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Meteor Falls

Meteor Falls, 1F (front)

Nestled in the mountains between Routes 114 and 115, Meteor Falls is said to have been the site of a meteor shower in the distant past. The cavern's rushing rapids prevent novice Trainers from fully exploring the area, as doing so requires certain field moves.


Head west over the bridge to find two Team Magma Grunts who have just stolen a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo. Soon after they notice you, the leader of the opposing Team Aqua enters, flanked by two of his subordinates. The thieves don't seem to care, and flee with the Meteorite to Mt. Chimney. The team leader introduces himself as Archie, and tells you that his group intends to thwart the villainous team's plans at any cost, as they have committed many destructive acts in their bid to enlarge the landmass. The three then leave to pursue the thieves to Mt. Chimney. To pursue them yourself, exit Meteor Falls either north to Route 114 or south to Route 115.

Route 115 (optional)

Route 115

First, follow the eastern edge of the route until you reach a boulder that can be smashed. Pick up the Great Ball and Bluk Berries here. Battle the Pokémon Trainers, catch some more Pokémon, and continue on your way to Mt. Chimney.

Route 112 (south)

Team Magma has taken Professor Cozmo's Meteorite to Mt. Chimney, and the only way to follow is by Cable Car. When you arrive, you find that the guards are no longer guarding the station. Enter the building and take the Cable Car up to the summit.

Mt. Chimney

Mt. Chimney

Located in the heart of Hoenn, Mt. Chimney is a monstrous volcano that seethes with incredible power. Although their intentions are not yet clear, Team Magma is determined to use Professor Cozmo's Meteorite here in the next stage of their campaign.

Steer Clear of the Grunts

Normally, visitors to the mountaintop would be able to head south through Jagged Pass to reach Lavaridge Town. But Team Magma and Team Aqua are locked in battle all over the summit, including the entrance to the mountain pass. Let their Pokémon fight it out while you climb up north to the crater.

West of the stairway, you find Aqua Leader Archie in a skirmish against a group of opposing Grunts. You're only here for Cozmo's Meteorite, though, so slip past the battle and work your way to the northwest.


There are two Grunts ahead standing guard, and you are quickly drawn into battle. But you're more than a match for the pair, so finish them off quickly and continue northward.

Challenge Accepted!

Make your way farther north and you'll be stopped by Tabitha, who isn't about to let you pass by so easily!

VS Tabitha

Battle with the Boss

Tabitha is defeated, but the real threat still lurks ahead. Turn east toward the crater to find the leader of Team Magma standing near some sort of high-tech device fitted with the stolen Meteorite. After revealing that he intends to use the Meteorite to intensify Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity, he draws you into battle!

VS Maxie

With his defeat, Maxie grudgingly gives up his plans for Mt. Chimney, but reassures you that his team will still prevail. He flees along with his subordinates, a moment before Archie appears. He thanks you for your help, and pledges to continue fighting against the villainous team's destructive plans. Once he leaves, inspect the machine to retrieve the Meteorite for Professor Cozmo.

Jagged Pass (first visit)

Jagged Pass

Jagged Pass was formed as the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. When the lava cooled, it proved to be suitable for an alternate route to the summit. Though not necessary for southward travel, the Acro Bike is needed to scale the rough terrain when traveling northward.

It's All Downhill

Jump the first two ledges and go west. Inspect the patch of ash-covered grass to find a hidden Full Heal. Take the stairway southward and jump the next two ledges, stopping near a Team Magma Grunt. Turn east and take the stairway to reach a Burn Heal lying near a tree. Jump the ledge to the south, then head all the way to the west and jump another ledge. Check the corner here for a hidden Great Ball, then continue south past Camper Ethan to reach the exit. This leads to the southwest part of Route 112, just outside Lavaridge Town.

Lavaridge Town

Lavaridge Town

Nestled at the foot of Mt. Chimney, Lavaridge Town is a welcome sight for travelers and tourists alike. It is well-known throughout Hoenn for its soothing hot springs, said to cure any ailment, and also features a specialty shop that sells bitter but beneficial herbs for Pokémon. The Lavaridge Gym, fourth in the Hoenn League, stands in the southwest part of town.

Pokémon Center and Hot Springs

The building's back door leads to the steamy hot springs. Take a dip if you wish, and use the Itemfinder to locate an Ice Heal hidden in the waters. Afterward, use the PC to organize your party so that you are carrying no more than five Pokémon. Step outside and talk to the old woman near the sand baths, and she offers you a Pokémon Egg to take with you on your travels!

Herb Shop

At the Herb Shop, a woman sells herbal medicines for Pokémon. These natural remedies are just as effective as their traditional counterparts and less expensive, but their bitter taste make them difficult for Pokémon to take, leaving them less friendly toward you. As Max Revives cannot be purchased anywhere, it may be useful to buy a few Revival Herbs to have in case of an emergency.

Heal Powder Heal Powder
Pokémon Dollar450
Energy Powder EnergyPowder
Pokémon Dollar500
Energy Root Energy Root
Pokémon Dollar800
Revival Herb Revival Herb
Pokémon Dollar2,800

Be sure to talk to the old man near the counter, as well. Doing so gets you a Charcoal, which boosts the power of Fire-type moves by 10% when held.

Move Tutor

Visit the southeast house to find a young boy that mimics the speech patterns of the elderly residents. Speak to him, and he offers to teach the move Mimic to a Pokémon, one time only.

Lavaridge Gym

Lavaridge Gym, 1F
Lavaridge Gym, B1F

Lavaridge Town Pokémon Gym
Leader: Flannery

One with a fiery passion that burns!

Like the name suggests, the Lavaridge Gym specializes in Fire-type Pokémon. Grass-, Bug-, Ice-, and Steel-type Pokémon are most vulnerable to their scorching attacks. While the Fire Pokémon are weak to Water, the prevalence of Sunny Day in this gym means Ground and Rock moves will give you more of an upper hand. The humid Gym features two floors; stepping on a pool of water will cause you to fall to the basement, and doing the same there will send you back to the first floor atop a geyser.

There are two nearby puddles in the first room; step on the northeast one to fall to the basement. Go southwest to battle Kindler Jace and Hiker Eli, then step on either puddle to the west to ride the geyser to the southwest part of 1F. Cooltrainer Gerald, Kindler Cole, and Kindler Axle can all be fought in this room, but to advance you need to fall through the hole to the northwest. Kindler Keegan hides in the northeast pool, while the geyser can be found by stepping on the northwest puddle. Check the northeast puddle to find Battle Girl Danielle, then drop down through the northwest hole. Go east and ride the middle geyser to 1F's north-central room. Drop through the hole in the southeast corner, jump the ledge there, and ride the final geyser up to the Gym Leader's room.

Flannery has only recently begun serving as Gym Leader, and is intent on proving her worth. Given the chance, her Pokémon can unleash powerful moves that can reduce a challenger's party to cinders. Sunny Day gives a 50% power boost to all Fire attacks, which makes her Pokémon's strongest move, Overheat, even more devastating. Its only drawback is that it harshly lowers the user's Special Attack after each use, but once is usually enough! To counter this, her Torkoal holds a White Herb, which negates the first stat drop when consumed. In addition, the harsh sunlight temporarily cuts the power of Water attacks in half.

Lavaridge Gym
The Heat Badge

After the battle, Flannery awards you the Heat Badge, which ensures obedience of all Pokémon up to level 50 and enables the use of Strength in the field. She also hands out TM50 (Overheat) as a prize, and registers herself in your PokéNav. Jump the nearby ledge to return to the entrance. Outside, May/Brendan is impressed that you defeated the Lavaridge Gym. Since you are obviously capable, she/he hands you the Go-Goggles, which allow you to explore the desert of Route 111 in spite of the raging sandstorm. Your friend then heads off.

Route 112

To exit Lavaridge Town, just go east over the ledges, make sure you stop after the second jump to pick up a handy Nugget.

Fiery Path (optional)

Now that you can use Strength outside of battle, you can use this move to shove aside rocks in blocking your way to the items in Fiery Path.

Mt. Chimney (optional)

After visiting Lavaridge Town, return here to fight some trainers.

Trick House - Puzzle 3 (optional)

In Trick House now you can complete the puzzle 3. First, make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Rock Smash.

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