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After having the discussion with Dusknoir, Chatot calls you over to the guild. He has something to tell you, apparently. Unfortunately, another Time Gear was stolen, and this time, it's the one at Fogbound Lake!

Everyone in the guild gets upset, and your partner even accuses one of our fellow guild members. Everyone makes quite an uproar. However, Chatot calls for silence and everyone becomes quiet immediately. According to Magnezone, the thief is Grovyle, and he shows the guild members a picture of him, with an extra-large bounty on his head. Grovyle, apparently, has a "sixth sense" for connecting with Time Gears. He has been the one stealing the recently stolen Time Gears.

Again, everyone gets noisy, some claiming that they never told Grovyle about any of the Time Gears. However, Wigglytuff himself calls for silence, making everyone fall quiet almost instantly. Wigglytuff then declares that they will catch Grovyle! Everyone says "HOORAY!" and goes off.

The Mission

Everyone is taken off of their normal duties to make sure the next two Time Gears are safe. Your team is going to Northern Desert, a place where it is rumored to have Time Gears.

Once you arrive, there appears to be no Time Gears, and your partner gets confused. However, he/she says they will need to go deeper in to get a real look at the dungeon, and you set off.

Northern Desert

A dungeon with a weather condition, the Sandstorm. This could be really annoying, as every few steps the game will say you took damage (unless you're a Phanpy). As predicted, there are many Ground-types here, as well as some Rock-types, and occasional Grass-types. Because two of the types, Ground and Grass, are defensive against Electric, Electric is not recommended.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Sandshrew (Pokémon) Sandshrew 1-15 20, 22, 23 8.2%
Trapinch (Pokémon) Trapinch 1-15 22-24 8.2%
Aron (Pokémon) Aron 1-8 ? 6.4%
Baltoy (Pokémon) Baltoy 1-7 24 5.6%
Cacnea (Pokémon) Cacnea 1-8 22 6.4%
Cubone (Pokémon) Cubone 1-8 20, 21 8.2%
Larvitar (Pokémon) Larvitar 1-9 22, 23 8.2%
Carnivine (Pokémon) Carnivine 7-15 25 8.2%
Rhyhorn (Pokémon) Rhyhorn 8-15 24 6.4%
Cacturne (Pokémon) Cacturne 9-15 23 0.5%
Lairon (Pokémon) Lairon 9-15 24 0.5%

After completing this level, you will see many quicksand. However, your partner gets scared and realizes that there really is no Time Gear there...but you get the feeling there is something beneath the quicksand. However, you follow your partner to head back to the guild.


You're not the only who found nothing--everyone else didn't find any Time Gear as well! As such, Chatot gets a bit disappointed and says they'll continue to search tomorrow. You go off to eat dinner.

The Next Day

Chatot tells the guild to search for Time Gears on their own accord while he and Dusknoir come up with a new plan. Your partner muses about where to search when you remember the feeling you had back at the quicksand pits at the end of Northern Desert. You tell your partner about the quicksand, and perhaps you need to jump into it. Your partner thinks you're mad, but he/she agrees anyway and you go through Northern Desert again to get there. Don't worry, you really just get magically teleported.

Back at the Quicksand

So you and your partner are back. Your partner thinks there is absolutely nothing there, however, you tell him/her that they're supposed to be jumping into the quicksand. Your partner gets scared immediately, but remembers that you're with him/her, and you and your partner jump into the quicksand, your partner screaming with fear.

When you finally get down from a long drop, you appear to be in a cave. Your partner is awed and decides to look deeper in the cave, as perhaps there may be the Time Gear down here. Your partner is aggravated that they didn't go yesterday, as that gave Grovyle more time to go to the Time Gear. However, your partner stops being agitated and you go deeper into the cave.

Quicksand Cave

A bit like Northern Desert, with the Sandstorm weather. Again, there is many Ground types with occasional Rock types, although there are more types that weren't found above.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Sandshrew (Pokémon) Sandshrew B1F-B7F 29 6.4%
Nincada (Pokémon) Nincada B1F-B7F 23 6.4%
Vibrava (Pokémon) Vibrava B1F-B9F 28 0.5%
Pupitar (Pokémon) Pupitar B1F-B11F 25 0.5%
Skorupi (Pokémon) Skorupi B1F-B15F 24-26 8.2%
Sandslash (Pokémon) Sandslash B1F-B20F 23, 24 0.5%
Mawile (Pokémon) Mawile B8F-B15F 25 6.4%
Tyranitar (Pokémon) Tyranitar B12F-B20F ? -12%
Hippopotas (Pokémon) Hippopotas B13F-B20F 27 8.2%
Ninjask (Pokémon) Ninjask B15F-B20F ? 0.5%
Mesprit (Pokémon) Mesprit Underground Lake (B21F) 18/42 100%

Boss Battle

Your boss this time is a Mesprit, who believes you have been stealing the Time Gears, since Uxie from Fogbound Lake told her about the stolen Time Gear through telepathy.

It is a very hard battle, as she deals plenty of damage as well as having many defensive tactics. However, after a bit of confusion and one powerful move, Mesprit will be defeated.

After this, Mesprit believes you haven't taken the Time Gear. Just when things were starting to get all friendly...Grovyle comes! Your partner gets fearful, and Mesprit tries to stop him, but he knocks her out quickly, causing your partner to get concerned.

He takes the Time Gear, and you are unable to stop it despite your partner's failed attempts. He will leave and you two get down, as though you thought you would be able to stop him.

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