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Route 115

Route 115

If you decided to reach Mt. Chimney through Rustboro, Verdanturf, and Mauville, then you will encounter Route 115 upon exiting Meteor Falls. First, follow the eastern edge of the route until you reach a boulder that can be smashed. Pick up the Great Ball and Bluk Berries here, then go to the beach that lines the western side of the route to find a Super Potion. Battle the Pokémon Trainers, catch some more Pokémon, and continue on your way to Mt. Chimney.

Note: This is the only route in the game where Swellow and Jigglypuff can be caught.

Mt. Chimney

When you arrive at Mt. Chimney, you'll find two grunts blocking the exit to the south. Start ascending the mountain and you will soon encounter three more Team Magma grunts fighting against the leader of Team Aqua. Talk to them to find out what's happening. Go to the western edge and fight two more grunts and one Team Magma Admin.

When you defeat them, go see what the leader of Team Magma is doing with the Meteorite. He says that he'll never let you stop him and then challenges you to a battle.

Defeat Maxie and he will give up his plan and leave. The Team Aqua leader, Archie, will come and thank you. After he leaves, the south exit will no longer be blocked and an elderly lady will sell Lava Cookies there for PokémonDollar.png200 for the remainder of the game. These Lava Cookies do everything that a Full Heal does, but for one-third the price.

Take the formerly blocked exit in the south to enter Jagged Pass.

Jagged Pass

Jagged Pass

This short mountain path leads to Lavaridge Town in the south. You can get there by jumping over the ledges. Southeast of the Team Magma Grunt here is a Burn Heal. Take it and continue climbing down the path until you reach the bottom. It is possible to bunny-hop up the circular boulders and climb back up the path using the Acro Bike.

Lavaridge Town

Lavaridge Town

When you arrive the first thing you'll see is a Poké Mart. The Pokémon Center is located near the hot springs. To reach them, go through the door in the back of the Pokémon Center. You can find an Ice Heal hidden in the southeast corner of the springs. When you're done healing your Pokémon, talk to the woman in front of the hot springs and she will give you a Wynaut Egg. After you get the Wynaut Egg, go to the building in the southeast part of town. This is the Herb Shop, where you can purchase cheap healing items that will unfortunately also lower your Pokémon's friendship. However, Revival Herbs are extremely useful. Finally, check out the house next to the Herb Shop. The boy inside will teach one of your Pokémon the move Mimic.

When you're ready, enter the Lavaridge Town Gym.

Lavaridge Town Gym

File:Lavaridge Gym E 1F.png
Lavaridge Gym's first floor
File:Lavaridge Gym E B1F.png
Lavaridge Gym's basement

The Gym is full of Pokémon Trainers who pop up out of water spouts, keeping you on your toes. You will need to go through the water spouts to be blasted between rooms. Make sure you bring a Water-type Pokémon, if you have one. When you get to the Gym Leader, prepare for a hard battle.

Lavaridge Gym
The Heat Badge

After you beat Flannery, she will give you the Heat Badge which gives you control over Pokémon up to Lv. 50 and allows you to use HM04 (Strength) outside of battle. She also gives you TM50 (Overheat). Overheat is a powerful move with 140 base power, but it harshly lowers the user's special attack stat.

Exit the Gym and your rival will give you the Go-Goggles, the key item that allows you to enter the desert on Route 111. Now it's time to get the Balance Badge in Petalburg City.

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