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Ever Grande City (Pokémon Center side)

Ever Grande City

You will need to teach Waterfall to one of your Pokémon in order to get to this city (the HM for Waterfall is obtained from Wallace after Kyogre and Groudon have stopped fighting).

There's nothing here except a cave entrance and a Pokémon Center. Enter to Pokémon Center and you will see Scott so talk to him. Heal up before you head into the cave— it's Victory Road, your final challenge before you face the Elite Four and Champion at the Pokémon League.

Victory Road

Victory Road 1F
Victory Road B1F
Victory Road B2F

In order to get through this cave, you will need Strength, Rock Smash, Surf, Flash, and Waterfall. There are high-leveled Pokémon and tough Trainers here. Don't continue unless your Pokémon are at least level 45. Bring a lot of healing items, because you will need them! Bring a lot of Super Potions and several Hyper Potions, as well as a few Full Heals. Don't buy Max Potions or Full Restores because they are expensive. You'll want to explore every inch of this cave to get all the items and to train enough for the Pokémon League.

If you're ready, head into the cave. You'll want to explore as much as possible, because you truly need the training. You will be fighting Pokémon Level 55 and higher at the Pokémon League! That is why using Repels is not recommended— all the battles will force you to train enough. Be aware that once you cross the first bridge (you need to get to the ladder in the northwest corner to get through Victory Road), Wally will battle you. Be careful when facing Wally as his Ralts has evolved into its final form Gardevoir and he has a team of five Pokémon so make sure to have different types in your party to counter his team.

On the road, you can face to Cooltrainer Dianne which has a Lanturn that knows Earthquake, a move Lanturn cannot legitimately know. Also you can face to Cooltrainer Vito who is the final member of the Winstrate family of the Route 111.

If you want to have rematch battles with Wally, this will only be available after you defeat the Champion in Ever Grande City and they will take place near the exit of the Victory Road.

If you're truly lost...

If you are truly, hopelessly lost, here is the simplest path through Victory Road: On the ground floor, go north to the second platform of stairs and across the bridge (Wally will show up to battle you here) and down the ladder in the northwest corner. Go over the bridge on B1F, down the stairs and then south a bit. Around the corner, there is a ladder. Go down it to B2F. Surf across the water, climb the waterfall and Surf around to go down the other waterfall. Surf to the bit of land with the ladder on it. Climb the ladder and go south and around a corner to the east. Climb the ladder that you find, and you'll be back on the first floor. Go up the stairs out of the little crater you were in, across the bridge, and down the other stairs. Go north as far as you can, and to the east is the exit.

Ever Grande City (Pokémon League side)

The straightforward path at the end of Victory Road leads to an impressive building at the top of the city, where your final challenge awaits!. With only enter this lobby you can already use Fly between the two destinations that they are marked on the map in Ever Grande City: Pokémon Center and Pokémon League (Ever Grande City is the only in the game that has this feature).

  • Note: A good way to train your Pokémon is battling Gabby and Ty over and over again. So put the weak Pokémon in the battle (make sure is holding Exp. Share) and put a strong one in. Now win the battle. Your weak Pokémon should be getting around 1000 Exp. for each of the two fainted Pokémon.

Also, keep an eye on your Match Call menu, and beat any trainers that want a rematch as trainers from Route 117.

When you're ready, head out to Pokémon League lobby. The next Part of this walkthrough will cover your battles against the Elite Four and Champion.

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