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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 10

Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel

As it has been left in its natural state and undeveloped, Rock Tunnel is pitch-black inside. Though not required, travel is made much easier when Light Up is used to illuminate the winding tunnels. There are many Trainers within the cave, whether for the fun of exploring, training, or simply having gotten lost in the darkness.

1F (Northeast)

Go east to grab a Repel. Defeat Poké Maniac Ashton, then climb down the ladder in the northeast corner to reach B1F.

B1F (Southeast)

Go southwest to battle Poké Maniac Winston, and pick up a Revive in a dead-end path farther west. Follow the tunnel northeastward to battle Black Belt Dudley and collect the nearby Dire Hit. In the northeast corner, pick up the set of 3 Great Balls near Black Belt Eric before taking the ladder back up to 1F.

1F (West)

Head southeast past Camper Lenny and Hiker Oliver. Grab the Escape Rope to the east and battle Hiker Claus before climbing the nearby ladder.

B1F (Northwest)

Go north to battle Poké Maniac Cooper and pick up the Full Heal. Go southwest to fight Ace Trainer Sofia. Battle Ace Trainer Charlie and collect the Stardust to the south, then return to Sofia and head west. Fight Black Belt Steve, grab the Super Potion to the south, then go north to find the final ladder.

1F (South)

Go south past Picnicker Leah and Camper Leroy to reach another Super Potion. Continue west for another bag of Stardust, then battle Picnicker Dana. Collect the Pearl to the west, then go south to reach the exit.

Route 10 (South)

The southern part of Route 10 is shorter than the northern one. Several more Trainers can be found here, but if your Pokémon are injured, the eastern path can be taken to avoid them.

Lavender Town

Lavender Town

Lavender Town is a quiet, somber town where people come to visit their departed Pokémon. The area is known for ghost sightings in Pokémon Tower. The Volunteer Pokémon House is also located here.

Cubone's Lament

When you first enter Lavender Town, a Cubone can be seen running into Pokémon Tower in the northeast part of town, with Trace following close behind.

Pokémon Tower

As the place where departed Pokémon are laid to rest, Pokémon Tower has a strong connection to the spirit world and most of the wild Pokémon inside belong to the Ghost type. The paranormal activity increases beyond the second floor, where ghosts and possessed Channelers are a common sight. However, without a certain item, it is impossible to reach the tower's highest floor and unidentified Pokémon cannot be caught.

Restless Spirits

Most ghosts inside the tower are truly mischievous Pokémon in disguise that can be battled and captured after being revealed. Gastly and Haunter are two of only three known Ghost-type Pokémon, so it is worthwhile to track them down. The one true ghost here blocks access to the top floor, but nothing can be done about it without a certain item. Rumor says there is some kind of prototype in Celadon City to the west that can reveal what is hidden.


The first floor houses a visitor's center, where people come to pay their respects to their dearly departed Pokémon. Speak to the elderly woman to receive a Formal Set of clothing for you and your partner Pokémon.


Rival Battle 5

Trace is surprised to see you here and wonders if you have lost any of your Pokémon. He offers to check and see if everyone is safe and sound, and challenges you to another battle to do so. By this point, his Oddish and partner Pokémon have both evolved. Use Electric- and Rock-type moves against Pidgeotto, and Fire and Flying moves against Gloom. Both Pokémon are also vulnerable to Ice attacks. Attack his JolteonP / RaichuE with Ground-type moves for best results.

Pikachu In Let's Go, Pikachu!:

Eevee In Let's Go, Eevee!:

Afterward, Trace realizes that the battle has scared Cubone off. He says that it seemed like the Pokémon was searching for something, and wonders if it went to one of the higher floors. Go west to reach an X Attack and battle Coach Trainer Holly, who hands out 5 Candies for your partner Pokémon when defeated.


Upon reaching 3F, Trace appears right behind you. He tries calling out for Cubone but it's no use. Suddenly, a large ghost approaches from the north and scares him back downstairs. The spirit drifts closer and tries to scare you off as well. Cubone appears and runs toward it, mistaking it for someone else. The spirit drifts away, and Cubone sadly trudges back down the stairs.

It is possible to explore most of the tower now, but beware: anyone who gets caught by these unidentified ghosts will be transported back to the first floor.

Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House

The Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House is located in the center of town. Founded by Mr. Fuji, the organization was established to care for orphaned and abandoned Pokémon. Many members of the group live here in their safe house while looking after these Pokémon. According to one man, it is odd that Mr. Fuji is not here at the moment, and wonders aloud where he may have gone.


When you approach the west side of town, you find Jessie and James looking for Mr. Fuji. They were unable reach the top of the tower because of some strange ghost in the way. Cubone walks up to Meowth a moment later and James suggests taking the Pokémon with them so that they have something to show for their trouble. Jessie helps lure the Pokémon away with them by promising to help find its mother, and the group runs off toward Celadon City.

Route 8

Route 8

Route 8 connects Lavender Town to the east and Saffron City to the west. The eastern end of the second Underground Path can be found here.

Underground Path

It is still not possible to reach Saffron City, as all the gatekeepers are too distracted wishing they had something to drink. Enter the second Underground Path instead and follow the tunnel westward to Route 7.

Route 7

Route 7

Route 7 is a short path that links Saffron City to the east and Celadon City to the west. The western end of the second Underground Path emerges here.

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