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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 2

Viridian Forest

Viridian Forest

Viridian Forest is a sprawling, wooded area located on Route 2. A natural maze, it is easy to get lost inside.

Go westward to battle Lass Joana and pick up the 5 Poké Balls in the tall grass farther west. Follow the trail to the north then west to fight Bug Catcher Brian and find a Tiny Mushroom in the tall grass. Go east to reach an Antidote near the Trainer Tips sign. Return to the entrance, and this time head eastward. Battle Bug Catcher Rick on the east side of the forest and collect the 3 Razz Berries in the tall grass, then continue north to reach a fork in the road. Tall grass covers the western path, while Lass Brittany can be fought on the eastern one. These paths combine a short distance to the north before splitting again. Take the eastern path to grab the nearby Potion sitting behind a tree, then turn west toward the tall grass. Zigzag westward through the trees to reach a signpost. Explore the dead-end path to the southeast to get a Lure, then continue westward. Defeat one last Bug Catcher to reach the northern edge of the forest. Leave the gate to re-emerge on Route 2 and continue north to Pewter City.

Bag Lure Sprite.png Using Lures
A Lure is used to increase the encounter rate of rarer Pokémon species, including Shiny Pokémon, for a certain number of steps. It also causes any wild Pokémon spawned to be one level greater than the upper limit for the area. This is the only way to find several rare species, like Bulbasaur.

Pewter City

Pewter City

Pewter City is a quiet city nestled in the northern mountains between Route 2 and Route 3. The Pewter Museum of Science and the Pewter Gym are located here.

Meet Up with Trace

When you enter Pewter City, you find Trace waiting for you. He tells you about the local Pokémon Gym and the Gym Leader who runs it, then gives you 5 Potions to help take on the challenge.

Calling All Challengers

The local Gym Leader is looking for challengers, and the boy standing near the city's east exit will escort you to the Gym if you try to leave.

Pewter Museum of Science

The Pewter Museum of Science is located on the north side of the city. It hosts a wide range of artifacts and exhibits, with a focus on fossil excavation and space exploration. Admission to the main building is $50 for a child's ticket. The smaller building next door is closed to the public.

Slowpoke Sitting

A woman and her Slowpoke can be found on the northwest hill. She would like to visit the museum, but Slowpoke doesn't feel much like moving. She asks if you would babysit the Pokémon for her; agree, and you will have a relaxing time watching Slowpoke while she is away. She returns a short time later, and gives you a Big Pearl as thanks. This valuable item can be sold for an impressive $4,000!

Pewter Gym

Pewter City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Brock

The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer

The Pewter Gym specializes in Rock-type Pokémon. Rock-type moves are super effective against Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, and Ice-type Pokémon, while Rock-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting-, Grass-, Ground-, Water-, and Steel-type moves. All of the Pokémon in the Pewter Gym are partly Ground type, as well, leaving them immune to Electric attacks.

When you enter the Gym, you are stopped by the Gym guide. He explains that the Pewter Gym only allows Trainers who know about type matchups to enter. The rule is that Trainers who have never challenged a Gym before must bring along a Grass or Water Pokémon to have an advantage. Water Pokémon haven't been available yet, so be sure to show him an Oddish, Bellsprout, or Bulbasaur. Pikachu and Eevee both learn Double Kick, a Fighting attack, around level 10. Alongside a Grass Pokémon, they should be able to make short work of the Pewter Gym.

Pewter Gym
Boulder Badge

After the battle, Brock awards you the Boulder Badge. Having one Badge ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 20. He also gives you TM01 (Headbutt) as a prize.

Meet Blue

When you leave the Gym, you are approached by a young man who introduces himself as Professor Oak's grandson, Blue. He heard from the professor that two new Trainers had set out from Pallet Town, like he once did, and came here to offer advice on challenging the first Gym. Since he is too late, he gives you a reward of 5 Great Balls instead.

Heading Out on a Hike

With the Pewter Gym defeated, your next destination is Cerulean City to the east. Before setting off, be sure to visit the Poké Mart to view its updated inventory. Great Balls are now available for purchase, as are Escape Ropes and Repels, all of which will be helpful in the cave up ahead. Once you are ready, head east to reach Route 3.

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