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Route 111 (south)

Route 111

Leading north from Mauville City, the lengthy Route 111 is a unique path split into three parts by the large desert in its center. A powerful sandstorm rages on, forcing travelers to detour around it on their way past. A house belonging to the Winstrate family stands at the water's edge.

Winstrate House

The upstanding Winstrate family loves challenging visitors to battle. Speak to the man at the front door, and he asks if you would like to take his family on in four back-to-back battles, with no break to heal your team. Defeat each one in turn, and afterward, enter the house and talk to Victoria to receive a Macho Brace as a reward.

Gabby and Ty

Gabby and Ty, the reporter-cameraman team you met back in Slateport, can be found standing along the road. Accept their challenge to demonstrate your battle prowess, and they will beg for an interview afterwards. Find a TV afterwards for a chance to hear about yourself on the news!

Route 112 (south)

Route 112
Fiery Path

Route 112 lies at the foot of Mt. Chimney, and a cable car service allows visitors to reach the summit. A tunnel cuts through the mountainside to reach the northern part of the route, while Lavaridge Town and Jagged Pass lie off to the west.

Access Denied

A pair of Team Magma Grunts are guarding the cable car station, so no one can reach the summit of Mt. Chimney right now. In addition, the elevated terrain makes westward travel impossible, so the only other way forward is a steamy tunnel through the mountainside.

Fiery Path

The sweltering Fiery Path, a passage that leads through the base of Mt. Chimney, is filled with Pokémon that thrive in the heat. The main passage leads to the north side of Route 112, while a pair of boulders prevent anyone from exploring the oppressive side tunnels for now.

Route 112 (north)

After passing through Fiery Path, you re-emerge on Route 112's north hill. Be sure to harvest some Berries from the nearby trees on your way eastward. The wild Pokémon here are the same as those on the southern half.

Route 111 (north)

Taking the long way through Route 112 and the Fiery Path has allowed you to avoid the sandstorm raging just south of here. An old lady resides in a house at the foot of the section and can fully heal your party. You may wish to have the Mach Bike with you to fight every Trainer in this section. Continue to Route 113.

A Secret Power

As you proceed northward, you find a boy staring at a large tree. Speak to him, and he explains that he is considering using a certain move to create a room for himself inside the tree. He gives you TM43 (Secret Power) so that you can establish your own Secret Base in any of the suspicious-looking trees, wall markings, and clumps of grass scattered across the region. Now you can access the TM shop in Slateport City. A Trainer can decorate their Secret Base as they wish, and can display up to 16 decorations.

Route 113

Route 113

Situated between Route 111's north end and Fallarbor Town, Route 113 is constantly covered in Mt. Chimney's volcanic ash by the same wind patterns that keep Verdanturf Town's air clear and fresh. The Glass Workshop stands on the north ridge, where a gifted artist crafts useful items from pure ash.

Glass Workshop

The Glass Workshop stands near the route's west end. Step inside and talk to the owner to receive a free Soot Sack, which can be used to collect ash by running through ash-covered tall grass (and Jagged Pass later on). The amount of ash collected is determined by the number of steps you've walked through ash-covered grass. The constantly-falling ash replenishes these piles whenever you return to the area.

Speak with the workshop owner to learn how much ash you've collected. By providing him with the correct amounts, he is able to create valuable glass items.

Item Ash required Effect
Blue Flute Blue Flute 250 steps Wakes up sleeping Pokémon
Yellow Flute Yellow Flute 500 steps Snaps Pokémon out of confusion
Red Flute Red Flute 500 steps Snaps Pokémon out of infatuation
White Flute White Flute 1,000 steps Makes it easier to encounter weak Pokémon
Black Flute Black Flute 1,000 steps Makes it easier to encounter strong Pokémon
PrettyChairSprite.png Pretty Chair 6,000 steps A Secret Base Decoration
PrettyDeskSprite.png Pretty Desk 8,000 steps A Secret Base Decoration

Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town

The small town of Fallarbor is located between Routes 113 and 114, and features rich soil perfect for gardening. A third Battle Tent is located here. The town is also home to a Move Maniac and Professor Cozmo.

Meet Lanette

Inside the Pokémon Center, you find the PC in use by a woman named Lanette. She upgraded the previous version of the Pokémon Storage System, adding a user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to store over 400 Pokémon, and the ability to change the wallpaper of each Box. As she leaves, she invites you to visit her home on Route 114.

Move Tutor

There is a girl inside the Poké Mart, examining the merchandise displayed on the rear wall. Speak to her, and she offers to teach the move Metronome to a Pokémon, one time only.

Battle Tent

The Fallarbor Battle Tent stands on the north side of town, and is the third of three scattered throughout Hoenn. At this location, challengers select three of their Pokémon to battle three opposing Trainers. These Trainers' Pokémon will either be level 30, or match the highest-leveled Pokémon in your party, whichever is higher. Each separate Pokémon face-off has a three-turn limit. If neither Pokémon has been knocked out in that time, the judge makes a ruling that depends on three factors: Mind, the amount of offensive moves; Skill, the accuracy of moves; and Body, the remaining HP. Possible scores for each category include Circle (a win, 2 points), Triangle (a tie, 1 point), and X (a loss, 0 points). The Pokémon that earns the most points wins. The reward for winning three consecutive battles here is a Hyper Potion.

Scott can be found inside the entry hall. He is impressed that you've stopped by, as most people around here are easygoing and laid-back, and urges you to make a challenge.

Move Maniac

The Move Maniac lives in the northwest house. This helpful guy knows every move a Pokémon can learn as it grows, and is able to teach forgotten moves to any Pokémon, for a price. He charges a single Heart Scale for each move relearned. While a few can be found on the beach as invisible items right now, you will need to wait until you encounter wild Luvdisc later on to be able to collect a more steady supply.

Route 114

Route 114

Pockmarked by fallen Meteorites, the lengthy Route 114 leads up the mountainside to Meteor Falls. The Fossil Maniac lives up north, while Lanette's home stands on the water's edge.

Fossil Maniac

The Fossil Maniac's house stands on the outskirts of Fallarbor Town. Head inside and talk to his little brother, who kindly gives you TM28 (Dig). When used in the field, Dig can be used while in a cave to return to the entrance. If you visit the cave at the back of the house, you will find the Fossil Maniac hard at work. He won't give up any Fossils, but hints that others may be uncovered by Route 111's raging sandstorm.

Lanette's House

Go south across the bridge to reach Lanette's house. Inside, you find the woman struggling to organize her clutter. She is happy that you stopped by, but embarrassed by the state of her home. If you promise to keep her messiness a secret, she will give you a Lotad Doll in return.

A Berry A Day

Speak to the boy outside Lanette's house and he will give out one random Berry from a group of five every day.

Razz Berry Razz Berry
Bluk Berry Bluk Berry
Nanab Berry Nanab Berry
Wepear Berry Wepear Berry
Pinap Berry Pinap Berry

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