Pokémon so electric or grass types would be good here. Note that his Quagsire is immune to Template:Type2 attacks; a Template:Type2 will work very effectively against it. When Wake is defeated he will give you the Fen Badge and TM55 (Brine). You will also be able to use Surf on the field.

Pastoria City Gym
The Fen Badge

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