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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Cianwood City

Cianwood City

Cianwood City is a lonely little coastal city separated from Johto's mainland by the sea. Despite its small size, the city holds a few important locations, including the Cianwood City Pharmacy and the Cianwood Gym.

Pick up the SecretPotion

Make sure that you do this before proceeding any further! This is why you came to this city.

Your first stop in Cianwood is the 500-year-old Cianwood City Pharmacy. Upon hearing of the lighthouse Pokémon's illness, the pharmacist gives you the SecretPotion, a powerful medicine that should heal Amphy of its sickness. Now that you've got the SecretPotion, you can choose to immediately head back to Olivine City, so that you can heal Amphy and challenge Olivine Gym, or stay in Cianwood city for a bit longer. There is also a Gym in this town (you can even get HM02 (Fly) if you beat the Gym), so it is should be worthwhile to stay longer.

After dispensing the SecretPotion, the pharmacist offers traditional medicine for sale. This serves like a Poké Mart, but with a much more limited selection than a normal Poké Mart.

Potion Potion
Pokémon Dollar300
Super Potion Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
Pokémon Dollar1200
Full Heal Full Heal
Pokémon Dollar600
Revive Revive
Pokémon Dollar1500

The Photographer's House

The Photographer's house is on the north side of the city. There's an automatic camera set up just outside; you can examine it to snap a photo with the ocean as a scenic backdrop. Pose together with your Pokémon and preserve the memories of your adventure!

Save Shuckie!

Visit the house to the south of the Gym. The guy inside was bullied into giving his prized Sneasel to a kid with piercing eyes and long hair, and he's afraid that the thief may come back. He gives you his Shuckle (named Shuckie) for safekeeping (as long as you have an empty slot in your party). While not worth much on offense, Shuckle more than makes up for it with its strong defense.

When you proceed through the game to a certain stage, he will ask you back for Shuckie. If you say no, he'll say that you are a thief. If you say yes, he'll take it back after letting you take away the Berry Juice that Shuckie is holding...... However, if Shuckie is very happy (has high happiness), he will let you to keep it!

Road to the Safari Zone

North of the city is a cave hewn into the cliffs. Inside is the Cliff Edge Gate, a sort of checkpoint that leads to the two new routes in Johto, Route 47 and Route 48. The Safari Zone isn't quite finished, but it should be operational soon. Baoba will call you shortly to inform you that it's up and running.

Once you gain access to the Safari Zone, you're free to start catching rare Pokémon. Visit this page for data on Routes 47 and 48, and this page for data on the Safari Zone itself.

The Crystal Beast Returns

Walk to the north edge of the city, towards the lone house by the cliffs. There, you'll see Suicune again, after it bolted from the Burned Tower in Ecruteak. It's still not sure about you, and runs off across the ocean as soon as you get too close. Eusine shows up soon after, and challenges you to a battle in order to prove himself to Suicune. This battle may be challenging without the correct Pokémon. See below for more information.

Counter his Drowzee with Bug-, Ghost-, or Dark-type Pokémon, and his Electrode with Ground-type Pokémon. Against his Haunter, your best bet will be Psychic-, Ghost-, or Dark-type Pokémon.

Cianwood Gym

Cianwood Gym

Cianwood City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Chuck

His Roaring Fists Do The Talking

The Cianwood Gym has been redesigned since the days of Gold and Silver. This time around, there are no boulders to shove out of the way in order to reach Chuck. In fact, the Gym Leader is the first Trainer you'll see when you enter the Gym, however, he is meditating under the cascading water, so he won't notice you until cut off the flow of the waterfall. In order to stop the water, you need to climb to the top of the Gym's left side, and press the red button on the machinery; this causes the chute to pull backward, stopping the water's flow. With his meditation interrupted, Chuck will finally realize that you're here to battle!

The Cianwood Gym only allows Fighting-type Pokémon to train here, so Psychic-type and Flying-type moves will be the most effective. Avoid using Pokémon of the Normal- or Ice-types, for example, since they're vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks. While Ghost-types have full immunity here, a higher-level Kadabra or Pidgeotto will strike terror into the Gym's macho Pokémon. Don't get overconfident, though, because Flying-types are especially vulnerable to his Primeape's Rock Slide attack. Also remember that just because Chuck only has 2 Pokémon, that does not mean that he is a pushover. His Pokémon will be a difficult task to defeat. As mentioned above, use a Psychic type Pokémon such as a Kadabra, Alakazam, or even a Drowzee or its evolved form, Hypno against Primeape. A Flying type such as a Pidgeot or Fearow is a not a good idea against Chuck's Primeape because of its Rock Slide move. Poliwrath can be taken out with a Psychic or Flying type Pokémon as well, but a powerful Grass type Pokémon or Electric type move will also send Poliwrath fainted.

Make sure that you're always attacking when facing Chuck (unless you're using a Ghost-type Pokémon)! You'll never know when his Pokémon use Focus Punch -- the strongest Fighting-type move. If it hits, it'll probably be an instant kill! But this attack requires the user to focus before attacking, so an attack will make the Pokémon lose its focus and unable to attack, no matter how weak the attack is.

Cianwood Gym
The Storm Badge

After his defeat, Chuck awards you the Storm Badge. This badge commands obedience from Pokémon up to level 70, and also lets you fly from town to town, after finding HM02 (Fly). Chuck's parting gift is TM01 (Focus Punch), the strongest Fighting-type move that requires focusing the user's mind, but will fail if your Pokémon is hit before it launches its attack.

Fly Like A Bird

With your shiny new Storm Badge in hand, speak to the woman in front of the Gym. The woman (who happens to be Chuck's wife) is so impressed that she gives you HM02 (Fly), and thanks you for giving her husband a reason to train. With HM02, Trainers can fly to any familiar town instantly!

Now teach a strong bird how to fly, and return to Olivine with Amphy's medicine.

Olivine City

Back in Olivine, head for the lighthouse and take the elevator to the top floor, and give the SecretPotion to Jasmine. She administers it to Amphy, and seeing that it is happy and healed, promises to return to her Gym.

Head outside, and you'll receive an important call (don't worry -- you are forced to receive the call, so you won't miss) from Baoba, telling you the Safari Zone is open. If you want to visit the Safari Zone right away, fly to Cianwood City, then get through Cliff Edge Gate and Rt. 47-48. Be prepared that there are some trainers for you to fight, especially that a Double Team will post a big challenge!

Olivine Gym

Olivine Gym

Olivine City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Jasmine

The Steel-Clad Defense Girl

There are no special tricks at the Olivine Gym, where Gym Leader Jasmine specializes in Steel-type Pokémon. Steel-types are great defensively, resisting attack from eleven different types. While Jasmine does have a few junior Trainers this time around, you've already defeated them inside the lighthouse, so you'll only battle Jasmine anyway. Her Magnemite like to use moves that confuse and paralyze your Pokémon, and her Steelix can kick up a sandstorm that damages all but Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-types, so bring along plenty of recovery items. To dish out heavy damage, fight her with Fire-, Fighting-, or Ground-type moves. Attacks like Flamethrower, Brick Break, Earthquake and Dig are a great help here. Water-type moves like Surf may also help when fighting Steelix.

Olivine Gym
The Mineral Badge

After defeating her, Jasmine awards you the Mineral Badge, which increases your party's defenses. She also gives out TM23 (Iron Tail), a testament to the power of the Steel-type.

Now fly back to Ecruteak, and head east to Route 42.

Route 42

Route 42

Route 42 stretches across northeastern Johto, connecting Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town. The large cave here is optional, though it contains many rare items and Pokémon. Surf east and cut down the small tree to reach the Apricorn grove on the central landmass, and another surprise encounter. Suicune fled here after you spotted it north of Cianwood, and it runs off again when you get too close. Eusine shows up again, too, and speaks with you briefly before leaving. Surf east again, and trade phone numbers with Fisherman Tully - he'll call you for a rematch, and will occasionally call to give you a Water Stone.

Continue east on the way to Mahogany.


You will not be able to fully explore Mt. Mortar without the Surf, Strength, and Waterfall moves. Rock Climb (only obtained near the end of the game) is also needed to reach a few items that are otherwise inaccessible. Once you can use these moves in the field, visit this page for data on the cavernous mountain.

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