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{{Itlistbod|Great Ball|South of the lookout station|FRLG}}
{{Itlistbod|Great Ball|South of the lookout station|FRLG}}
{{Itlistbod|Escape Rope|Hidden in rock just north of the Lookout Station|FRLG}}
{{Itlistbod|Escape Rope|Hidden in rock just north of the Lookout Station|FRLG}}
{{Itlistbod|Itemfinder III|From Professor Oak's aide in the lookout station|FRLG|display=[[Itemfinder]]}}
{{Itlistbod|Itemfinder|From Professor Oak's aide in the lookout station|FRLG|display=[[Itemfinder]]}}

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Route 11

After pulling the plug on Lt. Surge, a Trainer's next destination is Lavender Town to the northeast. The most direct way is to go east through Route 11 and then north through Route 12, but a sleeping Snorlax is blocking the road. Visiting the guardhouse is still a good idea, since one of Oak's aides will give out the Itemfinder to Trainers who have gathered Pokédex data on at least 30 species. Check the lone rock near the guardhouse to find an Escape Rope. The last point of interest is a kid on the second floor of the guardhouse who is looking to trade.
With Route 11 blocked, you have to take the long way around to Lavender Town instead. Walk back towards Vermilion, but take a detour through Diglett's Cave instead. Like the name says, the only Pokémon here are Diglett and Dugtrio. Since Template:Type2s are immune to Template:Type2 attacks, this is a great time to give your aerial fighters (like Pidgey, Spearow, and Zubat) some experience. This underground tunnel connects to the east side of Route 2, between Viridian Forest and Pewter City.

Route 2

The guy inside the only house here is looking for an Abra. If you've got one to spare from Route 24, you can swap it here for a Mr. Mime, a rare Template:Type2. Leave the house and chop down the nearby tree to head south. Inside the guardhouse is another of Professor Oak's aides - this one has been instructed to hand out HM05 (Flash) to Trainers with at least 10 different species. That shouldn't be any problem, since you needed 30 kinds to get the Itemfinder. Pick up the Ether and the Parlyz Heal further south. Since it is nearby, interested Trainers can make a quick stop in Viridian and cut down the tree near the southwest pond to reach a move tutor. This guy offers to teach a Pokémon the Dream Eater move. With or without learning the move, trek back north to Pewter City.

Pewter City

Back in town, you can now enter the employee-only area of the Museum, so cut down the tree and head on in. Talk to the scientist next to the pedestal to get the Old Amber. If taken to the Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar Island, the scientists there can use the genetic material inside to resurrect an Aerodactyl.

With that done, now you're headed back to Cerulean City. There are two options: wander through Mt. Moon again, or take the tunnel back past Vermilion City.

A Fork in the Road

Regardless of the path you choose, there is nothing new going on, so continue towards Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

Pass through the burgled home again, but this time head to the east. Cut down the tree to advance, and get ready to battle the nine Trainers waiting here.

Route 9

Fight your way out of the crowd of Trainers, and you'll find yourself near a river.

Route 10 (north side)

Turn to the south to reach a Poké Center, the last outpost of civilization before venturing into Rock Tunnel. If you cut down the tree closest to the cave entrance, you'll find a Super Potion wedged in the rock wall between the cave and the Poké Center.

Rock Tunnel is enshrouded in darkness, so a Trainer will need to teach the move Flash to a Pokémon in order to make it through to Lavender Town in the south.

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