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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Gold and Silver. This walkthrough follows the original Game Boy Color version, not Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Goldenrod City

Back in Goldenrod, many areas are blocked off by Rocket Grunts. It is up to you to run these criminals out of town, so gather a strong team and head off to the Radio Tower.

The Radio Tower

Radio Tower


Beat up the lone Grunt on the first floor and head upstairs.


Beat the four Grunts here and climb up to the third floor.


Defeat the two Grunts and the Scientist, then advance to the fourth floor.

4F (west)

There are only two Rockets patrolling this floor, so take them out and go upstairs to the Director's office.

5F (west)

The Director is right here, being held in his office... or he would be, if this wasn't a Rocket Executive in disguise. Prepare for battle!

When defeated, the Executive gives up the location of the real Director: in the Underground Warehouse, behind the locked door in Goldenrod Tunnel. He also hands over the Basement Key.

Goldenrod Tunnel

There's a Rocket guarding the alley in front of the Game Corner, so enter the tunnel from the north end. Follow the access hallway and use the Basement Key to open the door.

Warehouse Exterior

Silver appears again just inside the first part of the warehouse, so make sure your Pokémon are ready for a fight.

Chikorita Player chose Chikorita:

Cyndaquil Player chose Cyndaquil:

Totodile Player chose Totodile:

Once he leaves, there are three Rocket Grunts nearby for you to take out.

With these Rockets defeated, your next obstacle are the shifting walls. The easiest way past here is to activate the three switches in order from left to right (3-2-1). Activating them in a different order will let you reach the Full Heal to the right (1), and the Smoke Ball to the left (1-3-2-1-3). Go south, defeat the female Rocket, and walk through the doors into the next room.

Warehouse Interior

Follow the hallway past the first Rocket, and pick up the Max Ether in the southeast corner. Fight the Rocket in the northeast, then take a detour upstairs to find an Amulet Coin in the Department Store's basement. Go west to battle one more Rocket, then grab the TM35 (Sleep Talk) and speak to the Director. He gives you the Card Key, which unlocks the shutter on the tower's third floor. Climb the northeast stairs and take the elevator up out of the basement.

Radio Tower


Swipe the Card Key through the slot near the shutter. Battle the single Rocket and climb the stairs to the east side of 4F.

4F (east)

Beat up the two Rockets on this level and take the stairs to 5F.

5F (east)

Take out the last two Executives.

The acting Executive formally disbands Team Rocket, just as Giovanni did three years before. The Rockets disappear, then the Director returns and rewards you with the Rainbow WingG or Silver WingS. He claims that the current Radio Tower replaced an old, creaky one, and that feather was found on the roof. He leaves for his office, leaving you free to return to Mahogany Town. On the way to the exit, speak to Mary on 4F for a Pink Bow, and the girl on 3F for TM11 (Sunny Day).

The next destination is Blackthorn City, east of Mahogany Town. However, the feather that the Director found lets you track down the first of Johto's two legendary birds, so you may want to detour for it now.

To find Ho-Oh atop Tin TowerG, go here.
To find Lugia deep in the Whirl IslandsS, go here.

Route 44

Route 44

Route 44 is a quiet mountain road that serves as the only path into Blackthorn City. Both the north and south paths lack any tall grass, but Pokémon like Tangela and Lickitung can be found in the grass between the two lakes. Be sure to trade phone numbers with Fisher Wilton for alerts about Remoraid swarms. Go east to reach the entrance to Ice Path.

Ice Path, 1F
Ice Path, B1F
Ice Path, B2F
Ice Path, B3F

Ice Path

Ice Path is a medium-sized cave that connects Route 44 directly to Blackthorn City. Some areas of the cave are covered by a layer of ice, making travel more difficult. It is also the only location where wild Swinub, DelibirdS, and Jynx can be found.

1F (northwest)

Pass over the first patch of ice and continue on to the second. This one is larger, and the boulders scattered here makes travel more difficult.

Puzzle Solution
#1 Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right

Ignore the stairway for a moment and go east to find the next ice patch. This one is simpler, and there is an item, HM07 (Waterfall), lying on the far side of the ice.

Puzzle Solution
#2 Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right

Climb the stairs and cross the rock platform to reach the ladder in the northeast corner.

B1F (north)

There are four boulders scattered around this floor, and you need to drop each through a different hole to form a path on the floor below. Go north and loop around to find the first two boulders.

Boulder Solution
#1 (southwest) Right 1, Down 4, Left 2, Down 2, Left 1, Up 1, Left 1, Up 2
#2 (west) Left 1, Up 5, Left 2, Down 4
#3 (east) Left 1, Down 4, Right 1, Down 2, Left 5
#4 (north) Up 2, Left 1, Up 3, Right 1

Start off with the boulder farthest to the south. Use Strength to move it southward and drop it down the southwest hole. Go back and move the second boulder north, so it sits at the break in the wall. Head to the east side to reach the third boulder, and drop it through the southeast hole. Go north and drop the fourth boulder through the north hole. Finally, move the second boulder to the northwest hole. Climb down the ladder in the northeast.

B2F (west)

The boulders from the floor above have formed a convenient spiral that leads to the center of the room. Check the four corners for items, including a Max Potion, a hidden Carbos, and a hidden Ice Heal. Follow the boulders to the room's center, pick up the Full Heal, and climb down the ladder.


Smash the rock, or loop around to the right, to reach the NeverMeltIce. Climb the east ladder.

B2F (east)

Go east and slide across the smaller ice patch. Stand south of the stairway to the platform, and jump the ledge. Slide to the east to find TM44 (Rest). Slide west, then north, and return to the ledge. Walk up onto the platform, stand at the stairway to the left, and slide south to the ladder.

B1F (south)

Head east to the stairway; from here, slide down, right, up, then left. There is an Iron across the ice to the southwest, while the next ladder is off to the northwest.

1F (southeast)

Go to the west wall and slide south to reach a PP Up. Return to the ladder and jump the ledge to slide to the exit. Welcome to Blackthorn City!

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