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New Mauville

File:New Mauville.png
The interior of New Mauville
File:New Mauville Outside.png
The entrance to New Mauville

After defeating Norman in Petalburg City, return to Mauville City. There, you will see Wattson outside his Gym. When you go and talk to him, he will ask you to shut down the generator installed in New Mauville, a subterranean power plant for the city, and gives you the Basement Key, which unlocks the door to the plant. You must surf east from Route 110 to reach New Mauville (its entrance is a cave).

After finding and entering it, the player will need to find the generator. There will be quite a few items scattered around inside, but some item balls will actually turn out to be Voltorb or Electrode. There are no Trainers here, but there are wild Pokémon wandering around.

After shutting down the generator, leave New Mauville and head back to Mauville City. Wattson will thank you and give you TM24 (Thunderbolt). You should now head east from Mauville to Route 118.

Route 118

Route 118

Surf across the water here. When you reach land, it's only a few steps north past some Trainers to Route 119. Before you reach Route 119, Steven will come and talk to you, but he doesn't say anything important. (To the east is is Route 123, but access to this route is limited for now.)

Route 119 and Weather Institute

Route 119

Route 119

Now that you have reached Route 119, go north through the long grass, which hides a number of Trainers.

Head north, past the house. Here, you will find a bridge: cross it and continue north. You will soon encounter a large building with Team Aqua Grunts all around it. This is called the Weather Institute. Because Team Aqua is blocking the path ahead, you'll have to go inside and defeat them in order to move forward. What do they want from this science organization?

Weather Institute

Inside the Institute, you'll find even more Grunts. As you defeat them, you will learn their plans: they want to steal information about the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre, and the rare Pokémon Castform.

The Weather Institute's exterior

After defeating the grunts on the first floor, advance to the second floor, where you'll find Aqua Admin Shelly.

When you defeat Shelly, Team Aqua will leave the Weather Institute. The professor of the Institute will be very pleased that you saved him and will reward you with a Level 25 Castform.

Spr 3e 351.png
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Bag Mystic Water Sprite.png Mystic Water
Castform Lv.25
Powder Snow
Rain Dance
Sunny Day

Castform is unique because it changes its type and appearance depending on the weather conditions during a Pokémon battle. If there is harsh sunlight, Castform becomes a Fire-type; if it's Hailing, it becomes an Ice-type; and if it's Raining, it becomes a Water-type.

Leave the building and head east across the river.

Route 119

After you've gone east a bit, head north to encounter your rival, who demands another battle with you.

252 If the player chose Treecko: 255 If the player chose Torchic: 258 If the player chose Mudkip:

After your rival has been defeated, he/she will give you HM02 (Fly), a useful HM move that allows you to instantly travel to any town or city you've already visited. Your next stop is Fortree City, where you'll obtain another Badge.

Fortree City

When you arrive in Fortree City, the first thing you'll probably notice is that the city is made entirely out of treehouses! The next thing you'll quickly discover is that the path to the Fortree Gym is blocked by something invisible. So you'll have to go on towards Route 120.

But first, there are some valuable items that you can obtain from the locals. A woman will give you TM10 (Hidden Power) if you can guess which hand she's holding it in three times in a row (solution: right, right, left). A boy in another house will trade you a Plusle in exchange for a Volbeat; the Plusle, named Pluses, will be holding a Wood Mail.

Desk and chair shop

There is a shop in the bottom-right corner of Fortree City that sells a variety of Secret Base decorations. There are two counters, one selling desks and the other selling chairs.

Small Desk Small Desk
Pokémon Desk Pokémon Desk
Heavy Desk Heavy Desk
Ragged Desk Ragged Desk
Comfort Desk Comfort Desk
Brick Desk Brick Desk
Camp Desk Camp Desk
Hard Desk Hard Desk
Small Chair Small Chair
Pokémon Chair Pokémon Chair
Heavy Chair Heavy Chair
Ragged Chair Ragged Chair
Comfort Chair Comfort Chair
Brick Chair Brick Chair
Camp Chair Camp Chair
Hard Chair Hard Chair

Route 120 (briefly)

East of Fortree City, after following the path for a while, you will encounter Steven Stone once again. He found another strangely invisible blockade (just as you did). However, Steven uses the Devon Scope on it and suddenly, a Kecleon appears! After fighting it, Steven will give you the Devon Scope.

Now, go back to the Gym, use the Scope, and a Kecleon will appear. This time, however, instead of attacking, it will flee. Now the path has been cleared and you're free to challenge the Gym.

Fortree Gym

Fortree Gym's interior

Be aware that the highest-leveled Pokémon you'll battle here is Level 33 and quite powerful. If you're ready, enter the Gym.

Fortree City's Gym involves a puzzle wherein you'll have to push rotating doors in order to proceed. At the end of the Gym, you will find the Gym Leader, Winona. She uses Flying-types, so it's a good idea to use Ice-, Rock-, and/or Electric-type Pokémon. (It's unlikely that you'll have any Ice-types at this point, although you may have a Pokémon that knows Ice Fang or Ice Beam.) Grass-, Bug-, and Fighting-types are at a type disadvantage here, and Flying-types are completely immune to Ground-type moves.

Fortree Gym
The Feather Badge

All of Winona's Pokémon know the move Aerial Ace, which never misses. The first Pokémon you'll face in this battle is Swablu. It's a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon, so it has the standard Flying weaknesses— Electric, Ice, and Rock. It shouldn't give you a problem... but it does know Perish Song, a move that will cause any Pokémon that hears the song to faint three turns later, unless it gets switched out. Pelipper has a 4× weakness to Electric-type moves, and one hit with Spark or Shock Wave will usually take it out in one hit. Be mindful that it has Protect to block attacks and Supersonic, which will confuse your Pokémon. Tropius is a real threat, with good defensive stats and powerful moves. It can restore up to half of its maximum HP with Synthesis, and has the devastating Grass-type move SolarBeam. It will not need to charge up in sunny weather, a weather condition that Tropius can activate with Sunny Day! However, this boosts the power of Fire-type moves, something that Tropius is weak to. Skarmory has exceptionally high Defense and is weak to Electric- and Fire-type moves. It knows Fury Attack, which strikes several times in a row, Steel Wing, which will deal supereffective damage to Rock-type Pokémon, and Sand-Attack to lower your Accuracy. The extra boost that Fire-type moves will get if the effects of Tropius's Sunny Day still linger may just be what you need to take out Skarmory. When Winona sends out Altaria, do not use Electric-type Pokémon against it. This Dragon/Flying-type knows the extremely powerful Ground-type move Earthquake. It can boost its Attack and Speed stats with Dragon Dance, and DragonBreath may cause paralysis. Altaria is weak to Rock-, Ice, and Dragon-type moves. Your best bet is to just keep attacking until you knock it out.

After being defeated, Winona will give you the Feather Badge, which makes Pokémon up to level 70 obey and allows you to use HM02 (Fly) outside of battle. She will also give you TM40 (Aerial Ace).

Now, head to Route 120 again after healing up at the Pokémon Center.

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