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After exploring the rest of the Sevii Islands, there's only one area left to investigate - Cerulean Cave. To reach it, stop back in Cerulean and surf south from the bridge. The cave entrance is located on the western shoreline. The requirements for entering the cave other than defeating the Elite Four the first time is to complete the mission on the Sevii islands that opens the connection to the other Generation III games.

Cerulean Cave

This is a treacherous cave, with not only powerful Pokémon, but a wide variety of species as well. Stock up on Ultra Balls and bring your Super Rod along. Make sure to bring along a team with Surf and Rock Smash, and withdraw that Master Ball from the PC. Mewtwo is one tough fighter, and even harder to catch than the legendary birds, so if you used it already, you're in for a long battle.


From the entrance, walk to the water's edge and surf north to the small island in the northeast corner. Take the stairs here to reach the second floor, and a Full Restore lying behind a few breakable boulders. Return to the first floor.

Surf west across the pond, and climb out of the water onto the northern steps. Pick up the Nugget, and take the stairs south of here to the second floor, where you'll find a PP Up behind another breakable boulder. Return to the first floor again.

Walk south off of the rock ledge, and grab the Full Restore near the group of breakable boulders. Step up onto the rock ledge to the east, and take the first stairs you see to the second floor yet again. Smash the boulder and pick up the Ultra Ball, and take the stairs back to the first floor.

Grab the Max Elixir to the northwest, and follow the rock ledge counter-clockwise to reach the stairs in the center. Take these stairs to the second floor.


There are three different paths branching out from these stairs, but the only one that leads anywhere runs counter-clockwise through the center of the floor to the stairs in the northwest corner.

This area is a small, isolated area in the northwest of the first floor. Take the only other stairs down to the basement floor.


Follow the pathway to the east. In the northeast, near a group of breakable boulders, is a Max Revive. Follow the path south, and step up onto the central rock ledge. Grab the nearby Ultra Ball, and continue west to the water's edge.
Surf to the northwest to reach the tiny, isolated island where Mewtwo waits.


The master of Cerulean Cave

Not only is it the strongest Pokémon in the game, but when you find it, it's already at level 70. If you don't have the Master Ball, this is going to be even tougher than catching the legendary birds. Like with any legendary, SAVE THE GAME before approaching it; with only one shot, you don't want to mess this up. If you do have the Master Ball, than all you have to do is throw it right away, don't even bother battling with it. Most damage you inflict will probably be healed right away, since it can use Recover 10 times. His few weaknesses include attacks from the Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-types, so moves like Shadow Ball and Bite will have the greatest effect. You may want to dispatch the legendary birds against him, since Mewtwo is the only thing stronger than them. Without the Master Ball, try inflicting status problems that prevent it from recovering its health, like Sleep or Freeze.

Once the battle's done, use an Escape Rope (or Dig) to exit the cave. You have now passed every challenge in the game, though you may still have holes in your Pokédex data. With every area explored, all that's left is to complete the Pokédex for Professor Oak. If you manage to do it, remember to show it to the Game Freak employees in Celadon for your reward.

Elite Four rematch

Another benefit for completing the mission in the Sevii Islands to connect the link system to Hoenn is that Lorelei will return to the Indigo Plateau. If you challenge the Elite Four again you'll find that their team has been strengthened and a few of their Pokémon had been replaced with Johto region Pokémon.


Her Slowbro has been replaced with Piloswine. Her Lapras now has Thunder and Dewgong now has Signal Beam. Other than that her team is not that much different. A Fighting or Template:Type2-type would be able to handle her team. If you use a Template:Type2 against Piloswine, finish it off quickly as it knows two moves that could KO one quickly especially Charizard.


Both Bruno's Onix have evolved into Steelix. With their weak Sp. Defense a powerful Fire-type attack can easily KO them. His other Pokémon now know how to use Rock Slide so be careful if you use a Template:Type2. The Template:Type2 will still dominate Bruno, as the only moves that are super-effective on them are the Steelixs' Crunch. Bring in a team with a strong slate of Special Attackers and the fight will be easy.


Her Golbat has evolved into Crobat and her Haunter has been replaced with Misdreavus. Other than that Arbok now knows how to use Earthquake, both Gengar knows how to use Psychic and one of her Gengar as well as Misdreavus knowing how to use Thunderbolt. If you choose to use a Pokémon that is or knows a move from the Psychic or Template:Type2, choose carefully as Agatha's Pokémon have moves to counter different types, making it difficult for Pokémon such as Murkrow to win. All of Agatha's Pokémon have relatively poor Defenses, and all except for Misdreavus are weak to Template:Type2 attacks.


Lance is more difficult to face than before. He now has two Dragonites and one of his Dragonair has been replaced by Kingdra. Facing Kingdra will be difficult since only Template:Type2 moves will do super effective damage against it and it is capable of countering the Template:Type2 as well as the Template:Type2. A powerful Template:Type2 or Template:Type2 move will suffice, or a Template:Type2 move if possible. Both Dragonites have moves to counter pure Ice-types or ones that are part Water types. It is possible to make it easier if a paralyzing move like Thunder Wave is used to cut their speed. Lastly both Gyarados and Aerodactyl now have moves that can counter the types they are weak to. Lapras is a good Pokémon to bring to this fight, as it can learn both Ice and Template:Type2 moves, while resisting Fire and Template:Type2 moves.


001 If the player chose Bulbasaur: 004 If the player chose Charmander: 007 If the player chose Squirtle:

The main change to Blue's team is that his Pidgeot and Rhydon have been replaced by Heracross and Tyranitar. They along with Alakazam and the rest of his team depending on what your starter was have new movesets that can also counter most types they are weak to aside from Arcanine and Exeggutor.

Although Blue's new team is very powerful, it has some major weaknesses that can be exploited by a skilled trainer. Any Template:Type2 move should be able to quickly defeat Heracross, as it is 4x super effective. Tyranitar also has a 4x weakness to the Template:Type2, so be sure to take it out as quickly as possible before it is able to inflict heavy damage with its extremely high Attack stat. Exeggutor also has a quad- weakness to the Template:Type2, so any Pokémon can learn a Template:Type2 move like Signal Beam (ex: Dewgong will be able to wipe it out). Alakazam is also weak to the Template:Type2 as well as the Template:Type2 and the Template:Type2, and its terrible Defense can be exploited. Beware of its extremely high Special Attack stat, however. Gyarados is very difficult to deal with, as it has Intimidate, good Defense, Special Defense, Speed, and very high Attack. It has a quad-weakness to the Template:Type2, but its Earthquake can quickly destroy any Template:Type2 Pokémon that it outspeeds. Arcanine is powerful and fast, but it cannot counter any Water, Ground, or Template:Type2 Pokémon. His starter is the most difficult: all three of his starters can counter their weaknesses. Fortunately, Charizard has a 4x weakness to the Template:Type2, and both Blastoise and Venusaur are fairly slow, with Venusaur having many weaknesses. A powerful, diverse team is needed to take down Blue. Some recommended Pokémon are: Jolteon, Dewgong, Aerodactyl, Gengar, Lapras, Machamp, as well as the starter.

Once you defeat Blue again your new team is recorded in the Hall of Fame and congratulations for facing the updated Elite Four. This along with the Trainer Tower are the most challenging elements of the game and this will truly test your skill as a Pokémon Trainer.

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