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Starting The Game

Professor Rowan

Like many other games, you begin with the mascot of your game being shown in the title screen, just press "Start" and start a new game and you are ready to go. You will be greeted by Professor Rowan, for Pokemon newbies, we suggest you read the basic controls and adventure info, for Pokemon Veterans, you don't even have to bother with them, but feel free to if you want.

You will be asked to pick your gender, note that you can not change your gender later in the game, you will then be asked to enter your name, like your gender, you can not change your name later on, so check that you have the name you want. You will then be asked to name your rival, his real name in the anime is Barry, so you might as well name him that, but you don't have to, it is your choice.

After choosing your rival's name, you will be shrinked down and brought to your house in Twinleaf Town.

Twinleaf Town

Twinleaf Town Sign Map.png

Twinleaf Town
Fresh and Free!

You will start watching the TV screen showing a comment left by Professor Rowan. As you try to move, you will be greeted by your rival, and will also be distracted by your PC, follow him downstairs, you and your mom will have a short conversation, just before you leave the door, your mom will tell you to stay away from tall grass, head out after.

The town sure has snow patches now, what you want to do is go to the house northwest of yours, that is your rival's house, try to go in and your rival will bump into you, he goes back to the house because he forgot something, that's what you get for rushing, head upstairs and your rival will ask you to meet him at Route 201, go down again to follow him. Head north to reach Route 201.

Route 201

Your first route, which brings you a big surprise. Lake Verity is to the west, while Sandgem Town is to the east. You can't go farther until later though, but you will see your rival standing, approach him and he will insult you. He will ask you to go to Sandgem Town with him but you remembered to not go in tall grass, your rival provided a way for not any Pokemon to appear, but just as soon as he tries to enter the tall grass, a weird man appears.

The man is Professor Rowan, and he is not happy, he tells you two not to go to tall grass, eventually, Dawn/Lucas will appear, and then the professor will ask you to pick your very first pokemon.

Spr 4p 387.png
Spr 4p 390.png
Spr 4p 393.png
Grass Fire Water
388 Grotle 391 Monferno 394 Prinplup
Grass Fire Fighting Water
389 Torterra 392 Infernape 395 Empoleon
Grass Ground Fire Fighting Water Steel

Once you made your choice, like any Rival, Barry will pick the one that has the type advantage over your choice. Rowan will point out that these Pokémon are inexperienced with the world and need you to help them grow before he and Lucas/Dawn return to Sandgem Town. Barry will then challenge you to an immediate battle which is similar to Blue in the Kanto-region games. Just remember this is a battle you don't have to win. But it is worth the Experience Points.

387 If the player chose Turtwig: 390 If the player chose Chimchar: 393 If the player chose Piplup:

After the battle you will immediately go home.

Twinleaf Town

Back at home your mom is happy that you and Barry met Professor Rowan since he stopped you from being attacked by wild Pokémon. She then asks for you to thank him properly in Sandgem Town and gives you the Running Shoes.

Lake Verity (First Visit)


After arriving back on Route 201, you'll meet up with Barry again. Even though both of you are going to Sandgem Town, he suggests that both of you should head to Lake Verity first to find and catch the legendary Pokémon to show to Professor Rowan first.

Once at Lake Verity you will see Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, who calls out that he will one day take control of Time and Space to the legendary Pokémon of the lake before he leaves. When Barry is ready to press forward you will hear the legendary Pokémon, and is ready to catch it only to realize that neither of you have any Poké Balls to catch it with. Barry then recalls that Professor Rowan said to come to him if they needed anything and so Barry decides to ask for some Poké Balls and immediately departs for Sandgem Town.

Route 201

Once past Verity Lakefront, you are free to explore the tall grass though you can't catch any wild Pokémon yet. Talk to the Poké Mart Employee in that is located at northern point near the exit to Sandgem Town to receive a free Potion. Head east to reach Sandgem Town.

Sandgem Town

Once you arrive Lucas/Dawn are waiting to take you inside the building, just as Barry comes out, commenting that Rowan is not as scary as he appears to be before leaving. Once inside, the Professor takes a look at your Pokémon and agrees to let you have it. Seeing the growing bond between you and your Pokémon, the Professor gives you a Pokédex to record data on the Pokémon you met in Sinnoh.

Outside the lab Rowan gives you TM27 (Return), then Lucas/Dawn shows you around town then suggests to talk with your mom. You could leave Sandgem Town and then use the ledges to return to Twinleaf Town, but you should grab an Antidote on Route 219 just south of town first.

Take Lucas/Dawn's advice and heal up your pokemon in the Pokemon Center. You can also buy Poké Balls in the Poké Mart, if you know how, but if you don't, don't worry, you won't really miss anything that will affect your gameplay. Catching a Bidoof will help in th early part of the games, it is very versatile, and you will know what this means later on. A Starly will help too, but it is not really useful in the first gym.

Twinleaf Town

Once back, your mom gives you permission to go and gives you the Journal, encouraging you to have fun on your adventure. That's when Barry's mother shows up, looking for Barry, and gives you the Parcel, and believes that Barry should be at Jubilife City right now. Now return to Sandgem Town.

Sandgem Town to Jubilife City Part 2 →
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