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Route 6

Route 6

There are six Trainers along this route, but only the last one is unavoidable. Continue south to Vermilion City.

Vermilion City

Vermilion City

The path to the Gym is blocked off by an overgrown tree, meaning that it is currently off-limits to Trainers who do not have HM01. Talk to the girl in the Poké Center to obtain the VS Seeker, a device that indicates any nearby Trainers that want a rematch. After checking out the local attractions, go south to the harbor to board the luxury cruise-liner, S.S. Anne.

Fishing Guru #1

Visit the house to the left of the Poké Center and talk to the fishing enthusiast inside. Convince him that you love fishing as much as he does, and he'll give you the Old Rod. The only fish weak enough to be caught with this is Magikarp, but at least you can find them for free now. The Good Rod and Super Rod are better, but Trainers won't find those until later.

Pokémon Fan Club

The building just north of the Gym is the Pokémon Fan Club. Listen to the Chairman's rambling thoughts, and he'll give you a Bike Voucher for your time. Show this ticket at the Bike Shop in Cerulean City to finally get a free bike!

Another Trade

If you've got a Spearow you're willing to part with, bring it to the house next to the Fan Club. A little girl inside will offer to trade her Farfetch'd for it. Not bad, since this is the only Farfetch'd in the game.

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Gift Pokémon
083 Farfetch'd
021 Trade
The same as the traded Pokémon One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

S.S. Anne

The S.S. Anne, moored in the harbor

This cruise ship caters to some of the world's best Pokémon Trainers, so expect some heavy battling aboard.


Pick up TM31 (Brick Break) in the second room from the left, follow the hallway around to the right, and head down the stairs to the basement.


Once you're done here, head back to the entrance (and heal up by talking to the woman in Room 6 if necessary). Walk to the left (ignore the first set of stairs), and then down to reach the cafeteria. Check the three trash cans along the east wall to find Pecha, Cheri, and Chesto Berries. Grab the Great Ball in the southwest corner, as well. Leave the cafeteria, and walk straight up to the next set of stairs. Head down (you can take the closest stairs to the shipdeck for two Trainer battles for extra EXP) and then right to find the last few rooms of Trainers on the ship, with the Captain's room at the end.


Now that you've battled all the Trainers and picked up all the items, head east to the Captain's room. Be careful though, since your rival will be leaving the Captain's room just as you're headed there. This fight should not be particularly challenging, as his Pokémon are at decent levels, but possess no powerful moves yet.

001 If the player chose Bulbasaur: 004 If the player chose Charmander: 007 If the player chose Squirtle:

After the battle, he taunts you again and runs off. Now you're free to visit the Captain. When you enter his room, you find him hunched over a trash can - it looks like the Captain got seasick. Not to worry, all it takes is a quick back rub to quell his stomach, and the Captain rewards you with HM01 (Cut). With this, you'll finally be able to cut down those overgrown trees to reach new areas. After helping the Captain, there's nothing left to do on the ship, so it's time to head back to the city. As you disembark, the ferry glides out of port, so don't miss any items.

Vermilion City

Vermilion Gym

Vermilion Gym


The Lightning American!

It's finally time for the next Gym battle. Use HM01 to teach one of your Pokémon how to cut the tree out of the way in order to enter the Gym. The Vermilion Gym focuses on Electric-types, so Ground-types like Geodude and Sandshrew are best here, since they're immune to electrical attacks. Trainers lacking a Ground-type should head east from Vermilion and step inside Diglett's Cave just outside the city; many Diglett and even a few Dugtrio are easily found here. Your own Electric- and Grass-types are also somewhat immune, but avoid bringing any Flying- and Water-types.

Lt. Surge has set a trap in his Gym - Trainers must flip two switches that are hidden randomly inside the trash cans to open the doors to the Gym Leader. After finding the first switch, the second will be directly next to it. If you don't flip them both in a row, the trap will reset, and you'll have to hunt them down again.

Vermilion Gym
The Thunder Badge

Lt. Surge shouldn't be too hard if your Pokémon are at a decent level. Try not to use physical attacks against his Pikachu and Raichu—being paralyzed by Static will not help you. A strong Ground-type will help tremendously, as Lt. Surge's Pokémon will have to resort to using their weaker Normal-type attacks to damage you. Make sure that Pikachu and Raichu don't have a chance to set up Double Team, as they will become hard to hit after a few turns.If you're having trouble with Lt. Surge's team, an easy solution is to head to Diglett's Cave and catch a Diglett or Dugtrio. The gym will become much, much easier after that.

After defeating Lt. Surge, he presents you with your third badge. The Thunder Badge grants a slight Speed boost in battle, and allows you to fly to any familiar city or town with HM02. He also hands out TM34 (Shock Wave), an Electric-type move that normally cannot miss the target, as a prize.

Stop in the Pokémon Center to heal up, and then travel to the east to enter Route 11.

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