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Cerulean City

Cerulean City

A Rare Trade

In the house next to the Poké Center, an old man is looking for a Poliwhirl, and is willing to trade his Ice/Psychic-type Jynx for one. Most Trainers probably don't have one yet since catching one requires a fishing rod, but this is the only Jynx in the game. Trainers who are looking to complete their Pokédex will certainly make a return trip here.

Gym Badge Man

In the northwest house is a man who will explain every effect of the eight Indigo League Gym Badges. Behind his house in his yard, is a hidden rare candy in the flower garden.

Berry Powder

The Gym badge man's neighbor is an old man who gives Trainers the Powder Jar. This jar is used to collect the berry powder obtained from crushing berries on a Poké Center's second floor. By bringing back enough powder, this old man will prepare different medicines for the player.

Bike Shop

The building in the southwest of the city is a bike shop. Finally, travel-weary Trainers can move faster than on foot - too bad the price tag is a whopping PokémonDollar.png1,000,000! No Trainer can carry that much cash, so they will have to track down a Bike Voucher somewhere...

Something Shady

The crime scene behind the Gym is currently blocked off by police, so Trainers will not be able to leave the city yet (since the only way east or south is through this house). It seems that Team Rocket is anxious to get into trouble again, having stolen a valuable item from the people living here. After visiting the Sea Cottage to the north, the player will be able to enter the home (and exit through a hole in the back wall to leave the city).

Cerulean Gym

Cerulean Gym


The Tomboyish Mermaid!

The Cerulean Gym specializes in Water-type Pokémon, so a Trainer's easiest options are to either drain their energy with a Grass-type, or zap them with an Electric-type. Those who chose Charmander could have a rough time here, so it may be worthwhile to venture off north to Route 24 to catch an OddishFR or a BellsproutLG to help take on Misty and her aqua-loving apprentices. Other than that, if you had started with Squirtle, make sure that Wartortle knows how to use Bite, which is super-effective on the part Psychic-type Starmie.

Cerulean Gym
The Cascade Badge

Admitting defeat, Misty awards Trainers with the Cascade Badge. This badge commands attention every Pokémon at level 30 or below that a Trainer has (even those obtained in a trade), and also allows use Cut outside of battle (once the player finds HM01). Misty also presents the player with TM03 (Water Pulse) as a prize. After her defeat, heal up and head north to Route 24.

Route 24

Route 24

No sooner does one head north towards "Nugget Bridge", but your rival appears again to challenge the player to a battle. The only threats on his team are Pidgeotto and his starter Pokémon, and if he has a Charmander, his entire team can be neutralized by a Rock-type like a Geodude picked up in Mt. Moon. Let the weakest team member fight his Abra - this is a great training opportunity as the only move it knows is Teleport, so there's no risk of taking any damage.

001 If the player chose Bulbasaur: 004 If the player chose Charmander: 007 If the player chose Squirtle:

After beating him, Blue hands over the Fame Checker. This item records information that the player learns (usually from a Pokémon Center's Pokémon Journals and Gym Leader signs) about the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and a handful of other important figures. He runs off, leaving the player free to trek across the bridge.

Easier said than done - the five Trainers here all want to fight, but defeating them all earns the player a Nugget. This piece of pure gold does not do anything, but can be sold for PokémonDollar.png5000. It's a good item to have for cash-strapped Trainers. After beating the five Trainers on the bridge, a sixth Trainer hands out the Nugget. This guy also invites the player to join Team Rocket. Not going to happen, so give him a thrashing, too.

Pick up the TM45 (Attract) on the northern hill, then proceed to the east to reach Route 25.

Route 25

Route 25

Nine Trainers are waiting here on the way to Bill's Sea Cottage.
When the player spots the Trainer standing in a line of trees with an item on the ground behind him, make sure to be at least three spaces south of him when crossing his line of sight. Without HM01, Trainers can't cut the tree down yet to get the item, so they have to lure him away from the trees with a battle, instead. After that battle, pick up the TM43 (Secret Power) that was blocked off.

Sea Cottage

Bill's got a problem: he screwed up an experiment and combined his DNA with that of a Pokémon. Luckily, it's not permanent, so when he steps into the machine, activate the program on his PC to help him out. Once he's human again, he gives you an S.S. Ticket as thanks. This ticket grants access to the luxury cruise-liner, S.S. Anne, that's docked in the Vermilion City harbor. Vermilion City also happens to be the location of the third Gym. Before leaving Cerulean Cape, step outside of Bill's house... and walk right back inside. Check out his PC to view his favorite Pokémon, the Eevee family (this also gives adds four new pages of data to the Pokédex). Now take the shortcut south of the cottage to backtrack to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

Stop in the Poké Center if needed, then get ready to hit the road again.
Now that the police officer has moved out of the way, Trainers can finally visit the home that was robbed by the Rockets. Besides the obvious signs of a break-in, the intruder also left a gaping hole in the wall as an escape route. The perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime, so step through the hole and take out the Rocket grunt out back.

After beating his two Pokémon, he gives up the TM28 (Dig) before running off. A handy move, since using it in a cave lets returns Trainers to the entrance. Now head south, there's a ship to catch!

Route 5

Route 5

Pokémon Daycare

Having trouble getting your weaker team members into battle for experience? Then you've come to the right place! The man inside will accept one Pokémon at a time to raise while its Trainer is away. Any Pokémon left in his care will gain 1 experience point for every step you take (if you bought the PokémonDollar.png500 Magikarp near Mt. Moon, this is a good way to raise it). The downside is that he'll make any decisions that arise - he may delete a beneficial skill, or ignore a new move altogether. He charges PokémonDollar.png100 for every level a Pokémon gained before returning it to it's Trainer.

The gate to Saffron City is currently blocked off, so take the Cerulean-Vermilion Underground to Route 6. The woman at the northern exit will offer to trade her Nidoran for the player's opposite-gender Nidoran.

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