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After starting the game, Professor Oak gives a brief introduction to the world of Pokémon. Select the character's gender and choose a name for the rival.

Trainers start the game in their bedroom, sitting in front of a NES. Boot up the PC on the desk, and access the Item Storage function. Select Withdraw Item and hit Potion ×1. A Trainer can never have too many potions, and this will prove useful in an impending battle with their rival! Go downstairs and talk to Mom - she says that Prof. Oak was looking for you. Let's go and find the professor.

Pallet Town

Pallet Town
Choose your Pokémon wisely

Pallet Town is a rather boring, quaint town, having only three houses. The house to the west is yours, the one to the east is the rival's house, and the big building to the south is Professor Oak's lab. Trainers are free to walk all around town and talk to everyone, but Oak is nowhere to be seen. Looks like there's nothing else to do but leave town, so walk into the tall grass north of town and...

Oak appears! He must have been hiding behind one of the signs or something. Walking alone through the tall grass is dangerous for Trainers that do not have their own Pokémon for protection. Follow him back to the lab, and he'll give Trainers their very own Pokémon. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and some are more challenging to raise than others.

Spr 3f 001.png
Spr 3f 004.png
Spr 3f 007.png
Grass Poison Fire Water
002 Ivysaur 005 Charmeleon 008 Wartortle
Grass Poison Fire Water
003 Venusaur 006 Charizard 009 Blastoise
Grass Poison Fire Flying Water

  • Bulbasaur is perfect for beginners. It can easily mop up Pokémon in the Pewter, Cerulean, and Viridian Gyms, while at the same time being somewhat immune to the Pokémon in the Vermilion and Celadon Gyms. It may have trouble with the Saffron and Cinnabar Gyms, but at that point in the game you should have some great Pokémon to back it up.
  • Charmander is the most difficult Pokémon for beginners to use, since it is weak against the types in the first two and the final Gyms, while only having a type advantage against Celadon Gym. Its final evolution, Charizard, is noted for being quite powerful.

After selecting a Pokémon, Blue chooses the Pokémon with an advantage against the player's Pokémon. Be sure to summarize the starter Pokémon, becoming familiar with its nature and moveset. Walk towards the lab's exit, and he challenges the player to a battle. Get ready for your first battle, Trainer.

Rival battle

The first battle with Blue
If the player chose Bulbasaur: If the player chose Charmander: If the player chose Squirtle:

Route 1

During the battle, Prof. Oak will explain a few basics. If the player's Pokémon is running low on health, use the Potion that was withdrawn from the PC. Regardless of which two starter Pokémon battle, each one's chances of winning are about the same - none of the three know any moves of their type, so Blue won't have any advantage just yet. Once the battle is over, he runs off.
Leave Oak's lab and head north from Pallet Town to reach Route 1.

Route 1

Trainers should talk to the first person they see on the way to Viridian City. The guy is an employee at the Poké Mart there, and he'll give the player a free Potion.

There are only two wild Pokémon species that can be found on Route 1, Pidgey and Rattata. Wander around in the tall grass to encounter them. Trainers should strengthen their young Pokémon by fighting wild species to gain experience.

If the player's Pokémon has low health, return to Pallet Town and talk to Mom, or head to Viridian City and use the Poké Center. Players should have trained to get their Pokémon to at least Level 8 before reaching Viridian City. This boring training will pay off, as it will make battling Trainers much easier in the long run.

Viridian City

Viridian City

Trainers can explore Viridian City immediately upon entering the city, though there is not much to do here yet. The southernmost building is the Pokémon Center. This Pokémon hospital is where Trainers bring their battle-weary Pokémon to be restored to full health. Using the facility is simple, Trainers simply need to speak to the nurse behind the counter. The PC by the east wall is free for all Trainers to use to manage their Pokémon and items. North of the Poké Center is an old man lying in the street. He refuses to allow Trainers to pass, claiming that this is private property. To the south is the Pokémon Trainer School, with a list of Pokémon status problems that can arise during battle.

Southeast of the School is the city's Poké Mart. Immediately after entering the building, the clerk asks the player if they are from Pallet Town. He then asks them to deliver a package to Oak. The clerk won't let Trainers purchase anything from the Mart until after they deliver Oak's Parcel, so head back to Pallet Town.

Back to Pallet Town

The Kanto region, as seen when viewing the Town Map

After delivering the parcel to Professor Oak, Blue returns to the lab. Oak then gives each Trainer a Pokédex, an electronic encyclopedia that Trainers will use to catalog every Pokémon in existence. He also gives five Poké Balls to each of the two rivals. After receiving the Pokédex, Blue will remark that he doesn't need help to complete the task, and that he'll get a map from his sister and tell her not to give you one. Despite his clever plan, players can obtain a map from his sister anyway.

Start Catching Pokémon

Head back up north to Viridian City and battle a few more wild Pokémon on the way. Try to get all Pokémon to level 10 for now.

Stop in the Poké Mart and buy a few Poké Balls. Head just outside of the city's southern border to the nearest patch of tall grass and try to catch a Pidgey and a Rattata. Trainers should raise them both to the same level as their starter Pokémon by pitting them against other wild Pokémon.

Route 22

West of Viridian is Route 22, where wild Rattata, Mankey, and Spearow can be found. Catching all of these should give Trainers five new pages of data for their Pokédex - not a bad start. Also if you started out with Charmander, then it would be a good idea to catch Mankey since it will help you win your first Gym Battle.

Rival battle #2

Midway through Route 22, the player will be ambushed by Blue again. This battle won't be very hard for Trainers with at least two party members that are level 10 or higher.

If the player chose Bulbasaur: If the player chose Charmander: If the player chose Squirtle:

After the battle with Blue, return to Viridian City, heal up if needed, and head north. The coffee guy stops you and apologizes for being rude earlier. Seeing the Trainer's Pokédex, he offers to demonstrate how to catch a Pokémon. Afterwards, he gives you the Teachy TV, a portable television that is tuned to a program with useful tips for novice Trainers. Walk past the old man and head north to reach Route 2.

Route 2

Route 2

Route 2 is a small route that connects Viridian City in the south to Pewter City in the north. What this route lacks in size, it makes up for with Viridian Forest, a maze of trees.

Viridian Forest

Viridian Forest

Once inside the forest, there are a few areas to explore. On the left side of the large tree at the entrance is a hidden Antidote. To get another free item, follow the trail to the northwest. To the west, hidden in the tall grass, is a Poké Ball. Backtrack to the entrance, but this time follow the path to the east. Pick up the Potion in the forest's southeast area, and continue north on the main trail. After defeating Bug Catcher Rick, continue north along the path to fight a second Trainer. After defeating Bug Catcher Doug, grab the Antidote lying on the path, and turn left into the tall grass. Trainers now have to wander through the grassy maze until they spot a signpost. Walk to the dead-end area to the right to find another Potion, then backtrack past the sign towards the tall grass to the west. Fight one more Trainer to reach the northern edge of the forest. Leave the gate to reach Route 2.

FireRed and LeafGreen
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