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Main article: Makuhita Dojo

The Makuhita Dojo is a location in which the player is able to train themselves as well as other team mates. Items and shops cannot be found inside the training mazes, and only the bosses are recruitable when the player is at level 90+ and is holding a Friend Bow, with several exceptions. You, as the Pokémon, can train in any of 17 type-based mazes in which you and your recruited friends face Pokémon of that type. Each maze consists of three basement levels, the third level consisting of three boss Pokémon. In addition to these 17 type-based mazes, you can also choose from four elite "team" mazes, including Team Rumblerock, Team Hydro, Team Shifty and Team Constrictor. Upon beating each maze, the player will receive a Ginseng for each victory. Also, upon beating all of the type-based mazes, the player will receive a small Bonsly statue in front of the Team Base.

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Mystery Dungeon
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