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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City is a quiet town built into the side of a mountain. On the northern outskirts of town is the Dragon's Den, where you'll meet the town's most revered Elder. This is also the place where you'll win your eighth and final Gym badge.

Time to Trade

The girl in the first house you pass by is looking to trade. When you talk to her, she'll offer to trade her Dodrio for your Dragonair. It's your choice, but a Dragonair (and then Dragonite) will end up stronger in the long run.

The other girl will inspect your lead Pokémon. If it is strong enough, she will give it an Effort Ribbon.

The Saturday Sibling

Remember to visit the city on a Saturday. Santos will be waiting just southeast of the Gym, and will give you the Soft Sand when you first meet him, which strengthens Ground-type moves. All subsequent meetings will earn you a Snooze Ribbon.

The Move Tutor house

There are four people in the house next to the Poké Mart, all of which provide valuable services regarding a Pokémon's moves.

  • Move Deleter: He'll let a Pokémon forget a learned move - even a move that can't normally be forgotten, like an HM.
  • Move Maniac: Give him a Heart Scale and he'll let a Pokémon remember one of the moves it has forgotten.
  • Grandma Wilma: Bring her a Dragon-type Pokémon with high friendship and she'll teach it Draco Meteor, the ultimate Dragon-type move.
  • Ultimate Move Tutor: He teaches the ultimate move (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon) to the fully-evolved form of your starter Pokémon. Come back to his house later in the game when you have a fully evolved Kanto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh starter Pokémon to teach it one of these powerful moves.

Blackthorn Gym

Blackthorn Gym

Blackthorn City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Clair

The Blessed User of Dragon Pokémon

The Blackthorn Gym is devoted to the Dragon-type, so Ice- and Dragon-type moves will see the most use here. However, there are some Ace Trainers that uses Horsea or Seadra. As they are Water-type Pokémon, Electric-type moves are also useful. The first thing you'll notice is that, due to the lava bubbling underfoot, the floor has become unstable, and you'll need to return your lead Pokémon to its Poké Ball. After receiving a major redesign from Gold and Silver, the Gym now has a single floor that requires the use of the rotating, moving platforms to cross the lava. The blue button causes a platform to rotate in place, while the two red arrows move you in either direction. To reach the Gym Leader, you'll need to navigate the three platforms, and fight past five Ace Trainers.

Puzzle Sequence
Platform #1 1. ←
2. blue button
3. blue button
4. →
Platform #2 1. ↑
2. blue button
3. →
4. blue button
5. blue button
6. →
Platform #3 1. ←
2. blue button
3. blue button
4. →
5. blue button
6. ↑
7. ↑
8. ↑
9. blue button
10. →
11. blue button
12. ↑
13. ↑

Once your battle with Clair begins, use Electric-type moves to inflict quadruple damage to her Gyarados. Kingdra is only weak against Dragon-type attacks, and you'll also want to use Dragon-type or Ice-type moves to beat Dragonair before it paralyzes your Pokémon with Thunder Wave.

Blackthorn Gym
The Rising Badge

Congratulations, you've just defeated the eighth and final Gym Leader of Johto! That's quite an achievement, but Clair won't hand over your last badge that easily. While she acknowledges that she lost, she still doesn't believe that you're ready to take on the Elite Four. In order for her to recognize you as the victor, you have to travel to the Dragon's Den shrine in the cave behind the Gym. Bring only five Pokémon(you'll soon know the reason), including a Pokémon with Surf and Whirlpool, and head inside.

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

Enter the cave, and take the stairs down into the main cavern. Surf to the southwest, and you'll reach a large whirlpool. Have a Pokémon use Whirlpool to cross over it, and surf east past the Dragon Shrine. Northeast of the shrine is the Dragon Fang, which enhances Dragon-type moves. Backtrack to the shrine, and speak to the Dragon Master to be quizzed about your attitude towards Pokémon. Depending on how you answer the five questions, you'll be rewarded with a Dratini, which may or may not know the move ExtremeSpeed. To get the Dratini with ExtremeSpeed, do not choose any of the following answers:

  • Underling (Question 1)
  • Cheating (Question 2)
  • Weak Person (Question 3)
  • Violence (Question 4)

Finally, you'll need to answer "Both" for the fifth question. After the quiz, Clair walks in, expecting to see that you've failed. As much as she would rather not, the Elder persuades her to give you the Rising Badge, your final badge from Johto. This badge earns the respect of all of your Pokémon, and enables the use of Waterfall in the field. As you head for the cave's exit, you'll run into Clair on the northern shore, where she's waiting to give you TM59 (Dragon Pulse). She tells you to return to New Bark and take Route 27 to reach the Elite Four. When you exit Dragon's Den, you'll get a call from Professor Elm, asking you to return to New Bark Town. To get your Dratini, re-enter the cave and speak to the Elder again.

Heal up your battle-weary team, and set off to the south to reach Route 45.


Return here after fighting your rival at Kanto's Mt. Moon and getting all Kanto badges. Lance and Clair will approach you outside the Dragon Shrine to fight a tag battle against you and your rival.

Route 45

Dark Cave

Dark Cave

While it was accessible once you had reached Route 31, you didn't have the moves (Flash, Rock Smash, Surf, Strength) needed to fully explore this shadowy cave.

From the northeast entrance near Blackthorn, walk down the two stairways to reach a small lake. Surf directly south, and climb onto the nearby rock ledge to find a Revive. Follow the path to the west, and you'll find TM54 (False Swipe) near a ledge. Backtrack to the lake, and swim across to reach the northern shore (west of the entryway). Follow the trail north, then turn towards the southwest. Climb up the stairway to the west, and follow the rock ledge to the northeast. Speak to the guy to get a pair of BlackGlasses, which enhance Dark-type moves. Head south and jump the two sets of ledges, grab the hidden Hyper Potion on the lone blue-green rock, and walk through the doorway to reach the cave's western side.
After exploring the Blackthorn side of the cave, you'll emerge on the western side at the edge of another small lake. Surf to the west find a Potion, and a Poké Ball hidden nearby. Walk south and swim across the tiny pool of water to obtain a Black Flute, which decreases the chances of fighting wild Pokémon. Navigate around the group of ledges, and break through the two boulders to head east. Have a Pokémon use Strength to shove the boulder out of your way, and use Rock Smash again to break the rock east of here. Head north, and follow the path east and then south around a large rock formation, where you'll find a Hyper Potion. Continue south, jump the ledge, and pick up the Max Ether to the east, hidden in the rock wall. Continue south down two more stairways, and grab the Full Heal. Jump the ledge to the west, and take the stairway south to reach a Dire Hit. Jump the ledge, and head east to reach the exit to Route 46.

Mountain Road

Route 45

Route 45 follows a river ravine, forming a steep trail leading down from the mountains. The route splits and recombines multiple times, passing the eastern entrance to Dark Cave before turning west towards Route 46. With so many ledges and bridges scattered across the route, you'll need to travel southbound more than once to get every item, and fight every Trainer.

  • To collect every item:
Walk south from Dark Cave's southern entrance to find an Elixir. Walk down the steps and jump the first ledge nearby, and head east across the bridge. Jump over the ledge to the south to pick up a Max Potion. Cross the second bridge near Ace Trainer Kelly, and jump over the ledge here to find a Full Heal sitting in a large patch of tall grass. Ignore the next bridge, and jump the next ledge west of the river for a Nugget, and another ledge for a Revive. Here you'll be standing near two stairways - one leading south, the other leading east; step down the eastern stairway, cross the bridge, and jump the ledge to reach a small pond. Pick the Grn Apricorn from the tree, jump the ledge, and take the bridge west to reach Route 46.
  • To fight every Trainer:
Walk south from Blackthorn and jump the first ledge on the eastern side of the river. The route diverges around a rock outcropping; you can jump the western ledges to fight Hiker Erik, or take the eastern side to fight Ace Trainer Ryan. South of those two Trainers, cut across the bridge to the route's western side, and jump south to battle Hiker Parry. Step down the stairs, jump the next ledge, and cross the bridge to challenge Ace Trainer Kelly. Head south and jump the three ledges to fight Black Belt Kenji. South of Kenji, the route splits around a second rock formation east of the river; jump the three ledges on the west side to fight Hiker Timothy, or jump the single east ledge to battle Hiker Michael. Continue south, and travel west to reach Route 46.

Route 46

Route 46

Route 46 is a short route in southeastern Johto that connects Route 45 and Route 29. Pluck the Grn and Ylw Apricorns from the two trees near Dark Cave's southern entrance, jump a few ledges, grab the X Speed to the west, and head south through the gate. A short walk is all it takes to return home to New Bark Town.

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