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At Fogbound Lake

Uxie shows you a beautiful lake with hundreds and hundreds of Volbeat and Illumise. The team is awed. There are colorful sparkles all around, as well as the glowing tails of Volbeat. This seems like a place to relax...there appeared to be no treasure, whatsoever...but it didn't matter, the view was amazing anyway.


There was a strange glowing light in the middle of the lake. You wonder what it is, but it's strange. As soon as you spotted that glowing light, your heart began to beat faster than usual.

Uxie brings them closer to the lake in order to see more of the glowing spot. While there was still a ton of Volbeat and Illumise, there was a beautiful sparkling fountain in the middle of the lake, which kept it boiling with water (literally). And in the middle of the fountain, which was already sparkling enough with beautiful colors, was the glowing spot that made your heart beat earlier. You again wonder why it's racing faster this time.

You and your partner look closely, as Uxie instructs. You see...a Time Gear!

There was no denying it, your heart was definitely beating much faster this time. You ponder while your partner talks about the Time Gear. Sooner or later, the other members of the guild make it to the lake. Wigglytuff looks happy. The members of the guild simply look at the Time Gear for a long time, because as Wigglytuff said, we can't take a Time Gear, the view here was just amazing.

After a few moments here, Uxie forbids them to tell anyone or he will have to erase their memories. Wigglytuff swore that his guild was good enough never to reveal such secrets. You then leave the lake, finding that despite not being able to take a treasure, the view was the treasure itself.

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