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Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town

There isn't a Gym here, but there are certainly a few things worth checking out before continuing on to Route 114. In the Pokémon Center, you will meet a woman named Lanette who handles the PC's Pokémon Storage System for the Hoenn region. Speak to her while she stands in front of the PC and she'll ask you to visit her at her house on Route 114, which is west of here. You can also find the Move Relearner in this town. In exchange for a Heart Scale, he can help your Pokémon relearn a move from their level-up moveset that they may have forgotten. Lastly, the third Battle Tent is here!

Battle Tent

Again, you will use three of your own Pokémon in three battles. No one can switch Pokémon. The Pokémon each have three turns to attack and try to KO their opponent. If, at the end of three turns, no Pokémon have fainted, then the judge will determine the which of the three possible scores your Pokémon will receive:

  • Circle (win: 2 points)
  • Triangle (tie: 1 point)
  • X (lose: 0 points)

This is based on three categories:

  • Mind (amount of offensive moves)
  • Skill (accuracy)
  • Body (remaining HP)

The Pokémon with the lowest total points after three turns faints, another Pokémon substitutes, and the process starts again. (The Skill category is not affected if a move misses as a result of a damage blocking attack such as Detect and Protect.) Win three battles in a row and you will receive a Hyper Potion.

When you're finished in town, head west towards Route 114 and Meteor Falls.

Route 114

On the western outskirts of Fallarbor Town lies another greenish house. Head inside and you'll find it to be the Fossil Maniac's house. The Maniac's little brother will give you TM28 (Dig). Go inside the hole in the wall and all the way to the back of the cave for advice on where to find Fossils. Just west of here is an old man and a Poochyena. Talk to him to get TM05 (Roar). Take on the Trainer near the lake, then move south and battle a string of trainers. Go east from Charlotte to pick up an Energy Powder, then cross the bridge to the south to find more trainers.

Once you're across the bridge, go behind the yellow house with the red roof and collect the Berries from the eastern ledge. Then leap down and enter the house. This is Lanette's home. Talk to her to receive a Lotad Doll. If you hadn't met her in the Pokémon Center in Fallarbor, "Someone's PC" will be called "Lanette's PC" from now on. Hanging around near Lanette's house is a man who will give you a random Berry. Return here to get a new Berry each day. Collect all five!

When you're done, head south down the path and take on more trainers. Afterwards, climb the stairs to the rocky foothills. To the north of the stairs, you'll see a rock. Rock Smash it to collect the Protein beyond. Move around the rocky paths to find more trainers. The entrance to Meteor Falls is on the other side of a ledge at the southernmost point of the Route..

Meteor Falls

First floor of Meteor Falls

When you enter Meteor Falls, walk to the left and down the stairs to see Team Magma threatening Professor Cozmo. Team Aqua will arrive as well, but Team Magma will escape with the Meteorite. It's up to you to follow them to Mt. Chimney and recover the Meteorite! (You can't do any more exploring here until you receive HM03 (Surf) later on.)

There are two options for getting to Mt. Chimney:

Either way, the cable car that was previously blocked off by Team Magma on Route 112 will now be accessible to take you to the summit. During your ride on the cable car, you just might see someone hiking!

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