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Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island

The Pokémon Mansion in the northwest has been abandoned, having been destroyed by a violent genetically-engineered Pokémon that broke free of its prison and escaped. Fortunately, the Pokémon Lab next to the Poké Center was spared, so the Fossil resurrection experiment is still operational. This technological mecca is also home to the seventh Gym, which is locked until the player finds the Secret Key in the Pokémon Mansion.

Pokémon Lab

Meeting Room

In the Meeting Room, two of the three people are looking to trade. The old man will trade his Electrode for a Raichu, and the woman offers her Tangela for a Venonat.

R & D Room

In the R-and-D Room, one of the scientists will offer to teach a Pokémon Metronome, an attack that executes any known move.

Testing Room

In the Testing Room, one scientist is willing to trade his Seel for a Ponyta.
The scientist with speech problems is the guy to talk to about reviving those Fossils. Give him the Dome Fossil to get a Kabuto, or the Helix Fossil to receive an Omanyte. Both are Rock/Water-types that lived in the primordial ocean. Turning over the Old Amber results in the Rock/Flying-type Aerodactyl, king of the prehistoric skies.

The Cinnabar Gym is locked up tight, and without the Secret Key, Trainers won't be able to challenge Blaine. Sneak into the deserted building behind the lab to track down the key.

Pokémon Mansion

Buried somewhere in these ruins is the key to the Cinnabar Gym. Scattered throughout the building are journal entries describing the secret experiment that was conducted on the island, resulting in one of the most violent Pokémon imaginable.


Pokémon Mansion, 1F

To find the key, walk straight ahead from the entrance to reach the stairs to the second floor. Check every statue; the hidden switches inside open some doors while closing others. Flip switches as necessary to collect all the items.


Pokémon Mansion, 2F

Flip the switch inside the nearby statue and head to the northeast. Inspect the journal on the table, and collect the Calcium at the end of the hallway. Flip the statue switch again, and take the stairs in the northwest room to the 3rd floor.

Diary: July 5
Guyana, South America
A new POKéMON was discovered deep
in the jungle.


Pokémon Mansion, 3F

Head to the east through the north door to get an Iron. Backtrack and flip the statue switch and enter the southern door. Battle the scientist, and jump off the smaller eastern ledge to drop to the 2nd floor's southern section.


Head north and then west. To the south is a second journal entry, and a Zinc to the east. Take the stairs back to the 3rd floor.

Diary: July 10
We christened the newly discovered


This area of the third floor has a Burglar, a third journal entry, and a Max Potion. Take the stairs back down to the 2nd floor, flip the switch, and take the northwest stairs again.

Diary: Feb. 6
MEW gave birth.
We named the newborn MEWTWO.


Head to the scientist to the southeast, and drop off the wider western ledge to reach the first floor.


Battle the scientist, pick up the Carbos, and take the stairs to the basement.


Pokémon Mansion, B1F

Step inside the closest room to reach the final journal entry. Flip the switch, run all the way to the western wall for a Full Restore, and head back east. Follow the narrow eastern hallway and battle the last scientist. Follow the path around to the left, picking up TM14 (Blizzard), the Secret Key, and finally, TM22 (SolarBeam). With key in hand, use an Escape Rope or Dig to reach the exit.

Diary; Sept. 1
MEWTWO is far too powerful.
We have failed to curb its vicious

Cinnabar Gym

Cinnabar Gym


The Hotheaded Quiz Master!

One Gym left after this! Blaine specializes in Fire-types, so a team of Water-, Rock-, or Ground-types is best. His Pokémon are at high levels and possess the very powerful STAB move Fire Blast, but are easily neutralized by Water and Rock type Pokémon. There's a strong chance of getting burned in this red-hot Gym, so bring some Burn Heals and/or Full Heals along. It's possible to avoid all seven other battles by checking each area's quiz machine and answering the question correctly but why waste the cash and experience?

Cinnabar Gym
The Volcano Badge

Blaine's team is easily washed away by a strong Water-type. If you started with Squirtle, this gym should be easy. If not, other water-types, ground-types, or rock-types will be just as effective. His Ponyta and Rapidash have a tendency to use Bounce, which gives you a free turn to heal, or switch.

After his defeat, Blaine awards the Volcano Badge to victorious Trainers, as well as TM38 (Fire Blast). The Badge also heightens a Pokémon's Special stats.

After defeating Blaine, Trainers leave the Cinnabar Gym and run into Bill outside. A friend has invited Bill to visit him on the first of a chain of newly-discovered islands to the south of the Kanto mainland. If you do choose to go, it will take you awhile to get back, so if you're in a hurry to face the Viridian City Gym you can go there first and come back later. Bill will wait inside the Pokémon Center for you.

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