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Mauville City

Mauville City

After defeating Wattson, head to the building to the right of the Poké Mart to find a man that will give you HM05 (Rock Smash), now that the Dynamo Badge has been acquired, can be used outside of battle. The house to the left of the Pokémart has a woman that will give you a Coin Case in exchange for a Harbor Mail (that is available at the Poké Mart of Slateport City, or it can be picked up in a Trick House maze). With the Coin Case in hand you can never pick up money from the lottery if you have a need to pick up prizes. Anyway, head west to Route 117.

Route 117

Not much to do here but head west to Verdanturf Town, though there is a Pokémon Day Care house located on this route for raising and breeding Pokémon. And the usual stuff found on Routes— Pokémon Trainers, items, and wild Pokémon— is here.

Verdanturf Town

Verdanturf Town

The Contest Hall that was present in Ruby and Sapphire has been replaced with a Battle Tent for testing your skills. Other areas of interests here are the house where Wally's Aunt and Uncle live and a house where a woman can check your Pokémon's happiness level. But the main thing to do here is to head into Rusturf Tunnel and use Rock Smash to destroy the rock separating Wanda and her boyfriend to earn HM04 (Strength) as a reward, though the Heat Badge is still needed to use this HM outside of battle. Afterwards, return to Mauville City and head north to Route 111.

Battle Tent

This Battle Tent is different than the Slateport Battle Tent. You use 3 of your own Pokémon and battle against a trainer, whose Pokémon have the level of the Pokémon of the highest level of the Pokémon that you're using, though the levels of the Pokémon you face will not be below Lv. 30. No one controls their Pokémon here. Pokémon will use moves that they know that are most suited to their Nature, or not do anything at all. If you win 3 battles in a row, you will win a Nest Ball.

"Feast Your Eyes on Battles!"

Route 111

Coming up onto this Route, you have the option of challenging the Winstrate Family to a series of battles and earning the Macho Brace, as well as seeing another battle facility— Trainer Hill. Unfortunately, you can't battle in the Trainer Hill yet. But anyway with Rock Smash now useable outside of battle, keep heading north on Route 111 until you reach the edge of the desert area. Turn and go west onto Route 112 here, as you can't enter the desert without an item you'll receive in Lavaridge.

Route 112

Keep going west here until you reach the stairs. Climb them. The cave entrance that is located west a short distance is Fiery Path. With Team Magma preventing you from accessing the Cable Car, your only choice is to go through the cave.

Fiery Path

There's not much to do here, though several Template:Type2 Pokémon can be found here. Once the Heat Badge is acquired, the Fire Stone can be collected if you wish to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales. Keep going north and you'll soon reach the exit.

Route 113

Once you exit the Fiery Path, you'll find yourself on Route 113. All you need to do is to go west into Fallarbor Town, though you can acquire a Soot Sack from a Glass workshop here that will trade the amount of ash you collect for special flutes. But there are Pokémon and Trainers here, so gain some experience! Picking your way around the ledges can be annoying, as you're pretty much constantly in tall grass, but this is useful training.

Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town

Here you'll learn that there is trouble revolving around a local scientist named Professor Cozmo who is being mislead by Team Magma, so you'll have to save him at Meteor Falls. Before leaving town head to the Pokémon Center to meet a woman named Lanette who handles the PC Pokémon storage system for the Hoenn region. She is standing in front of the PC. She asks you to visit her at her house on Route 114. Also, you'll find the Move relearner here that will help a your Pokémon relearn a move from their level-up moveset that may have been forgotten in exchange for a Heart Scale. And last but certainly not least, the third Battle Tent is here!

Battle Tent

"May the Greatest Teams Gather!"

So! Again you will use three of your own Pokémon in battles three times! You see, no one can switch Pokémon. The Pokémon each have three turns to attack, and at the end, the Pokémon will get: Win (2 points) —— Lose (0 points), Tie (1 point) —— Tie, or Lose —— Win in Mind (amount of offensive moves), Skill (accuracy), and Body (current HP). The Pokémon with the lowest total of points faints, a Pokémon substitutes, and the process starts again. (The scoring will not happen if a Pokémon faints.) If you win three battles in a row, you will recieve a Hyper Potion.

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