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Main Room

Once you enter the main room, instead of the usual Morning Cheer, Chatot gives grave news to the guild members--a Time Gear has been stolen at Treeshound Forest! Everyone panics, but Chatot says they all need to stop and go on to their work. The game then stops again to let the player walk around a bit, however Chatot comes again shortly afterward. He tells you about your first official exploration, causing your partner to get overexcited. Once you go upstairs, Chimecho will call you over and talk about how you can now recruit friends. She says some Pokémon, after you defeat them, will become impressed and want to become a team member. After this, go to Treasure Town and pick Secret Waterfall, where your mission will take place.

Near the Waterfall

When you arrive, your partner looks at the waterfall and immediately gets fearful. He/she tries to go through it, however he/she gets battered. Once your partner ask you to go, you touch the waterfall and get battered as well. However, another dizzy spell comes to you, seeing the shadow of a Pokémon jumping through the waterfall. After this, you share this piece of information with your partner, who looks fearful again, but does it because you're with them. You jump through the waterfall and find the cave you found in the dizzy spell. You and your partner take a look around, and then you begin exploring.

Waterfall Cave

Clearly harder than the last two levels. There are plenty of Water Pokémon here, and now that you have the power to recruit members, some may want to be part of your team.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Psyduck (Pokémon) Psyduck 1-8 9-10 8.2%
Poliwag (Pokémon) Poliwag 1-8 9-10 6.4%
Grimer (Pokémon) Grimer 1-8 9-10 6.4%
Tangela (Pokémon) Tangela 1-8 10-11 6.4%
Wooper (Pokémon) Wooper 1-8 10-11 8.2%
Lotad (Pokémon) Lotad 1-8 10-11 6.4%
Surskit (Pokémon) Surskit 1-8 11-12 6.4%
Barboach (Pokémon) Barboach 1-8 11-12 8.2%
Whiscash (Pokémon) Whiscash 5-8 11-12 0.5%

Deep in the Cave

Once you finish the dungeon, you are in a cave full of gems. Wow! You and your partner are so awed you forget to explore. After a while, however, your partner notices a huge gem at the end of the cave. He/she tries pulling it out, so he/she could bring it back to the guild, but no avail. He/she asks you to try, and you do, but it's the same result. However...what's this dizzy feeling?

You get another dizzy spell, witnessing the same shadow of the Pokémon that jumped through the waterfall earlier. The shadow goes up and happens to press the gem...what's happening? What's that low rumble? ...Soon, the shadow of the Pokémon gets washed away.

Meanwhile, your partner is trying to still pull it out. But then...what's this?...he/she pressed the gem! Soon, the same rumble comes up and you and your partner get washed away like the poor shadow of the Pokémon. Oh dear.

Hot Spring

You and your partner, after being washed away by the flood, land in the Hot Spring. There are a lot of Pokémon there, including a Teddiursa and a Mankey. However, there is a Torkoal who is not in the Hot Spring. The Torkoal ask where you came from, and when your partner answers, he lets you rest in the Hot Spring for a bit.


Back at the guild, you and your partner are explaining that, despite finding a huge gem at the end of the cave, could not take it back since they were washed away by a flood when you pressed the gem. Chatot said it was OK, leaving him and your partner happy. However, you are still brooding over the shadow of the Pokémon. It looked strikingly familiar. As Chatot and your partner continue to be glad, you ponder over the shadow...there's no mistaking it...that was Wigglytuff!

You mention this to your partner and Chatot, who looks alarmed. He then goes to ask Wigglytuff. A few moments later, he is back with the answer. He says that Wigglytuff indeed went to Waterfall Cave, while Wigglytuff exclaimed, "Ah, fun times! Fun! Fun!". Your partner gets to the downside since they thought they made a huge achievement. Oh well.

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