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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town is a small, quiet town in northern Johto. On your first visit, the Mahogany Gym is blocked off, and a man at the town's east end prevents travel to Route 44. Buy a RageCandyBar for PokémonDollar.png300 as a souvenir; you'll eventually trade it to someone in Kanto for a TM. There is no official Poké Mart here, but the Souvenir Shop in the center of town sells odd items (like TinyMushrooms) and the standard Poké Balls and Potions. There's certainly nothing suspicious about the two thugs in the shop, or the poorly-concealed radio antenna in the tree outside. If you flip open your Pokégear and turn on the radio, you won't hear any of the normal stations. Instead, a strange radio pulse is being broadcast on all channels. There's something suspicious about that Souvenir Shop, but there's nothing you can do just yet.

Before Team Rocket is cleared out of town
TinyMushroom TinyMushroom
Pokémon Dollar500
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Pokémon Dollar200
Potion Potion
Pokémon Dollar300

After Team Rocket is cleared out of town
Great Ball Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Super Potion Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
Pokémon Dollar1200
Antidote Antidote
Pokémon Dollar100
Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Super Repel Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500
Revive Revive
Pokémon Dollar1500
Air Mail Air Mail
Pokémon Dollar50

Head up north to check out the Lake of Rage. You may have done these next few parts earlier in the game. Whichever of these parts you have done, just skip over parts below until you come across something you haven't done.

Route 43

Route 43 is a rural, tree-lined path that runs north-south between Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage. To the north, you'll find two places where you can access the Lake of Rage. Team Rocket has taken over the guardhouse here, and anyone who tries to pass through the building will get shaken down for PokémonDollar.png1,000 as a "toll". Fight a few Trainers, and wander north towards the lake.

Lake of Rage

File:HGSS Lake of Rage Wet.png
The flooded Lake of Rage

The Lake of Rage is a large lake, brimming with clear water. It used to be known as a fishing spot with the liveliest Magikarp around, but now a raging red Gyarados dominates the entire lake. It's also raining heavily, which has flooded the small forest to the west of the lake. Surf out onto the water to collect all the items, then approach the red Gyarados. Whether you catch it, defeat it, or let it get away, you'll spot the Red Scale floating nearby - take this to Mr. Pokémon back on Route 30 to trade it for the Exp. Share.

After battling the Gyarados and swimming back to the shore, you'll see a man in a black cape with a Dragonite standing near the sign. He introduces himself as Lance, and asks you to assist him in his investigation.

Follow him back to Mahogany.


Visit the lake again on a Wednesday after you run Team Rocket out of Mahogany Town. You'll find that the water level has dropped, altering the area's layout. This is the only time that you can meet certain Trainers and get particular items, so it's worth it to return in the middle of the week.

Rocket Hideout - Mahogany

When you enter the Souvenir Shop, you'll walk in on Lance's Dragonite persuading the thugs to talk. Lance shoves a cabinet out of the way, and reveals a set of stairs leading to the basement. Walk down the stairs, and you will find yourself in Team Rocket's underground base.


As soon as you step in front of any Persian statue, the security camera inside will alert two Rocket grunts to attack you. Follow the hallway to the west, and turn south at the first opening. Turn south again before reaching another Persian statue, and battle Scientist Gregg. Flip the switch on the PC to deactivate the security cameras, and pick up the Guard Spec. Head back north, and turn east near the second Persian statue to pick up a Hyper Potion. Walk all the way south, and follow the hallway to the west, where you'll find a Nugget, a warp to the entrance, and the stairs leading to the next floor.


When you walk down the stairs, you'll meet up with Lance again, who will heal your Pokémon to full health. You'll see the door to the generator room nearby, but it's locked up tight. Fight past the Rocket grunts, and take the stairs in the southeast.


Lance has discovered that in order to shut off the radio transmitter, you need the voice of Petrel, one of Team Rocket's executives. Evidently, he's hiding out in their leader's office, which is protected by a password - so in order to access the radio broadcast room, you need Petrel's voice; but to get that, you need to track down the two passwords to unlock Petrel's office first. If you're looking to only fight a few Rockets, track down the female grunt nearby, and the male grunt to the southwest; the female gives you the first password - "SLOWPOKETAIL" - while the male tells you the second one - "RATICATETAIL". Grab the X Special and the Protein in the southwest, pick up the TM49 (Snatch) to the northeast, and a Full Heal along the east wall. Take the stairs in the northeast back to B2F.


Head south and check out the machinery to find a hidden X Sp. Def. Follow the hallway all the way to the west, and take the stairs back down to B3F.


You've made it to Petrel's office, and you've collected the two passwords needed to open the door - and look who shows up with such great timing. It seems that Lance defeated him easily, and he's still stewing over what Lance said to him. He shoves you before running off again, leaving you to confront Petrel. Don't forget to grab the Ultra Ball nearby.

When you enter the two passwords, the door slides away, and you walk up to... Giovanni?! Didn't he run off after disbanding the team three years ago? He did indeed, and the purple-haired copycat is Petrel, the second of Team Rocket's executives that you'll have to fight (after Proton in the Slowpoke Well). He's so confident that you won't succeed, he even tells you the password to the room with the broadcasting machine - "Hail Giovanni" - but unfortunately, it only works when it's in his voice. Get ready to battle!

When you beat him, he runs off. Once he leaves, the Murkrow that was sitting nearby demonstrates its ability to mimic voices. It copied Petrel's voice, and it remembers the password! It runs back the way you got here, but make a quick detour up the southern stairs to find TM46 (Thief) before following it. It runs all the way back to the generator room and screams the password at the door, mimicking the voice of Petrel. The voice-recognition system unlocks the door, and Murkrow runs off. But just as you step up to the machine, Ariana, another executive, stops you. She and a Rocket grunt are more than happy to finish you off in a two-on-one battle, but Lance shows up just in time.

Even though she's been defeated, Ariana doesn't seem to care. She tells you that the broadcast experiment was a complete success, and that this hideout has served its purpose. With that, Team Rocket pulls out of Mahogany for good. Lance inspects the generator, and tells you that the only way to disrupt the signal is to force the six Electrode that are powering the machine to faint. Lance splits the job with you, so you only need to battle three. These Electric type Pokémon are Level 23, so be prepared. Lance says that the signal has stopped, and gives you HM05 (Whirlpool) to show his appreciation. Run up the stairs, and step on the warp to get back to the entrance.

Now you can challenge the Mahogany Gym!

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Gym

Mahogany Town Pokémon Gym
Leader: Pryce

The Teacher of Winter's Harshness

The Mahogany Gym specializes in Template:Type2s, so Fire- and Template:Type2 attacks will generally be the most effective here; however, many of the Pokémon here are Water/Ice-types, so Template:Type2s wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Pryce is at home in the winter wilderness, and has installed slick, icy tiles in his Gym to thwart all but the most determined Trainers. To reach him, you'll need to manipulate the blocks that are sitting out on the slick ice.

In the first room, walk straight across the ice to bump into a block, sending it skidding into a second block. Slide ←, ↑, →, ↑ to reach the door.

In the second room, walk up around Skier Diana and slide → into the two blocks. Head up to reach the door.

In the final room, walk past Boarder Deandre and slide → across the ice to the two blocks. Walk ↑ to fight Skier Jill, then slide →, ↓, ←, ↑, →, ↑, →, ↑ to fight Boarder Gerardo. After that battle, slide ← then ↑ to reach Pryce. His Seel and Dewgong can attack with the Snore and Sleep Talk moves, so don't let your guard down, even if they're asleep.

Mahogany Gym
The Glacier Badge

After defeating him, Pryce gives out the Glacier Badge, which increases your party's Special Attack and Special Defense, and also allows the use of Whirlpool in the field. Pryce also gives you TM07 (Hail), a symbol of winter's harshness. One more badge to go!

When you step outside the Gym, Elm calls you about strange radio broadcasts that mention Team Rocket. It seems the gang won't take a hint, so fly back to Goldenrod to finally put them out of their misery.

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