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Mauville City

After defeating Wattson, head to the building east of the Poké Mart to find a man who will give you HM06 (Rock Smash). Since the Dynamo Badge has been acquired, Rock Smash can be used outside of battle. In the house right next to the Poké Mart, there is a woman who will give you a Coin Case in exchange for a Harbor Mail (which is available at the Poké Mart in Slateport, or it can be picked up in a Trick House maze on Route 110). The Coin Case allows you to play the slots and roulette games at the Mauville City Game Corner.

Anyway, head west to Route 117.

Route 117

Route 117

Not much to do here but keep heading west to Verdanturf Town, though there is a Pokémon Day Care located on this route for raising and breeding Pokémon, as well as the usual stuff found on routesPokémon Trainers, items, and Wild Pokémon.

Verdanturf Town

Verdanturf Town

The main attraction here is the Battle Tent, which can be used to test your skills. Other areas of interest include Wally's Aunt and Uncle's house and a woman who can check your Pokémon's friendship level.

Battle Tent

"Feast Your Eyes on Battles!"

This Battle Tent is very different from the Slateport Battle Tent. You use three of your own Pokémon (not rentals) and you battle against a Trainer whose Pokémon are all the same level as your highest-level Pokémon, though the Trainer's Pokémon will not be below Lv. 30. You do not control your Pokémon here. Instead, the Pokémon will use their moves according to their Nature, or they will not do anything at all. If you win three battles in a row, you will receive a Nest Ball. Also, if you speak to the lady in the top left, she'll give you TM45 (Attract).

Rusturf Tunnel

When you're ready, head into the Rusturf Tunnel and use Rock Smash to destroy the boulder separating Wanda and her boyfriend. This will earn you HM04 (Strength) as a reward, though the Heat Badge is still required to use this HM outside of battle. Afterwards, return to Mauville City and head north from there to Route 111.

Route 111

Route 111

On this route, you have the option of challenging the Winstrate Family to a series of battles from which you can win the Macho Brace. You can also see another battle facility: Trainer Hill. Unfortunately, you can't battle there yet.

Anyway, using Rock Smash on the boulders, keep heading north up the route until you reach the edge of the desert area. Turn and go west onto Route 112 here, as you can't enter the desert without an item that you'll receive in Lavaridge.

Route 112

Keep going west here until you reach the stairs. Climb them. The cave entrance located a short distance west is the Fiery Path. With Team Magma blocking access to the Cable Car, your only choice is to go through the cave.

Fiery Path

Fiery Path.

There's not much in the cave, though several Fire-type Pokémon can be found here. Once the Heat Badge is acquired, a Fire Stone can be collected if you wish to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales. Keep going north and you'll soon reach the exit.

Route 113

When you exit the Fiery Path, just head north and you'll find yourself on Route 113. On top of all the tall grass lies a layer of volcanic ash that has fallen here from Mt. Chimney. The house near the west end of the route is the Glass Workshop, where you can acquire the Soot Sack. This key item allows you to collect ash from this route (and Jagged Pass later on) just by walking through it, accumulating the amount in a count of "steps" equivalent to the number of squares of ash you walked through. The Glass Workshop will trade the ash for special flutes and furniture, which each cost a specific amount of "steps". The flutes serve various useful purposes and the furniture can be used to decorate your Secret Base.

Glass Workshop
Blue Flute Blue Flute
250 steps
Red Flute Red Flute
500 steps
Yellow Flute Yellow Flute
500 steps
Black Flute Black Flute
1000 steps
White Flute White Flute
1000 steps
Pretty Desk Pretty Desk
8000 steps
Pretty Chair Pretty Chair
6000 steps

All you really need to do is go west into Fallarbor Town. But there are Pokémon and Trainers here, so gain some experience! Picking your way around the ledges can be annoying, as you're pretty much constantly in ash, but it is a useful place to get some training done.

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